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37. The flashing lets you know more then just if there's a reply
Fri Oct 20, 2023, 10:26 AM
Oct 2023

In settings, you can choose to be notified if there are new OPs in groups you subscribe to

the my stuff button flashes if you get a reply jcgoldie Oct 2023 #1
I sometimes miss that edhopper Oct 2023 #6
You can set it up in my settings to turn a solid yellow. WhiskeyGrinder Oct 2023 #9
Thanks edhopper Oct 2023 #10
Well you should have just *sensed* that's how it works Bucky Oct 2023 #28
a lot of "sensing" going on edhopper Oct 2023 #32
Close your eyes, Luke Bucky Oct 2023 #33
It changes color from blue to yellow. Hard to miss Kaleva Oct 2023 #36
I set it to change colors edhopper Oct 2023 #38
Great! Kaleva Oct 2023 #39
My Stuff flashes for all sorts of reasons tinrobot Oct 2023 #12
Even as we speak, MarineCombatEngineer Oct 2023 #13
See if my reply to tinrobot helps you. herding cats Oct 2023 #16
Go to your account settings in My Stuff herding cats Oct 2023 #14
There is no ''My Stuff notifications'' when in Skinner mode Donkees Oct 2023 #17
I've not really tried out Skinner Mode herding cats Oct 2023 #19
I am in Skinner mode edhopper Oct 2023 #25
I only have "General, Visual, Social Media Integration" Donkees Oct 2023 #27
There may be a new OP in one of the groups you subscribe to Kaleva Oct 2023 #40
Still, 2 clicks instead of one. The most common and annoying feature of DU4 question everything Oct 2023 #22
Mine doesn't flash claudette Oct 2023 #30
Mine has never stopped flashing. sybylla Oct 2023 #35
The flashing lets you know more then just if there's a reply Kaleva Oct 2023 #37
First of all Jilly_in_VA Oct 2023 #2
I don't think the post was requesting "help." Scottie Mom Oct 2023 #5
Exactly edhopper Oct 2023 #7
There might not be any changes, Earl G has already done a ton of work to get us this new version. Elessar Zappa Oct 2023 #41
you can switch to the 'badge' option, no more flashing but it still shows a wee 'new reply' icon when someone replies to you Celerity Oct 2023 #3
Yeah, I want YOUR POSTS in my header. stuck in the middle Oct 2023 #4
My Stuff Jilly_in_VA Oct 2023 #8
I posted a similar suggestion/request in Community Help Emrys Oct 2023 #11
You can switch back to Skinner mode/old interface. n/t CousinIT Oct 2023 #15
I'm afraid that setting doesn't address the issue ed and I raised. n/t Emrys Oct 2023 #18
I did edhopper Oct 2023 #20
That doesn't fix the menus. Renew Deal Oct 2023 #23
YES! Disaffected Oct 2023 #21
Just demands. Does anyone say "please'? 33taw Oct 2023 #24
There is nothing rude edhopper Oct 2023 #26
Put back MY POSTS is screaming in internet speak. How about simply saying 33taw Oct 2023 #29
I see edhopper Oct 2023 #31
how anybody could think adding in a bunch of menu diving would be an improvement is beyond me. Blues Heron Oct 2023 #34
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