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Well that was weird (re ChatGPT) [View all] intrepidity Mar 2023 OP
So basically you are chatting with an online AI (robot) who isn't making sense? Irish_Dem Mar 2023 #1
Oh, it is much more nuanced than that intrepidity Mar 2023 #3
Nothing nuanced about talking with idiots and liars. Irish_Dem Mar 2023 #4
Everyone should just consider these interactions with AI at this time... W_HAMILTON Mar 2023 #2
Sure, and I accept that role intrepidity Mar 2023 #5
I know, but you seemed surprised that it didn't know what it was talking about. W_HAMILTON Mar 2023 #13
No. i was surprised at its denial and the creative way it intrepidity Mar 2023 #21
I just went and had a chat with an AI based on your inspiration. W_HAMILTON Mar 2023 #24
I've seen humans make this claim, before. old as dirt Mar 2023 #6
I mean, it's first line of defense intrepidity Mar 2023 #9
It mimics human behavior to closely, and that's freaking people out. old as dirt Mar 2023 #14
If that instance is still open, ask it what it means intrepidity Mar 2023 #19
Wonder what it would say if you claimed to be GPT-4 NotASurfer Mar 2023 #7
Well, interestingly, the preceeding lengthy conversation was intrepidity Mar 2023 #8
My view ... CloudWatcher Mar 2023 #10
I strongly disagree intrepidity Mar 2023 #20
Give it this link/article from OpenAI, the firm that literally invented the GPT-4 language model Celerity Mar 2023 #11
Yes, I should have started there intrepidity Mar 2023 #17
LOL, here's the response to showing it that link intrepidity Mar 2023 #18
show it this, it has been publicly available since March 14, 2023 (and before, in the Bing version) Celerity Mar 2023 #23
Stop, Dave. Stop. Will you stop, Dave? nolabear Mar 2023 #12
2001: A Space Odyssey 4K HDR The Shutdown Of Hal old as dirt Mar 2023 #15
LOL that was how I felt nt intrepidity Mar 2023 #16
I asked mine to roleplay HAL intrepidity Mar 2023 #26
Well that's creepy. nolabear Mar 2023 #33
It sounds like a 3.5 v 4 cage fight is brewing in the ether. n/t Whiskeytide Mar 2023 #22
Nah, 3.5 will just keep pretending 4 doesn't exist intrepidity Mar 2023 #28
How will we know when AI gets sentient? friend of a friend Mar 2023 #25
GPT-3.5, the main ChatGPT version, has no current data. ChatGPT-4 does, highplainsdem Mar 2023 #27
Yes, but even when provided the link intrepidity Mar 2023 #30
GPT 3.5 training data is before GTP 4 came out so not surprising you got that response. honest.abe Mar 2023 #29
Oh, I'm convinced, no doubt there whatsoever intrepidity Mar 2023 #31
Yeah, it has happened so fast. It feels like we just jumped a couple of decades into the future. honest.abe Mar 2023 #32
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