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democrat in Tallahassee

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Wed Nov 14, 2012, 06:39 PM Nov 2012

Rich men voted for Romney because he promised them "stuff" [View all]

"Stuff" like tax breaks and loopholes. . . so they can buy toys like yachts and car elevators while the "stuff" Obama voters got was health insurance and a chance at a better future.
FU Romney!

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Thank you. liberalmuse Nov 2012 #1
perfect, thanks Whisp Nov 2012 #2
Needed to be said. We should say it a lot, turn it back on them. freshwest Nov 2012 #4
Yep. This should be thrown right back at them. OnionPatch Nov 2012 #35
Yes, the people who wave 'morality' flags but don't respect anyone else's morals. freshwest Nov 2012 #37
Very good. nm rhett o rick Nov 2012 #3
Spot freakin' on! cherish44 Nov 2012 #5
hehe, very good quinnox Nov 2012 #6
5 trillion dollars' worth of stuff, no less DisgustipatedinCA Nov 2012 #7
10-FUCKING-4! DemoTex Nov 2012 #8
Yes EXACTLY, unfortunately for him there are more of us than them. nt Raine Nov 2012 #9
Corporate welfare. Jennicut Nov 2012 #10
Hear hear. Adding deregulation mzmolly Nov 2012 #11
love it blue cat Nov 2012 #12
BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN! undeterred Nov 2012 #13
Obama didn't give anybody stuff, he did things that make the United States a better place to live renate Nov 2012 #14
K&R nt ProudProgressiveNow Nov 2012 #15
Precisely! Well done. myrna minx Nov 2012 #16
But but, Obama Wins 8 of 10 Wealthiest Counties in US ErikJ Nov 2012 #17
They're Rolls Royce-driving Welfare Kings! KansDem Nov 2012 #18
lol pipewrench Nov 2012 #32
Pure projection The Blue Flower Nov 2012 #19
their greed was more important than their own country fascisthunter Nov 2012 #20
ditto that NYtoBush-Drop Dead Nov 2012 #21
Amen. I'm so tired of all the right wing "democrats are lazy freeloading welfare queens" memes. MatthewStLouis Nov 2012 #22
A good quote from George Carlin on this very subject: mountain grammy Nov 2012 #23
perfect. BlancheSplanchnik Nov 2012 #24
Yep, undeniable, good point. montanto Nov 2012 #25
and rich women... WhaTHellsgoingonhere Nov 2012 #26
BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT THAT'S DIFFERENT! rustydog Nov 2012 #27
kick mick063 Nov 2012 #28
K&R proverbialwisdom Nov 2012 #29
K&R #126 David Zephyr Nov 2012 #30
Discussion about this on Alex Wagner's show just now revolved around Skidmore Nov 2012 #31
Yes, well done! Rider3 Nov 2012 #33
Rich men BOUGHT Rmoney because he promised them stuff. Zoeisright Nov 2012 #34
Needed to be said, Mme. Defarge Nov 2012 #36
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