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boston bean

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Tue Sep 26, 2023, 08:50 AM Sep 2023

Yes DU trends to an older audience. [View all]

I am gen x.

This website has been around since 2001.

That is 22 years ago. Someone 70, was approx 50 years old when they joined. Some one like me was in our 30’s.

Many have fought against Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Trump and a slew of social and matters for survival.. climate over the many years of their lives.

To accuse these older members of not caring or selfish is akin to me, in this political atmosphere we find ourselves in today…. You know a fascist movement….. to nazi germany where those who were deemed to have less value to society were to be reviled.

So, I suggest that some of these young whippersnappers take that into consideration as they work their way into taking over the world.

No older person here on DU is your enemy. They have been fighting your fight for longer than you have lived. Yes come join and let’s all have respect for one another. Screw this blatant ageism disguised as generation gap bullshit and shove it up the wazoo.

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Yes DU trends to an older audience. [View all] boston bean Sep 2023 OP
Few things piss me off more Freddie Sep 2023 #1
Well speaking only for myself, I'm a boomer with a very... NNadir Sep 2023 #23
I have no problem recognizing all the good Boomer generation has done as well (and I am not one)... hlthe2b Sep 2023 #85
I am rather tired of hearing that my generation made advances... NNadir Sep 2023 #93
That they made strides in civil rights is only underscored by what has happened now that Trumpists & hlthe2b Sep 2023 #97
+ 1 nt pazzyanne Sep 2023 #121
Zero Boomers were eligible to vote in 1964. Mariana Sep 2023 #103
Uh no. You are wrong. boston bean Sep 2023 #104
Please do explain how I am wrong. Mariana Sep 2023 #106
Correct. H2O Man Sep 2023 #116
Other than a tiny 1 year, 10 month, 6 day sliver of Boomers in 1968, the first POTUS election with Celerity Sep 2023 #156
Not sure where you are directing THAT, but I SAID Boomers MADE STRIDES in CIVIL RIGHTS and they hlthe2b Sep 2023 #258
I have to agree with you SouthernDem4ever Sep 2023 #132
Well put. I may steal the last part of that locution. NNadir Sep 2023 #141
Women's rights are also Civil Rights.. whathehell Sep 2023 #198
I agree with the first independent clause, but question the second. NNadir Sep 2023 #200
Abortion. Which changed every single women's life in this country. boston bean Sep 2023 #201
That was decided in 1973. The oldest boomer was 28. Warren Burger was born in 1907... NNadir Sep 2023 #203
Boomers did march and organize women's rights in the seventies. boston bean Sep 2023 #204
Bull. What exactly did "marching" accomplish? Brett Kavanaugh? NNadir Sep 2023 #205
You have no gratefulness for those who walked before you. Organized and effected change boston bean Sep 2023 #207
Marches are in actuality parades. The_Casual_Observer Sep 2023 #241
Wow, you really don't know history at all. So, damned sad. hlthe2b Sep 2023 #260
Really? And I suppose the historical March on Washington highlighted by MLK's "Dream" speech hlthe2b Sep 2023 #259
MLK's march on Washington and "Dream Speech" happened in 1963. Mariana Sep 2023 #264
And you don't think those 17 year olds were active? What he hell? You need to read some history hlthe2b Sep 2023 #265
While I responded above to your comment #264, earlier comment was directed to the person who stated hlthe2b Sep 2023 #267
I'm just providing context. Mariana Sep 2023 #274
"Community" did a thing about that. Ursus Rex Sep 2023 #254
OMG. How did I miss that episode? progressoid Sep 2023 #256
Holy sh . . . Sympthsical Sep 2023 #257
The right to secure a loan MINUS a husband's signature whathehell Sep 2023 #206
Wow! I take it all back, while noting that Title IX was signed in 1973. NNadir Sep 2023 #208
In 1973, boomers like myself were 23 years old and whathehell Sep 2023 #211
++ appalachiablue Sep 2023 #219
Thank you. whathehell Sep 2023 #220
Yup, we're the best. We provided a great margin in 2016 and 2020. What part of this picture is... NNadir Sep 2023 #262
Do show us where I claim boomers as the "best" whathehell Sep 2023 #272
Let's not go there. I've expressed my opinion of my generation and... NNadir Sep 2023 #275
