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Omaha Steve

(98,553 posts)
Wed Aug 23, 2023, 10:48 AM Aug 2023

Marta and I just joined Costco [View all]

A friend took me through a couple weeks ago. There was a special through Groupon. It is a 20+ minute drive, so it won't be for all our I forgot to get items.

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I belong to Costco
94 (77%)
I'd like to belong to Costco
3 (2%)
I don't belong to Costco
5 (4%)
I belong to Sam's
4 (3%)
I'd like to belong to Sam's
1 (1%)
I don't want to belong to Sam's (Walmart owned)
1 (1%)
I don't want to belong to a warehouse
6 (5%)
Niether is close to my home
8 (7%)
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Marta and I just joined Costco [View all] Omaha Steve Aug 2023 OP
Not one anywhere near me. nt Phoenix61 Aug 2023 #1
They ship, and even to non-members, or so I was told. niyad Aug 2023 #5
As much as I've heard about it I'd like to check one out. nt Phoenix61 Aug 2023 #9
Products sold online are more expensive than bought in person Kaleva Aug 2023 #67
Some are. And for some, the convenience of having items delivered niyad Aug 2023 #69
They treat their employees very well. nt okaawhatever Aug 2023 #2
That's been my #1 reason for 30 years. #2 reason is good quality at fair prices lostnfound Aug 2023 #13
I love Costco. Even though it is just me, I still find many good things. And there niyad Aug 2023 #3
Used to be a member... Wounded Bear Aug 2023 #4
Thete is always delivery. niyad Aug 2023 #6
I like Costco as a company, but after a couple years, I didn't renew my membership. Sky Jewels Aug 2023 #7
Most of what we buy there isn't food spinbaby Aug 2023 #19
That makes sense. Sky Jewels Aug 2023 #48
Costco is one of those places, where ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #56
In this queue ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #54
We love the prices/selection. RandySF Aug 2023 #8
I was originally a member of Price club when it was brought public kimbutgar Aug 2023 #10
I save enough on their generic Zyrtec to pay for my membership csziggy Aug 2023 #11
Yep. The OTC meds and pharmacy alone are worth the price of admission. hunter Aug 2023 #18
This! Hekate Aug 2023 #32
There is one within 10 miles MissB Aug 2023 #12
Costco is down the street Sympthsical Aug 2023 #14
I was offered a special as well; peacebuzzard Aug 2023 #15
A Costco just opened in my area EYESORE 9001 Aug 2023 #16
It's an hour away for us now, and we don't go anymore. Just to far for us. a kennedy Aug 2023 #17
They do ship. niyad Aug 2023 #34
Great, might have to look into that. Thanks. a kennedy Aug 2023 #38
😢 😢 😢. No just said they don't ship to my little town. a kennedy Aug 2023 #39
I am sorry. niyad Aug 2023 #40
Never been in one Freddie Aug 2023 #20
It's possible to be #1 and #6 simultaneously Wednesdays Aug 2023 #21
Costco has been very good to me. Food, prescriptions, supplies. Earth-shine Aug 2023 #22
I'm not a member but my daughter is Trailrider1951 Aug 2023 #23
I like Coscto. I dropped by once a week on my way home from work. SYFROYH Aug 2023 #24
See how you like it. If it works for you, great! LeftInTX Aug 2023 #25
they really do have so many good deals Recycle_Guru Aug 2023 #26
Can I qualify my vote? Alliepoo Aug 2023 #27
Go online and have it shipped. niyad Aug 2023 #35
They opened one on the other side of town a year or two back Xavier Breath Aug 2023 #28
we go around every other month at best yellowdogintexas Aug 2023 #46
I went with a member once to a store in Indy Xavier Breath Aug 2023 #51
Their cat trees//condos, for example, are much less expensive than my Petco. niyad Aug 2023 #70
Costco is great senseandsensibility Aug 2023 #29
the end of year cash rebate covers my membership fee nt yellowdogintexas Aug 2023 #47
THIS!!☝️likewise. We have one very close by & frequent it onetexan Aug 2023 #64
After years of local resistance,one came into our town very close to us.We went in for a reconnoiter Hekate Aug 2023 #30
agree on the fresh food, especially produce yellowdogintexas Aug 2023 #50
I also belong to BJ's and Sams... Demsrule86 Aug 2023 #31
I too have a BJ's card and tried Sam's for a bit Montauk6 Aug 2023 #55
Oh yeah, hubs if from the Bronx...I get it. Demsrule86 Aug 2023 #57
And, so far's as I've seen... Montauk6 Aug 2023 #61
I'd like to go to Costco, but... DET Aug 2023 #33
Our Costco is crowded, but not intolerably crowded. hunter Aug 2023 #37
No interest... brooklynite Aug 2023 #36
Ditto. BlackSkimmer Aug 2023 #42
A gourmet cook friend steered us to Costco where he said the meat and fish are far superior to LuckyLib Aug 2023 #41
Just 2 of us here. We buy non perishables mostly yellowdogintexas Aug 2023 #43
All very true! senseandsensibility Aug 2023 #44
also, we have the Costco Visa, and use it for other things yellowdogintexas Aug 2023 #49
Kirkland Cling Film and foil in the large size are great. GoneOffShore Aug 2023 #59
great wine shop and also liquor store yellowdogintexas Aug 2023 #60
You are correct! I have thought that. GoneOffShore Aug 2023 #62
Great point about the wine and liquor. My Costco is in the same center as my niyad Aug 2023 #72
Exactly. On everything you mentioned. ESPECIALLY the roasted chicken! The niyad Aug 2023 #71
We had one near our old house Luciferous Aug 2023 #45
It's just me and my wife in a 1500 square foot space obamanut2012 Aug 2023 #68
Just what we save on gas makes the membership worth it... SKKY Aug 2023 #52
You left out BJ's. Conjuay Aug 2023 #53
I go there mostly for gas. kskiska Aug 2023 #58
Agree, i got a half sheet for my kids most years onetexan Aug 2023 #65
75 miles to the closest Costco for me. GoodRaisin Aug 2023 #63
Close to a 8 hour round trip for me Kaleva Aug 2023 #66
I don't know if it would be worth it for us Bettie Aug 2023 #73
The nearest one to me is about 3800 miles away. Not exactly convenient. DFW Aug 2023 #74
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