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Ive never had a twitter account, but plenty of people I respect still use it. Like constitutional hlthe2b Aug 2023 #1
Never had an account... 2naSalit Aug 2023 #2
Do you realize over 80 million Americans are on Twitter? womanofthehills Aug 2023 #32
Please point out... 2naSalit Aug 2023 #36
Yesterday, we had live-blogging of all the Trump trial hearings on Twitter. brooklynite Aug 2023 #62
Thanks for the advice snowybirdie Aug 2023 #3
Right?! mdelaguna Aug 2023 #4
Yes, you do have that right. But, if you are engaged with Twitter, aren't you also supporting Ferrets are Cool Aug 2023 #5
No. Imo at this point, exactly the opposite. Twitter is the anti-Musk. Hortensis Aug 2023 #7
+1 Celerity Aug 2023 #10
Agree with ya on that. And if you block the advitisers, all the better Attilatheblond Aug 2023 #26
Actually snowybirdie Aug 2023 #13
Well it seems a lot of repugs can and do make people do what they want them to do....and stop them Ferrets are Cool Aug 2023 #30
I doubt if it will fail now that it's monitized womanofthehills Aug 2023 #34
It depends how you use it. Emrys Aug 2023 #20
So President Biden is "supporting Musk and his form of fascism"? brooklynite Aug 2023 #63
As hlthe2bsays. Twitter is still a liberal-leaning global public square -- Hortensis Aug 2023 #6
While many will, I'm sure, do all sorts of mental gymnastics to come up with their answer... Lancero Aug 2023 #8
Most of the journalists and political folks I follow are still there Nittersing Aug 2023 #9
Its just info, u can choose not to use it, but dont tell others what to do Shanti Shanti Shanti Aug 2023 #11
Not any more ... deleted my account Auggie Aug 2023 #12
"when there are alternatives like Threads" LexVegas Aug 2023 #14
Which you can only interact with through its app! Which I'd never download on 50 Shades Of Blue Aug 2023 #16
There's a desktop version now. n/t CarlYasutomo Aug 2023 #43
I know, but you still need to use the app to set up your account. 50 Shades Of Blue Aug 2023 #60
Mine is to follow and like numerous people and organizations providing news & info of 50 Shades Of Blue Aug 2023 #15
My guess is there are people who like to use it. Torchlight Aug 2023 #17
I dropped Xchitter. CentralMass Aug 2023 #18
I deleted my account when Musk took over William769 Aug 2023 #19
Do you know Twitter is kind of world wide? womanofthehills Aug 2023 #80
I did not know that. William769 Aug 2023 #85
Yes. Lunabell Aug 2023 #21
I like the "silly" animal posts from twitter. And they are posted in the Lounge, not in this forum. debm55 Aug 2023 #29
I thought MorbidButterflyTat Aug 2023 #68
Immediate news on breaking events like the Maui fire Arazi Aug 2023 #22
Twitter is a game that is rigged against everyone but Felon Musk and his RWNJ cronies. usonian Aug 2023 #23
Same reason President Joe Biden posts there. And Ukraine civilian and military defenders. Swede Aug 2023 #24
++++ Cha Aug 2023 #48
Mahalo Ukraine..💕🤷‍♀️ Cha Aug 2023 #52
+1 MorbidButterflyTat Aug 2023 #70
Very Cool Important Snapshot of who's Cha Aug 2023 #71
Mahalo, Cha! MorbidButterflyTat Aug 2023 #74
Yep MorbidButterflyTat Aug 2023 #69
Why are you so invested in what people use for social media? Very odd. BannonsLiver Aug 2023 #25
Oh well, at least FB users are no longer being piled on! LeftInTX Aug 2023 #50
Yes very odd and very low post count and no post brought up since the original post. debm55 Aug 2023 #59
Never did. Haven't missed a thing. Iggo Aug 2023 #27
Threads not a good alterative... rdchili96 Aug 2023 #28
Twitter made itself indispensable over 20 years to an entire array of professions, that's why... Hekate Aug 2023 #31
Twitter has 540 million monthly active users, according to Elon Musk womanofthehills Aug 2023 #35
It's amazing. I recall Twitter communications being of incredible use in uprisings/protests against Hekate Aug 2023 #37
"Now the scientists MorbidButterflyTat Aug 2023 #72
I would love it if you would fact check my statements. I read it in the last week or so, but ... Hekate Aug 2023 #83
There is zero point in gait keeping social media ismnotwasm Aug 2023 #33
I'm waiting for everyone else to leave ecstatic Aug 2023 #38
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Aug 2023 #39
lol this is pure nonsense. tritsofme Aug 2023 #82
Why do you assume we should all march in lockstep? milestogo Aug 2023 #40
I'm a grown up MorbidButterflyTat Aug 2023 #41
Adorable. Cha Aug 2023 #49
Soul restoring MorbidButterflyTat Aug 2023 #76
I shall.. certainly need something Cha Aug 2023 #78
Mahalo Ukraine.. Cha Aug 2023 #51
So sweet. crickets Aug 2023 #56
Info....most info Duppers Aug 2023 #42
I agreed with you on Twitter but when you arthritisR_US Aug 2023 #44
Because it's the BEST place to stay up to date on current events. WarGamer Aug 2023 #45
Personal convenience and self-interest trump solidarity and greater-good outcomes. RockRaven Aug 2023 #46
It's great for breaking news because the media and govt agencies use it. LeftInTX Aug 2023 #47
Thanks to those who posted thoughtful replies CarlYasutomo Aug 2023 #53
Take a look at the personal information you agreed to let Zuckerberg have access to Emrys Aug 2023 #58
What is the measure of a man? Torchlight Aug 2023 #64
This message was self-deleted by its author elocs Aug 2023 #54
Hmm. MorbidButterflyTat Aug 2023 #73
This message was self-deleted by its author elocs Aug 2023 #75
Well.... MorbidButterflyTat Aug 2023 #77
lol yes, DU is 100% social media obamanut2012 Aug 2023 #79
This message was self-deleted by its author elocs Aug 2023 #84
I don't like to use it. crickets Aug 2023 #55
I left for a couple of months Mad_Machine76 Aug 2023 #57
Doing my part to block and report fascists and bigots at every opportunity! Initech Aug 2023 #61
"I hate Twitter (or CNN or Apple or the New York Times) and so should you" brooklynite Aug 2023 #65
Post removed Post removed Aug 2023 #66
That's nice -- you do you obamanut2012 Aug 2023 #67
Well EnergizedLib Aug 2023 #81
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