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20. Sagan had as profound an influence on my personal values as any priest or bishop in 18 years...
Thu Nov 9, 2023, 12:57 PM
Nov 2023

I was raised Catholic, and attended Sunday School during elementary school and in middle and high school was in actual Catholic schools - complete with compulsory mid-week Mass attendance. I was baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Church and raised with all that entails... By the time I had reached High School though, I knew that the basic tenets were all nonsense and contradictions of logic, facts and the antithesis of the scientific method. All of it. 1 god in 3 persons? Water into wine? Stars falling to Earth? Rotation of the planet suddenly stopped? Planetary flood and respawning of populations within decades instead of centuries or millennia?

I attained the age of reason (as Carlin once opined) and promptly left the church. It was the philosophical underpinning of Sagan's work and worldview that I found most compatible with my own and with reality as I observed it. I have been at peace with that decision for decades and have thoroughly marveled at just how prescient Sagan was in the book "Daemon Haunted World".

For anyone not versed in Sagan's work, I cannot recommend anything more than that work and "Pale Blue Dot" as jumping off points to an expansive and wonderous journey of understanding and feeling just how we can be simultaneously tiny beyond belief and precious beyond imagination!

Happy Sagan Day to all!!!

Today is Carl Sagan Day. [View all] ancianita Nov 2023 OP
Happy Carl Sagan Day !!! - My Favorite Quote: JackCoop Nov 2023 #1
Happy Carl Sagan Day! I have so many favorites, I'll just start with this one: ancianita Nov 2023 #2
Hail Sagan! Timeflyer Nov 2023 #3
An extraordinary man who left us too soon. Deuxcents Nov 2023 #4
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I suspect that a Qanon person would interpret that completely differently from us. progressoid Nov 2023 #6
Likely, until they come across the scientific reality that precision is not accuracy, and so not the 'whole' truth. ancianita Nov 2023 #8
yep doin' this all day ancianita Nov 2023 #7
'Contact ' is one of my favorite science fictions. triron Nov 2023 #9
I heard the book is waay better than the movie, which is all I know of 'Contact.' I've read a couple of his, so ancianita Nov 2023 #10
Wonderful story with a fabulous, unexpected end! CrispyQ Nov 2023 #18
Millions and Billions of rec's! usonian Nov 2023 #11
Yes, big number cosmic rec's are for Carl! ancianita Nov 2023 #12
Why today? Because it's Carl's birthday! jaxexpat Nov 2023 #13
Carl's law of conservation of birthdays ancianita Nov 2023 #14
A similarity of singularities? Neato concept. jaxexpat Nov 2023 #22
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This is the quote that stays with me. redqueen Nov 2023 #16
Mine, too. I have the book, and underlined this. Carl as scientist, had more ideas to ancianita Nov 2023 #17
He was a very large influence on my life. Mr. Evil Nov 2023 #19
Sagan had as profound an influence on my personal values as any priest or bishop in 18 years... Moostache Nov 2023 #20
And another thing ancianita Nov 2023 #21
Happy Birthday, Carl -- you'd love today's technology, and would make sure that humans control AI. ancianita Nov 2023 #23
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