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Thu Nov 15, 2012, 12:24 AM Nov 2012

Can Obama salvage the rest of this failed second term [View all]

I was very pleased with the election last week, but after reading DU, I think we can safely conclude that the second term has been an abject failure.

The question remains whether, in the few remaining days of this second term, is there anything that can be salvaged, or have we hit the point of no return?

The second term was a heady several hours of optimism and hopes, which have now been dashed - kicked to the curb under the bus to slurp the final remains of vomit there.

I guess the only thing left to do is for him to order the invasion of Iran. Not once in the last five minutes has he clearly denied his obvious intention to do so.

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You are sarcastic, right? still_one Nov 2012 #1
Hard to tell on DU, isn't it? jberryhill Nov 2012 #2
yes. satxdem Nov 2012 #7
But wait until we find out who is praying at the second inaugural jberryhill Nov 2012 #9
Actually that was kind of a big deal. JoeyT Nov 2012 #14
I hope to hell that it's a Cha Nov 2012 #18
I hope it's an atheist defacto7 Nov 2012 #25
I never knew croquet enthusiasts had their own religion. Ikonoklast Nov 2012 #76
Your kitty babies are JanetLovesObama Nov 2012 #78
I raised those two by hand, they were ferals abandoned by their mother. Ikonoklast Nov 2012 #81
Sure and I did! I should know Cha Nov 2012 #95
Oh, you're one of *those* people. Ikonoklast Nov 2012 #102
Good one! Those "silly gays"! Rumor has it that Pastor Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Zorra Nov 2012 #84
Welcome to DU!!! Stick around!! nt msanthrope Nov 2012 #104
Excellent! kentuck Nov 2012 #116
Obama is still in the first term Dems50State Nov 2012 #3
Well there you go - over before it even started jberryhill Nov 2012 #4
Now that reply made me chuckle ReRe Nov 2012 #43
It's like CakeGrrl Nov 2012 #5
Yeah that was the plan... jberryhill Nov 2012 #6
he may satxdem Nov 2012 #11
haven't heard him say he won't Chunk Nov 2012 #24
Thanks for starting an hilarious thread! Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #79
I remember when people here INSISTED that DADT would not be repealed. NYC Liberal Nov 2012 #31
I remember lots of stuff... Scootaloo Nov 2012 #48
This is spot on accurate, my friend... SidDithers Nov 2012 #65
Not just the complaining, Sid! The complaining HERE. I am sure the White House reads msanthrope Nov 2012 #105
Good odds we have a real Agent Smith or two kicking around... TheMadMonk Nov 2012 #109
No, it's more like, we saw how he "negotiated" in his first term, he better not do that again. cui bono Nov 2012 #38
He better not do it again or what? You won't vote for him next time? nt stevenleser Nov 2012 #74
lol obamanut2012 Nov 2012 #82
That's exactly the problem. That's why the Dem party keeps moving right. Because they can. cui bono Nov 2012 #87
He's plenty "progressive" enough for most of us. Which is why he cleaned Romney's clock. Tarheel_Dem Nov 2012 #89
He's center. Look at who he appointed in his first term. cui bono Nov 2012 #91
And yet we "RE"elected him by huge margins. Get over yourself. There were alternatives for you & Tarheel_Dem Nov 2012 #93
I really shouldn't respond since I can see you are not replying in good faith... cui bono Nov 2012 #97
I'm sorry, but what's in the platform that we're not "fighting for" (God I hate that term)? Tarheel_Dem Nov 2012 #101
If he does, I won't vote for him again, either. Tarheel_Dem Nov 2012 #88
I want to see him kick McCain's ass flamingdem Nov 2012 #8
Brilliant... SidDithers Nov 2012 #10
Post removed Post removed Nov 2012 #12
No sir, I slurp jberryhill Nov 2012 #15
This morning on one of the cable stations on the bottom of the screen the scroll said ... Tx4obama Nov 2012 #13
I wonder how many DUers will go nuts... jberryhill Nov 2012 #16
A SLAP IN THE FACE! Scootaloo Nov 2012 #49
Oooops! Cha Nov 2012 #19
Does the idea of massive inaugural balls disturb you? jberryhill Nov 2012 #22
We have something big to look forward to, lol! Cha Nov 2012 #23
Oh God! ReRe Nov 2012 #46
I Like Big Balls, Dirty Big Balls Skraxx Nov 2012 #64
Be careful or your tongue will poke a hole in your cheek. rzemanfl Nov 2012 #77
teehee...balls. theKed Nov 2012 #112
Oh yeah, huh! Iggo Nov 2012 #29
And most folks don't know Obama is in his first term until 1/21/13 Renew Deal Nov 2012 #33
The ignorance is amazing, isn't it? treestar Nov 2012 #60
I would have been terribly amused theKed Nov 2012 #113
What the hell tblue Nov 2012 #17