Lol, I believe we were already "there" whathehell Sep 2023 #280
No. It's not personal. NNadir Sep 2023 #281
I can assume it is the exception among privileged white males to have taken notice of accomplishment hlthe2b Sep 2023 #266
A curious assertion. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2023 #270
Except that you do seem to discount an entire generation --one I'm not even part of. hlthe2b Sep 2023 #271
Do I? Act_of_Reparation Sep 2023 #276
When you weighed in on a post directed to the another poster. Perhaps by mistake. Long subthreads hlthe2b Sep 2023 #277
The "Boomer Generation did not fail to pass the ERA"--RIght wing extremist conservatives and Fundies hlthe2b Sep 2023 #261
+1 betsuni Sep 2023 #263
You're really fun at parties. Don't Disparage the efforts a lot of us did!😑 electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #273
I'm a boomer, age 76 vlyons Sep 2023 #2
What is heartbreaking samplegirl Sep 2023 #5
thats something you can't put on kids jcgoldie Sep 2023 #12
Ah, but getting them to the polls is the real challenge SpankMe Sep 2023 #63
At least I got that part right DFW Sep 2023 #83
My Millennial daughter was apathetic about voting Freddie Sep 2023 #115
Frankly, if Hillary's campaign didn't ignore "flyover country" BlueIn_W_Pa Sep 2023 #212
They didn't, this has been discussed many many times here. betsuni Sep 2023 #223
Agree to disagree BlueIn_W_Pa Sep 2023 #225
The facts: betsuni Sep 2023 #227
Appreciate the link BlueIn_W_Pa Sep 2023 #230
How were the 3rd party campaigns going where you were? With Russia's help, they cleverly... Hekate Sep 2023 #283
"if you can get them to the polls" is the operative phrase whathehell Sep 2023 #199
Agree, that the boomer generation marked50 Sep 2023 #65
This country tends to see history through the media lens. haele Sep 2023 #44
Ah, those were the days DFW Sep 2023 #78
The Fugs! Pinback Sep 2023 #217
What a bunch of characters THEY were! DFW Sep 2023 #253
You can say that again samplegirl Sep 2023 #3
Try 60 years for some of us. pazzyanne Sep 2023 #67
True I've been in D.U. samplegirl Sep 2023 #71
That generation fought for a woman's right to choose, the civil rights act, the voting rights act, JohnSJ Sep 2023 #4
Yes, I find that quite a few younger people PatSeg Sep 2023 #11
I agree JohnSJ Sep 2023 #27
+1 2naSalit Sep 2023 #39
Thank-you for your happy feet Sep 2023 #53
A story tellers corps is great idea, thanks. appalachiablue Sep 2023 #221
Well put geardaddy Sep 2023 #45
Yes! My daughters friends listen samplegirl Sep 2023 #73
That's on their elders for not educating them properly. Mariana Sep 2023 #105
...and Disability civil rights, etc. FailureToCommunicate Sep 2023 #42
Yes, along with LUV, let us vote, allowing 18 years to be the voting age JohnSJ Sep 2023 #51
and marked the start and lobbied for all the successes thus far of the Environnmental movement hlthe2b Sep 2023 #69
JohnSJ....... Upthevibe Sep 2023 #120
Add to that supporting and and trying save the environment. pazzyanne Sep 2023 #123
+1,000,000 highplainsdem Sep 2023 #6
i was 49 when i signed up in 03. the boomers here r not the 1s you're looking for, kids. mopinko Sep 2023 #7
++++++++++++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2naSalit Sep 2023 #43
You're calling other posters just like Nazis Sympthsical Sep 2023 #8
No, I made a point of where this kind of feeling and rhetoric can lead. boston bean Sep 2023 #10
I watched Schindler's List this past weekend for the first time Sympthsical Sep 2023 #18
Not ashamed to call it out at all in this place and time we find ourselves. boston bean Sep 2023 #22
Maybe you should watch Schindler's List Sympthsical Sep 2023 #26
I've watched it and I see clearly the correlation. boston bean Sep 2023 #28
If discomfort with criticism is just like a genocide Sympthsical Sep 2023 #32
Sorry, I am going to point it out wherever it finds a breath. boston bean Sep 2023 #34
The call to fight fascism today is because wnylib Sep 2023 #59
Well said... Spazito Sep 2023 #62
Thanks. Too many Americans are not aware of HOW Nazis came to power. wnylib Sep 2023 #70
I completely agree... Spazito Sep 2023 #98
You're not addressing the OP at all. Sympthsical Sep 2023 #96
I think you are talking past one another BlueIn_W_Pa Sep 2023 #111
No, you're excusing the appropriation Sympthsical Sep 2023 #117
Your example of going to a grocery store and asking wnylib Sep 2023 #129
