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58. RW websites extoll her rubbish and get MAGAs to feel . . .
Sat Aug 12, 2023, 04:56 PM
Aug 2023

. . intellectually superior if they can recite a few of her arguments. Last week, I heard a MAGA at a breakfast diner exuberantly preaching her rubbish to his table guest. He was about seventy years old. The RW indoctrinators know the importance of giving the disgruntled members of our society something they can latch onto so that they can feel intellectually and politically empowered.

Probably never thought about how the US constitution is "statist" treestar Aug 2023 #1
At my grandson's HS graduation, everyone got to give him a piece of advice for college (Harvard!) librechik Aug 2023 #2
College students have a bad habit of going through a Rand phase. Paladin Aug 2023 #5
There's a quote about Atlas Shrugged: GopherGal Aug 2023 #6
Good one. Paladin Aug 2023 #7
That's the best summary I've read Warpy Aug 2023 #17
Love it! (nt) Paladin Aug 2023 #47
My copy had a big paperclip containing "the speech"... Whatthe_Firetruck Aug 2023 #75
Obviously we noticed the same thing Warpy Aug 2023 #79
Ooh, Delphinus Aug 2023 #33
Outstanding! I was just about to paste in that quote when I saw you already had done so... Hekate Aug 2023 #46
A young lady in college was involved in my case, too... regnaD kciN Aug 2023 #37
I've never been that impressed with Ayn Rand. calimary Aug 2023 #80
Sheesh. I thought that was a secondary school thing ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #55
Sue me, I came by my Rand loathing a little late. (nt) Paladin Aug 2023 #63
It wasn't meant as a slam. ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #70
Mine wasn't meant as a slam, either. Paladin Aug 2023 #76
Hah! When I was in college everybody was reading Kurt Vonnegut FakeNoose Aug 2023 #11
When I was in college (early 70s), it was The Lord of the Rings. ShazzieB Aug 2023 #42
Amen ++ appalachiablue Aug 2023 #50
I'm an old Boomer and I can remember a few high school classmates Warpy Aug 2023 #65
She wrote a book called The Virtue of Selfishness Poiuyt Aug 2023 #3
At the end of her life she took her SS and Medicare Freddie Aug 2023 #4
Tell ya what...my MAGA relatives are FIRST in line for any so-called "socialism" CousinIT Aug 2023 #8
After making a living railing against them for 40 years. She was Meadowoak Aug 2023 #22
She signed up for SS and medicare under her husband's name, which she never used, Meadowoak Aug 2023 #26
Many of those Ayn Rand folks DownriverDem Aug 2023 #9
I read The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged in late adolescence EYESORE 9001 Aug 2023 #10
If they want to ban books that children shouldn't read, there's Meadowoak Aug 2023 #25
Well, there is that rape scene in Fountainhead Farmer-Rick Aug 2023 #29
why ban books that are impossible to read? DBoon Aug 2023 #51
I couldn't get past the first few pages. ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #56
KnR Hekate Aug 2023 #12
Zombie-eyed granny starver Paul Ryan required his staff to read "Atlas Shrugged" OMGWTF Aug 2023 #13
When he was 16, his father dropped dead of a heart attack TexasBushwhacker Aug 2023 #23
Russian immigrant Ayn Rand, the poster-child icon of penis envy. Demnation Aug 2023 #14
It seems to me Turbineguy Aug 2023 #15
She was harshly treated and not quite right after years Igel Aug 2023 #18
LOL... nothing "socialist" about the USSR except the name. Pure totalitarianism. n/t TygrBright Aug 2023 #30
Yeah, they were building towards socialism Farmer-Rick Aug 2023 #32
State socialism. It really is different, there many different degrees of government involvement in the Yoyoyo77 Aug 2023 #53
Of course she did... Snackshack Aug 2023 #16
Selfishness doesn't support the concept of survival of the species. patphil Aug 2023 #19
Absolutely. Mankind survived against bigger, stronger rivals by being smart and working together. Midnight Writer Aug 2023 #24
The "freedom" Republicans always shout about... Beartracks Aug 2023 #20
The COVID pandemic and related worker shortages proved Ayn Rand completely wrong Ohioboy Aug 2023 #21
The big message is BlueIn_W_Pa Aug 2023 #72
Figured this out 50 years ago relayerbob Aug 2023 #27
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Aug 2023 #28
A Social Contract is always both... She was dead wrong and dangerously JCMach1 Aug 2023 #31
I heard of her around college years. But bc of what she espoused... electric_blue68 Aug 2023 #34
In my s/w headers at work I used to list John Galt as the author. rickford66 Aug 2023 #35
She was a sociopath who admired a serial killer. Like Trump. Farmer-Rick Aug 2023 #36
My considered review of "Atlas Shrugged..." dchill Aug 2023 #38
Ayn Rand's books are popular with young males .... albacore Aug 2023 #39
I read Ayn Rand at an impressionable age Mme. Defarge Aug 2023 #40
she was a total hypocrite anyways RANDYWILDMAN Aug 2023 #41
She was also completely wrong about who the moochers are Stargleamer Aug 2023 #43
Well....duh! Martin68 Aug 2023 #44
DUH. milestogo Aug 2023 #45
"Not a book to be tossed aside lightly; it should be hurled with great force." attrib Dorothy Parker Hekate Aug 2023 #48
Well, tossing it lightly would have proved difficult ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #60
Whenever someone brings her up, Mr.Bill Aug 2023 #49
What's wrong with fiction? ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #59
It's just a quick one-liner to tell them Mr.Bill Aug 2023 #61
They know it's fiction. ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #71
"wiring isn't up to code" Mr.Bill Aug 2023 #73
Kickin' Faux pas Aug 2023 #52
Ayn Rand was an evil psychopath ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #54
ayn rand is full of shit Jakes Progress Aug 2023 #57
RW websites extoll her rubbish and get MAGAs to feel . . . John1956PA Aug 2023 #58
Excellent! liberalla Aug 2023 #62
Maybe that's why she died virtually alone and a pauper BlueIdaho Aug 2023 #64
Kick. N/T Upthevibe Aug 2023 #66
Nt Marcuse Aug 2023 #67
Never understood why they took this idiot's writings as gospel. Xolodno Aug 2023 #68
Kind of a Trump prototype, she justifies being an a**hole elias7 Aug 2023 #69
Just a large collection of wasted words ChuckInMO Aug 2023 #74
Reading rev barber book on the moral Monday movement...1868 NC constitution JT45242 Aug 2023 #77
take it from Randian Satanist Paul Ryan... alterfurz Aug 2023 #78
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