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That MTG is amazingly disgusting [View all] ismnotwasm Apr 2023 OP
And she's been given a platform on network tv. Scrivener7 Apr 2023 #1
Guess Leslie Stahl sure showed her!! Caliman73 Apr 2023 #4
I don't use twitter, but Stahl should be tagged when MTGs predictable disgusting rants pop up LiberalLovinLug Apr 2023 #16
That's a really good idea. Scrivener7 Apr 2023 #36
She's hot mud. dchill Apr 2023 #2
#TraitorTrash oswaldactedalone Apr 2023 #3
The Boy NowISeetheLight Apr 2023 #5
That might be the best way to approach this. Ilsa Apr 2023 #12
Another reason JanLip Apr 2023 #21
Talk about child exploitation. nt Tommy Carcetti Apr 2023 #6
Cause republicans are not like that? pwb Apr 2023 #7
The Screecher of the House. nt OAITW r.2.0 Apr 2023 #8
I'm amazed at how fucked up she is. LuckyCharms Apr 2023 #9
If that's her standard for pedophilia Warpy Apr 2023 #10
How 'bout this one... Mr. Evil Apr 2023 #20
Just when I thought I'd seen it all. WTF were they thinking when they put this up? EarnestPutz Apr 2023 #34
Yup... Mr. Evil Apr 2023 #37
You know that your "Mr. Evil" moniker put that image over the top too, don't you? Well done. EarnestPutz Apr 2023 #39
Hah! Mr. Evil Apr 2023 #40
Oh look the children are white Europeans. The Jungle 1 Apr 2023 #27
Just keeps building those VP bona fides. NoMoreRepugs Apr 2023 #11
She is human garbage. LudwigPastorius Apr 2023 #13
Leave her alone!!! She's building her Legacy !!! GuppyGal Apr 2023 #14
Yes. ancianita Apr 2023 #15
This JanLip Apr 2023 #23
She is Trump with a vagina dalton99a Apr 2023 #17
Great description!!! JanLip Apr 2023 #22
She's literally your creepy relative's Facebook page in human form. Initech Apr 2023 #18
Time To Fight Back On This ProfessorGAC Apr 2023 #19
Microsoft Start: "It's a challenging balancing act the media is doing..." NullTuples Apr 2023 #24
mtg is Pg Shit. Cha Apr 2023 #25
Nah, Marjorie isn't smart enough to be the Joker. Initech Apr 2023 #26
Given the GOP's propensity for projection, you don't have to really wonder what she has been up to Scalded Nun Apr 2023 #28
Oh I think she is worse than Trump edisdead Apr 2023 #29
Milton understood the rational behind MTG and TFG nuxvomica Apr 2023 #30
she seems to be barbtries Apr 2023 #31
I have reported it to facebook multiple times purr-rat beauty Apr 2023 #32
like Trump, she knows what works on the gullible, disgusting, ignorant cult Skittles Apr 2023 #33
She's doing everything she can to be outrageous and in the news. Ligyron Apr 2023 #35
Leslie Stahl can flying-skeleton Apr 2023 #38
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