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13. Thank you for the knowledge
Fri Oct 20, 2023, 12:48 PM
Oct 2023

I see religion forum topics arise in the Latest Discussions, and go there from time to time because I have interests.
I think I sometimes say stuff.
For me, it is an obvious (non-negate-able) truth that I was born seeking the one knowledge that is rarely given because too few ask.

It is obvious that we all as conscious-beings born in a body at a time and place and given a name and being taught of the world by family and wider circles (hopefully) are taught 'who we are'. But what if we are taught wrong?
As being I was born, prepackaged to seek the answer to one question only about the universe and all creation, the subject matter of the studies of all sciences and arts.

The questioner seeks the answer to the question of "Self" as though the self was some otherness that can be picked up from the earth, pulled off the shelf, studied, measured, objectified, etc like something separate from the very self doing the studying...
... To know the self requires an entirely different way of learning, a different means of knowledge.
The parents, family, friends, peers, teachers in our lives may have miss-informed-us about the true reality of our born-with, a-priori knowledge of our 'conscious-knowing-beingness' that exists before the name.

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Thank you for the knowledge sanatanadharma Oct 2023 #13
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