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Sky Jewels

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28. Drunk, runny hair dye, hand down pants,
Tue Oct 10, 2023, 09:42 PM
Oct 2023

scary teeth (white and fake on top, yellow and crooked on bottom), beating 9-11 into the ground, coup participant, sharp fall from SDNY mafia prosecutor to criminal and national butt of jokes, Four Seasons debacle, adulterer, racist, groper of Cassidy Hutchinson, daughter hates him, public farter, all around disgusting POS.

What comes to mind when you think of Rudy? [View all] struggle4progress Oct 2023 OP
Notre Dame n/t Shrek Oct 2023 #1
Yep, Sean Astin immediately came to mind. Xavier Breath Oct 2023 #9
I don't think of Rudy, True Dough Oct 2023 #2
Flatulence, dripping hair dye. Elessar Zappa Oct 2023 #3
Well, that took a bit of effort! I'll play PJMcK Oct 2023 #4
This particular brand of hair dye... LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #5
The Cosby Show. And I've never watched it on purpose and I've never seen a full episodes. marble falls Oct 2023 #6
What Hillary said: DFW Oct 2023 #7
Pls. add hair dye running down his face. brush Oct 2023 #8
I was looking for that as well... lol DemocraticPatriot Oct 2023 #11
Pile of feces NewHendoLib Oct 2023 #10
Desparate for attention. keithbvadu2 Oct 2023 #12
I think of him as a pathetic hasbeen that pissed away fame and fortune for a cult. Chainfire Oct 2023 #13
The Four Seasons Rally. LakeArenal Oct 2023 #14
One of the all time funniest things in politics Johnny2X2X Oct 2023 #17
Colludy. phylny Oct 2023 #15
like Trump and Lindell, he managed to blow a big con Skittles Oct 2023 #16
The last one fits Rudy because it makes no sense whatsoever. Hermit-The-Prog Oct 2023 #18
The Four Seasons Landscaping press conference was near a crematorium and a sex emporium struggle4progress Oct 2023 #19
Yeah, but ... Hermit-The-Prog Oct 2023 #20
Hey, I'm just tryin to think of sumthin Giuli's good for, in a spirit of generosity and charity struggle4progress Oct 2023 #21
You nailed him, IMO! Hermit-The-Prog Oct 2023 #23
that photo of him lying on his back on the prostitute's bed waiting for um...ya know... CTyankee Oct 2023 #22
Literally came here to say this! Grown2Hate Oct 2023 #25
Ah shoot, forgot that scene......🤮 🤮 🤮 a kennedy Oct 2023 #29
forgot about the dildo shop...that pic of Rudy didn't help its business any... CTyankee Oct 2023 #30
Four Seasons Temporary Hair Dye Maru Kitteh Oct 2023 #24
A noun, a verb, and 9-11. GoCubsGo Oct 2023 #26
Butt-dialing... at least I think it was Rudy who did that. Talitha Oct 2023 #27
Drunk, runny hair dye, hand down pants, Sky Jewels Oct 2023 #28
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