You're excusing the appropriation Sympthsical Sep 2023 #209
I think that you did a pretty good explanation. wnylib Sep 2023 #126
No, the OP does not compare Boomers coming under criticism to wnylib Sep 2023 #125
This message was self-deleted by its author Scrivener7 Sep 2023 #108
++ appalachiablue Sep 2023 #130
Sure, but the OP isn't addressing today's RW extremists progressoid Sep 2023 #158
It is an admonition not to fall into the wnylib Sep 2023 #173
OK good. So we agree that this OP is about DUers using fascist tactics. progressoid Sep 2023 #237
Godwins law is no longer operable in todays environment. boston bean Sep 2023 #249
The only reason why extremist rhetoric like throwing around comparisons to Nazi Germany like candy Midwestern Democrat Sep 2023 #250
LOL. I'll let my editor know. Haha boston bean Sep 2023 #252
+1 Celerity Sep 2023 #145
So you're saying DUers are on the path to Nazi fascism? progressoid Sep 2023 #160
I am stating there is a historical reference to this and we above all should avoid it at all costs. boston bean Sep 2023 #164
Really? progressoid Sep 2023 #167
That's not what happened. You have to deal in the facts. boston bean Sep 2023 #169
It happens all the time here. progressoid Sep 2023 #170
What happens all the time here? boston bean Sep 2023 #176
What happens all the time here? progressoid Sep 2023 #178
Aww. In what way? Please vote. Don't glue yourself to asphalt? Don't throw boston bean Sep 2023 #179
maybe it ends mopinko Sep 2023 #57
This is really something Sympthsical Sep 2023 #94
yup. mopinko Sep 2023 #99
This is a shark jump Sympthsical Sep 2023 #100
There's a third thing: divide those who disagree so they cannot be a cohesive opponent. Scrivener7 Sep 2023 #109
And I think one of the posters in this thread is really trying to do this. erronis Sep 2023 #133
THIS !! progressoid Sep 2023 #161
I'm really trying to figure this out... It's like two different languages. hunter Sep 2023 #193
I'm in gen X as well looking back at 50... jcgoldie Sep 2023 #9
Are boomers here at DU really the enemy? The ones to be blamed? boston bean Sep 2023 #13
Your reference is ridiculous hyperbole jcgoldie Sep 2023 #14
Got your attention. boston bean Sep 2023 #15
If only you could see that comparing young people jcgoldie Sep 2023 #16
By making boomers here the enemy? boston bean Sep 2023 #19
I agree samplegirl Sep 2023 #21
Post removed Post removed Sep 2023 #20
+1 betsuni Sep 2023 #81
And there it is - more divisiveness. Exactly what the OP was talking about. Ocelot II Sep 2023 #37
triggered jcgoldie Sep 2023 #38
Ummmmm. Fascism lives and breathes in the internet. It has found a voice, a megaphone. boston bean Sep 2023 #47
your premise is just ridiculous jcgoldie Sep 2023 #52
Right back at ya! boston bean Sep 2023 #101
All respect, you missed the point completely BlueIn_W_Pa Sep 2023 #213
Yes, fascism lives and breathes in the internet. progressoid Sep 2023 #171
If we are not careful it could. boston bean Sep 2023 #174
Yes it happened. progressoid Sep 2023 #175
It is akin to blaming others. Making them a scapegoat. People who are boston bean Sep 2023 #177
Again, making someone a boogeyman does not equal being a Nazi. End Of Message. progressoid Sep 2023 #180
It is making them a target. And yeah that is a specialty of fascists. boston bean Sep 2023 #181
Wow. So we have fascists on DU. Good to know. We should have an alert button or something for that. progressoid Sep 2023 #182
Keep repeating it if it makes you feel good. boston bean Sep 2023 #183
Did you try the alert button on the offending post? progressoid Sep 2023 #190
No. I don't often alert. boston bean Sep 2023 #191
Seems like the perfect time to use it. I mean, holy shit, we gotta stop fascism at home right? progressoid Sep 2023 #234
I thought you meant on your posts. boston bean Sep 2023 #246
Ha! Yes if I'm posting fascist things, by all means hit the alert button. progressoid Sep 2023 #255
+++ My big question is whether or not the divisive posts are an intentional, coordinated effort. hlthe2b Sep 2023 #77
The prior OP thread you reference derided those few DUers posting about mental or physical health hlthe2b Sep 2023 #76
You're right jcgoldie Sep 2023 #84
Congratulations.You just deceptively reworded my post to reflect NOTHING I actually said or conveyed hlthe2b Sep 2023 #86
Imagine the howls if a young person here (not that we are legion) said this about a Boomer or older: Celerity Sep 2023 #134
