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4. This post was to show The end of Prejudice and Hate
Sat Nov 17, 2012, 11:53 PM
Nov 2012

We have given Congress a new Generation of diverse backgrounds. They will bring a whole new view of our world to us.

I agree that the Senate and House need change. Yes Grover needs to be put down.

However, I am stating here that this is a beginning for that. This has truly been an amazing election! The diversity of the members that we elected is truly amazing. Yes truly amazing!
Sorry I know I have repeated the word a lot...but it is.

Let's go for hope and change. That is beautiful right now.
Put a hold on some of your anger!

We all need to work together. We need to celebrate what we have accomplished for now ...then work on what we need to change!

One more for your LGBT group Panasonic Nov 2012 #1
First from Colorado? sweetloukillbot Nov 2012 #10
Yes, but was he opnely gay when he was first elected? Panasonic Nov 2012 #23
Interesting - I didn't know that... n/t sweetloukillbot Nov 2012 #24
Go Colorado! n/t sheshe2 Nov 2012 #14
He is not a newbie. I believe the OP list is the new members. Tx4obama Nov 2012 #21
Bleeding Red joseph abbott Nov 2012 #2
This post was to show The end of Prejudice and Hate sheshe2 Nov 2012 #4
That is a great photo! Change has come Nov 2012 #3
Yeah! Maggie Sanger Nov 2012 #5
My original post was to welcome this new person. I did not catch on right away what he was saying hrmjustin Nov 2012 #6
Post removed Post removed Nov 2012 #8
I am sorry? wow that took me a few moments to catch on to the bigotry there. Sorry I did not ... hrmjustin Nov 2012 #9
Don't sweat it, hrm - we're a better community when we're welcoming and petronius Nov 2012 #12
Thank you very much for your kind words. hrmjustin Nov 2012 #13
Welcome to DU LovingA2andMI Nov 2012 #11
Thanks for all these Diversity Stats, sheshe.. quite Cha Nov 2012 #7
Ami Bera is the first Hindu elected to Congress. Tulsi Gabbard was not born Hindu, her bluestate10 Nov 2012 #15
Dalip Singh Saund first Hindu elected to Congress...back in the 50's Brother Buzz Nov 2012 #26
K&R ReRe Nov 2012 #16
Ain't it Sweet! sheshe2 Nov 2012 #18
All we need to do now is add around 35 to this group in 2014! ReRe Nov 2012 #19
Born in the 1980s progressoid Nov 2012 #17
Thank You for posting this Special Prosciuto Nov 2012 #20
The Ami Bera race has been called. He won :) Tx4obama Nov 2012 #22
K and R bigwillq Nov 2012 #25
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