Am I looking for an argument? jberryhill Nov 2012 #20
There's been several of these types of posts and it's so childish imo. cui bono Nov 2012 #36
Seems Like The Pot Calling The Kettle Black ProfessorGAC Nov 2012 #54
With that, you've committed to being nervous about the future treestar Nov 2012 #61
I've not committed to being nervous, I've committed to fight for progressive policy. cui bono Nov 2012 #70
I believe we have to push Congress to be more progressive not PBO treestar Nov 2012 #72
Wars aren't declared by Congress, not since 1941, or haven't you noticed? leveymg Nov 2012 #80
That's a different issue treestar Nov 2012 #86
I hate to tell you this, but the war we know as Afghanistan was declared by Congress on 9/18/01, msanthrope Nov 2012 #106
AfUoF was not a Declaration of War. leveymg Nov 2012 #114
I'm from CA, Los Angeles area. cui bono Nov 2012 #90
You could "commit" to a Civics lesson, which would help you understand how a bill becomes law. Tarheel_Dem Nov 2012 #92
As if the POTUS doesn't set the tone or have anything to do with it. cui bono Nov 2012 #96
A small segment of the electorate shouldn't be able to set the agenda. That's exactly what's wrong Tarheel_Dem Nov 2012 #100
Wow. Talk about divisive! Your us vs. them within the Dem party mentality cui bono Nov 2012 #103
I absolutely know how things "work in the real world", which is why we'll never have to say.... Tarheel_Dem Nov 2012 #110
The FF did not mean for the POTUS to set a tone or anything treestar Nov 2012 #118
I never have met a president who has managed to rise from the ashes, Baitball Blogger Nov 2012 #21
Oh.. I get it... defacto7 Nov 2012 #26
lol k&r outsideworld Nov 2012 #27
Yep. Nine days and it's all over! Iggo Nov 2012 #28
asdf InsultComicDog Nov 2012 #30
We need to get Bush 2 back in the White House for a 3rd term. Jamaal510 Nov 2012 #32
ANOTHER divisive post??? cui bono Nov 2012 #34
Errr, I take it you are ok with divisive intaglio Nov 2012 #39
I saw it happen here after he got elected the first time. cui bono Nov 2012 #40
Some people are still sort of happy about the election jberryhill Nov 2012 #68
You should express your opinions. cui bono Nov 2012 #71
Here, just use this.. jberryhill Nov 2012 #57
You're good Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #35
If President Obama agrees with repukes argiel1234 Nov 2012 #37
He has a full term to enact ohheckyeah Nov 2012 #41
if he starts out his second term cutting social security or quinnox Nov 2012 #42
Here we go with the "cheerleader" shit. Again. Scootaloo Nov 2012 #51
And ESPECIALLY if he bites the head off of a puppy on live TV jberryhill Nov 2012 #69
So says the poster who wants Susan Rice to resign. Gird your loins, my friend, it's going to be msanthrope Nov 2012 #108
and satxdem Nov 2012 #117
he's going to fly to seattle Mothdust Nov 2012 #44
When I read your subject line, mykpart Nov 2012 #45
Love the OP & the fall-out! JNelson6563 Nov 2012 #47
I think I love you union_maid Nov 2012 #50
Not kidding: 1 or 2 weeks after Obama's inauguration, Fox News said the same. DetlefK Nov 2012 #52
I can't believe he signed legislation gutting Social Security... Comrade_McKenzie Nov 2012 #53
Wow. Hissyspit Nov 2012 #55
Hey, it's just poor brown kids. Fix The Stupid Nov 2012 #66
you have got his second term a fail, before he has even gotten to 2nd term? are you on the right seabeyond Nov 2012 #56
In January '08 he already failed according to right wingers wishlist Nov 2012 #58
But wait, if he caves on tax increases this place will be livid for his entire 2nd term Puzzledtraveller Nov 2012 #59
It's been all downhill since about 11:15 PM November 6. Everyone here was happy then. pampango Nov 2012 #62
ROFL gollygee Nov 2012 #63
Well the real question is "Can a man with the middle name of Hussein even get the nomination". grantcart Nov 2012 #67
You have to wait at least 3 years b/f you can honestly disagree with a newly elected politician. Dr Fate Nov 2012 #73
The second term hasn't even started yet. Skidmore Nov 2012 #75
A close read should help you determine the level of seriousness jberryhill Nov 2012 #85
Save it for January. ;-) WinkyDink Nov 2012 #83
+1000 Liberal_in_LA Nov 2012 #111
I don't know - he only has four years left... N/t backscatter712 Nov 2012 #94
Lolololol great satire! Politicub Nov 2012 #98
In fact he hasnt even started his second term and yet it already appears hopeless.. DCBob Nov 2012 #99
Um, don't you think he's smart enough to delay the Iran invasion until October 2016? Bucky Nov 2012 #107
Wow. Chiquitita Nov 2012 #115
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