I live in FL mcar Sep 2023 #142
I was at a baby shower right before the midterms in 2018 CrispyQ Sep 2023 #146
My nephew (smart, fairly liberal) mcar Sep 2023 #157
Well said. n/t progressoid Sep 2023 #163
Oh, ok. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2023 #17
Asking for some self reflection in a historical context. boston bean Sep 2023 #25
The comparison is absurd. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2023 #119
History many time is ugly. Sorry bout that. boston bean Sep 2023 #136
Go on. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2023 #144
Wow. You need to read the OP. boston bean Sep 2023 #147
No, I need someone to explain it to me. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2023 #210
I'm definetly no master in prose BlueIn_W_Pa Sep 2023 #216
So young people on a message board are just like a "tyrannical organization" now? Sympthsical Sep 2023 #226
Post removed Post removed Sep 2023 #228
No, I'm simply being straightforward Sympthsical Sep 2023 #231
What is unclear? boston bean Sep 2023 #218
Oh, geez. I must be as bad at writing as I am at reading. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2023 #240
Oh was that what I was doing, you think. Yeah, re-read. boston bean Sep 2023 #245
Here, let me help: Act_of_Reparation Sep 2023 #247
It's not? boston bean Sep 2023 #248
I've noticed a couple posters getting younger in their posts. Nixie Sep 2023 #24
Lol berniesandersmittens Sep 2023 #30
I'm a boomer who faced a lot of the things that the younger gens have faced - crap jobs, low wages.. marble falls Sep 2023 #29
I am hoping for the same But not to be put out to pasture. boston bean Sep 2023 #31
I'm ready to mow the pasture! Make hay while I can! marble falls Sep 2023 #33
Yes, the Boomer Bashing is annoying peggysue2 Sep 2023 #35
Agree 100% boston bean Sep 2023 #36
With you 100% bluestarone Sep 2023 #68
Absolutely! Goddessartist Sep 2023 #244
DU has about 1200 followers on Instagram. LuvLoogie Sep 2023 #40
Good idea!!! We used to do things that had an effect!! nt Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2023 #66
There are a lot of energized, intelligent, young folk on those platforms. LuvLoogie Sep 2023 #233
Me too! And remember how one tiktok person affected Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2023 #251
When I think back to some of the shit we had to deal with ... ificandream Sep 2023 #41
"Divide and conquer" tactics will be heavily deployed against Democrats this year. Mister Ed Sep 2023 #46
Thank you, BB! I came to DU in my young 40s when Bush vs. Gore Quakerfriend Sep 2023 #48
Well, if we did nothing else, Boomers got 18-year-olds the right to vote. CrispyQ Sep 2023 #49
Oh, come on. Most Boomers weren't even eligible to vote in 1971. Mariana Sep 2023 #107
Oh come on yourself. You sound like you think young people don't have any power. CrispyQ Sep 2023 #118
I turned 18 in March '71. I sure as hell got registered and voted that year! electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #269
Come join us young and old. We need all we can get and you will be appreciated. twodogsbarking Sep 2023 #50
There was a poll done a year and a half ago (long archived but I bookmarked) BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #54
WARNING-divide and conquor -wake up! Stargazer99 Sep 2023 #55
Nicely said. Firestorm49 Sep 2023 #56
fascists/nazis must do 2 things- lie and other. mopinko Sep 2023 #58
Much respect MikeIsInProcess Sep 2023 #60
Well said. I also wish that the personal/pet items are in their own playground. erronis Sep 2023 #137
My parents Rebl2 Sep 2023 #61
It will take all of us, from all generations to successfully prevail against the fascist tide dlk Sep 2023 #64
Exactly! nt pazzyanne Sep 2023 #131
K&R betsuni Sep 2023 #72
People criticize based on generalizations. We liberals do it, too. That's just reality. SpankMe Sep 2023 #74
We may not have won all the fights we need to win randr Sep 2023 #75
Those fights have been going on longer than most of us have been alive. Caliman73 Sep 2023 #113
We boomers were said to never trust anyone over 30 randr Sep 2023 #114
It is the human condition. We are very very smart, but not wise at all Caliman73 Sep 2023 #124
Except in 1980 when, during Reagan's run, Abbie Hoffman whathehell Sep 2023 #222
A couple things us "seniors" must keep in mind tiredtoo Sep 2023 #79
