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5. My friend's 14-year-old grandson exclaimed, "He betrayed us!"
Thu Jul 13, 2023, 05:31 PM
Jul 2023

The instant I walked into the home that evening, the youth ran to me with alarm and fear in his eyes and exclaimed, "Did you hear what happened? He betrayed us!"

The memory of that poignant moment has remained with me all of these past five years.

Stroke out already, you F'n, murdering, orange, RAPIST, TRAITOR**. niyad Jul 2023 #1
THIS malaise Jul 2023 #3
From your keyboard to gawd's ear/eye UpInArms Jul 2023 #8
Plus MorbidButterflyTat Jul 2023 #21
Well, we know he is not on the side of America. Can't make it much clearer. nature-lover Jul 2023 #2
I can see why he mentioned Peter Strzok, gab13by13 Jul 2023 #4
My friend's 14-year-old grandson exclaimed, "He betrayed us!" John1956PA Jul 2023 #5
I think they call that TREASON. B.See Jul 2023 #10
Chump's addled memory, he forgot that he had already fired James Comey by then ... FakeNoose Jul 2023 #6
It was Jonathan LeMire, and it was epic! demmiblue Jul 2023 #11
The defendant's handshake with Putin gratuitous Jul 2023 #12
IAAH... It's All About Him Maeve Jul 2023 #7
Remember in Helsinki when you seized the notes of the interpreter tanyev Jul 2023 #9
I remember. I'd sure like to hear what the interpreter heard. captain queeg Jul 2023 #14
I always wonder if the interpreter later wrote down what he/she remembered of what had transpired... fierywoman Jul 2023 #17
Hey, Dude. It's not nice to say that about James Comey. He helped get you into the White House. Aristus Jul 2023 #13
I remember when the 3rd rate reporter asked the 4th rate former president that question Blue Owl Jul 2023 #15
I truly hope the CIA is investigating Trump's Russian ties (and Saudi and Chinese as well) Mr. Ected Jul 2023 #16
Never forget that day, watching him soil himself while the world looked on. GoodRaisin Jul 2023 #18
Speaking of Helsinki, who would you trust more? chowmama Jul 2023 #19
To the 45TH president YoshidaYui Jul 2023 #20
OMG MorbidButterflyTat Jul 2023 #22
he knows he is losing his base and Putin is losing his war Recycle_Guru Jul 2023 #23
What an unredeemable POS. raccoon Jul 2023 #24
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