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51. I worked for the Postal Service for almost 33 years in Employee & Labor Relations.
Sat Nov 17, 2012, 02:42 AM
Nov 2012

I was always on the ER side and the last half of my career I dealt with labor climate. During my years USPS had a pretty combative relationship between management and the unions. I dealt with both, and with employees as well.

As big as we were, our rolls were a reflection of the diverse population we served. I saw some slackards - they exist. But 95% of what I saw was hard working people trying to do a good job. I saw the unions be unreasonable sometimes and I saw management be unreasonable sometimes. But every day I thanked God for those labor contracts, because if we hadn't had them, some managers would have mopped the floors with those employees. The unions were the only line of defense even the best one had.

I have a lot of former coworkers on my Facebook, mostly from Labor Relations. One bozo who promoted up to a District Manager for Employee & Labor Relations makes derogatory remarks about unions all the time, even though all non-union managers made better pay because of those contracts (written into the law) and he himself made a better salary. He posted this a few days ago: "Of all the bad things unions have done in recent years (they were once necessary), leading Hostess to go bankrupt and quit making Twinkies tops the list! Look at all the folks who are now out of jobs. Way to go bakers union!" Things I've read recently indicate there's much more to the Hostess mess than greedy bakers and their union (which I won't go into here), but his line that blew me away was "...they were once necessary".

I think we need them more than ever. People died for the right to stand as one for fair wages and decent working conditions. Many in our corporatist state would love a workforce so desparate they wiill accept a Chinese payscale. Many authorities say Reagan slayed the unions when he fired the FAA employees. The assault continues. The GOP is well on its way to privatizing the Postal Service right now. With that blow they will eliminate almost 500,000 union members and get to profit by privatizing USPS as well. All the crap now about companies cutting hours or laying off or closing because of Obamacare? All to deny employee needs. The Walmart employees are being very brave - listen for the same kind of tune from Walmart - I'm betting it will come.

Oh, did I say I support unions? Mark me "YES"!

Fuck the TSA. Arctic Dave Nov 2012 #1
Exactly! arthritisR_US Nov 2012 #3
Actually, the big 3 CEO's avoided criticizing/blaming the union in 2008-2009 democrattotheend Nov 2012 #10
yeah, so much easier to feed talking points to the media. why did they get massive HiPointDem Nov 2012 #28
it's easy to be magnanimous when you've essentially won eom amborin Nov 2012 #62
Are you against government workers having collective bargaining rights? Hugabear Nov 2012 #25
Not against government employees workers collective bargaining, Arctic Dave Nov 2012 #48
The majority of members here support labor. A few freaks don't n/t leftstreet Nov 2012 #2
Unions are great, but the fact that a company that makes harmful products uses union labor... slackmaster Nov 2012 #4
Maybe the cops should carry Twinkies instead of pistols. Bake Nov 2012 #7
... leftstreet Nov 2012 #8
Now don't go pissing off the Police Union JustABozoOnThisBus Nov 2012 #13
We are talking about labor here. Not the actual product itself. Hugabear Nov 2012 #11
Actually it's a bit of both... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #35
So---you don't want weaponry produced? 'Cause if THAT ain't harmful, ain't NOTHIN' harmful. WinkyDink Nov 2012 #14
Weaponry has a multitude of uses, some harmful but many not harmful slackmaster Nov 2012 #30
In moderation, neither is particularly harmful Hippo_Tron Nov 2012 #52
And yet again, define 'Harmful'. The FDA disagrees with you. Ikonoklast Nov 2012 #18
The bottom line is that the owners of a privately-owned company decided to shut down and cash in slackmaster Nov 2012 #31
Your concern for the workers is touching Hugabear Nov 2012 #33
All of the sudden, there's a whole bunch of "concern," isn't there? n/t backscatter712 Nov 2012 #43
You ignore the Vulture Capitalism that deliberately destroyed an on-going concern. Ikonoklast Nov 2012 #37
You're in favor of Bain-style fraud. Got it. backscatter712 Nov 2012 #42
So what? Let people decide for themselves what to eat. backscatter712 Nov 2012 #40
Just FYI, but you work wherever you can find jobs, and these days jobs are not easy.... OldDem2012 Nov 2012 #55
Welcome to the DU labor wars. Robb Nov 2012 #5
i'm new here discharge Nov 2012 #6
As a society we've by and large forgotten what Labor has done for us. Barack_America Nov 2012 #49
I'm with the both of you. If Democrats won't support labor, who does? Where did I just hear We People Nov 2012 #50
I've heard FAR more people refer to Republicans as "elitists" as opposed to Democrats.... OldDem2012 Nov 2012 #56
K&R forestpath Nov 2012 #9
Organized labor is great for those fortunate enough to live near it... Comrade_McKenzie Nov 2012 #12
So I can safely put you in the 'dont give a shit about organized labor' category Hugabear Nov 2012 #15
I think poster was talking about unorganized labor leftstreet Nov 2012 #26
"Organized labor"? Like union members never had a struggle BEFORE there were unions? WinkyDink Nov 2012 #17
Please tell me who lobbies for raises in minimum pay standards and raises in this country Ikonoklast Nov 2012 #19
ROFLMAO. Brickbat Nov 2012 #23
Ah LadyHawkAZ Nov 2012 #27
The more unions get busted, the more people there are in that situation gollygee Nov 2012 #32
I don't understand why more people don't grasp that concept Hugabear Nov 2012 #34
And the converse is also true... 99Forever Nov 2012 #41
You just stated exactly why people form unions....for protection against business owners who.... OldDem2012 Nov 2012 #57
This message was self-deleted by its author discharge Nov 2012 #16
I think people have gotten lost in the product Arcanetrance Nov 2012 #20
Welcome to DU Hugabear Nov 2012 #24
Apparently it's much more important that people eat brown rice & cabbage than HiPointDem Nov 2012 #21
I do because it's my firm belief that.. ProfessionalLeftist Nov 2012 #22
I stand with the unions PD Turk Nov 2012 #29
Apparently not if it interferes with being a self-righteous, sanctimonious douche nozzle Bad_Ronald Nov 2012 #36
That's a huge problem Spike89 Nov 2012 #39
We do, but it can get frustrating Spike89 Nov 2012 #38
Labor Unions Were a Product of Industrialization mckara Nov 2012 #44
DU does tolerate a small number of very loud anti-union scabs. backscatter712 Nov 2012 #45
WE stand in SOLIDARITY with Organized LABOR... bvar22 Nov 2012 #46
I give a shit. RebelOne Nov 2012 #47
I worked for the Postal Service for almost 33 years in Employee & Labor Relations. summerschild Nov 2012 #51
AMEN! and YES! k8conant Nov 2012 #54
job creators want a revolving door Mothdust Nov 2012 #53
I guess my support does have some limits then brokechris Nov 2012 #58
Any more? NNN0LHI Nov 2012 #59
It depends on who you think "we" are. LWolf Nov 2012 #60
^^^^^THIS!^^^^^^ 99Forever Nov 2012 #63
The only union many here support is the teachers' union. Codeine Nov 2012 #61
Heart & soul upi402 Nov 2012 #64
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