That conversation could have easily been reversed, Lars39 Sep 2023 #82
There was more to the conversation tiredtoo Sep 2023 #87
Simple acknowledgment that times have changed Lars39 Sep 2023 #89
A long time ago Marthe48 Sep 2023 #80
I'm 82 AncientOfDays Sep 2023 #88
I love what you said. William769 Sep 2023 #90
Age has nothing to do with it. There are good people and there are losers in every age bracket. Duh housecat Sep 2023 #91
This ☝️ DuranDuranDUme Sep 2023 #92
Kick. N/T Upthevibe Sep 2023 #95
Those who join the 'generation wars' are falling for the oldest trick in the book used by the right Attilatheblond Sep 2023 #102
Appreciate mamacita75 Sep 2023 #110
whippersnappers and wazoo? Where's the jitterbug? JanMichael Sep 2023 #112
I'm a millennial. ellisonz Sep 2023 #122
And everyone here understands that you're getting priced out of existence pnwmom Sep 2023 #149
Ha! And they wonder when I'm going to get married, settle down and have kids. ellisonz Sep 2023 #151
I hear you. I have three young adult kids and I know it's so much harder pnwmom Sep 2023 #154
I agree. It is harder for our kids today. boston bean Sep 2023 #165
Exactly. We've been fighting the R Boomers, and other R's, all of our lives. pnwmom Sep 2023 #166
Definitely - it's almost extortionate? ellisonz Sep 2023 #189
When my husband had that kind of a loan, it was forgiven after only 5 years of teaching. pnwmom Sep 2023 #192
This, BlueIn_W_Pa Sep 2023 #215
Well said. Martin68 Sep 2023 #127
Boomer here JPPaverage Sep 2023 #128
Thank you! mcar Sep 2023 #135
Thank you, boston bean. whyzayker Sep 2023 #138
😉 boston bean Sep 2023 #202
LOL, well, no mystery about where you stand on this issue, Bean. PatrickforB Sep 2023 #139
No need to warn me. Did you read my post? boston bean Sep 2023 #140
Why are you telling the poster who said not to fall for wedges "don't fall prey to wedges"? pnwmom Sep 2023 #148
My posts are not often misunderstood like this. If you read my post carefully you will see that I am PatrickforB Sep 2023 #150
Ah so sorry! I misunderstood too. Don't delete it. My fault! boston bean Sep 2023 #152
boy i was young...mid 40's when i joined 2001 dawn5651 Sep 2023 #143
"Screw this blatant ageism disguised as generation gap bullshit..." Oopsie Daisy Sep 2023 #153
I'd be interested to know the median age on DU nt Shermann Sep 2023 #155
Here's a poll from about a year and a half ago that will give you some idea: progressoid Sep 2023 #162
... Celerity Sep 2023 #224
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Sep 2023 #159
There are some hard feelings still about some "progressives" who refused to support pnwmom Sep 2023 #168
--- Oopsie Daisy Sep 2023 #172
I never liked this anti-boomer nonsense. My only problem is the Manchin/Sinema bootlickers who.. Crowman2009 Sep 2023 #184
Eh, I am not sure anyone really likes them beyond boston bean Sep 2023 #186
What I'm trying to say is that age is not a factor in politics. Crowman2009 Sep 2023 #187
Very true. I was meaning to agree with your previous post boston bean Sep 2023 #188
Traits of human nature don't disappear with a generation Model35mech Sep 2023 #195
It is a constant struggle for a better earth, a better United States, a better world. boston bean Sep 2023 #197
This message was self-deleted by its author Model35mech Sep 2023 #196
My pet mastodon disagrees struggle4progress Sep 2023 #185
Watching the last episodes of Vietnam by Ken Burns Tree Lady Sep 2023 #194
Right, they're the same ones we FIGHT. They're not us. nt pnwmom Sep 2023 #229
Thank you for speaking out for me. lpbk2713 Sep 2023 #236
Long time must have been tough Tree Lady Sep 2023 #238
"One of the recurring images of the war in Vietnam is that of youthful protestors... Act_of_Reparation Sep 2023 #268
I can't believe it's fucking working. Iggo Sep 2023 #214
You may want to be careful.... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #232
Only if said posts intentionally & baselessly insult everybody in sight. This is DU. Regardless of... Hekate Sep 2023 #278
Thank goodness.... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #279
This message was self-deleted by its author AdamGG Sep 2023 #235
I may have started this sab390 Sep 2023 #239
It's the 1% of every generation snot Sep 2023 #242
Thank you moniss Sep 2023 #243
Just pass me my multivitamin please... Montauk6 Sep 2023 #282
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