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101. Unfortunately, yes - if it was a free and fair election
Fri Nov 24, 2023, 02:10 PM
Nov 2023

But I would seriously question what had happened to America.

(Actually, I do that now).

No samplegirl Nov 2023 #1
No. Goddessartist Nov 2023 #2
I don't know Bettie Nov 2023 #3
I can Polybius Nov 2023 #76
Apparently we have different definitions of "legitimate" brooklynite Nov 2023 #4
Irrelevant to you. But not irrelevant to many others. kentuck Nov 2023 #6
How others think is also irrelevant. brooklynite Nov 2023 #7
And that is OK with you? kentuck Nov 2023 #8
Whether its "OK" or not is equally irrelevant. brooklynite Nov 2023 #9
Like I said... kentuck Nov 2023 #10
It is an opinion and I chose to express another. brooklynite Nov 2023 #11
The point is that it could be a divisive and potentially violent election. kentuck Nov 2023 #19
I'm with brooklynite on this PJMcK Nov 2023 #20
It reminds me of the often quoted line.... kentuck Nov 2023 #24
Other than conventional political opposition, what would you suggest constitutes "taking a stand"? tritsofme Nov 2023 #67
Exactly. trump already promised to round up immigrants, pen them in camps.. brush Nov 2023 #114
Seriously? Ms. Toad Nov 2023 #144
your favorite reason for NJCher Nov 2023 #51
I've been here 20+ years and my opinions are frequently "unpopular"... brooklynite Nov 2023 #62
If Trump's elected, Schumer almost certainly won't be Majority Leader Polybius Nov 2023 #83
Some people have the resources to Bettie Nov 2023 #99
Clearly not a popular statement Patton French Nov 2023 #135
I prefer not to speculate over something that is not going to happen. Ferrets are Cool Nov 2023 #5
Assuming Trump can't get elected is dangerously naive. brooklynite Nov 2023 #12
Especially since there are so many independents running womanofthehills Nov 2023 #48
That's a precarious position PJMcK Nov 2023 #21
There's only about a third of 'Mericans who are stupid enough to vote for him again. Ferrets are Cool Nov 2023 #97
That's all he needs. mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2023 #107
I didn't accept him last time, yet there he was being President. BlueTsunami2018 Nov 2023 #13
The Republicans I know, can't stop talking about Obama to this day womanofthehills Nov 2023 #49
Some of them still fantasize that any day now Mariana Nov 2023 #125
NO way, Jose! ProudMNDemocrat Nov 2023 #14
Constitutionally, he would be the "legitimate" president. onenote Nov 2023 #15
Actually, Constitutionally he should not even be on a ballot according to the 14 Amendment... brush Nov 2023 #117
I didn't the first time. spanone Nov 2023 #16
If "The People" choose not to vote, vote third party or for Trump, of course he's the legitimate president. betsuni Nov 2023 #17
NO! Charging Triceratops Nov 2023 #18
Its not a fraud because it was approved by the Constitiutional Convention brooklynite Nov 2023 #79
What is the alternative? milestogo Nov 2023 #22
if he won a resounding victory including the popular vote LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #23
Of course if..fish..had..wings Nov 2023 #25
-- NJCher Nov 2023 #57
In the same way as Taylor Swift is a great classical musician. chouchou Nov 2023 #26
Hey, don't knock Taylor Swift. She's a staunch progressive, and incidentally one of the most powerful... brush Nov 2023 #118
Not knocking her. chouchou Nov 2023 #123
Totally agree. MorbidButterflyTat Nov 2023 #124
I'd prefer the gulag Ponietz Nov 2023 #27
I would have to question this Zambero Nov 2023 #28
Exactly! kentuck Nov 2023 #33
Yes, wannabe dictator trump has already promised retribution. That means us on the left. brush Nov 2023 #119
Only if he were to win a legitimate election tavernier Nov 2023 #29
I'm with you. As horrible as that would be, if the election was legitmate, I Raven Nov 2023 #35
What if he were to lose the popular vote again, but win the EC? Polybius Nov 2023 #86
Of course it would be legally legitimate. Kind of a strange question. tritsofme Nov 2023 #91
I agree with you Polybius Nov 2023 #94
I don't keep two sets of books. tritsofme Nov 2023 #109
No tavernier Nov 2023 #104
Not the 1st time EX500rider Nov 2023 #136
Actually, 5 times counting 1824 Polybius Nov 2023 #138
Were all those legitimate? EX500rider Nov 2023 #141
I agree Polybius Nov 2023 #147
What are the critiera to confer legitimacy? Shrek Nov 2023 #30
Perhaps an intact criminal justice system? Ponietz Nov 2023 #42
He won't win but no. He is an insurrectionists and plans to kill his enemies IHMO. Demsrule86 Nov 2023 #31
How is Biden going to win Michigan at this point? womanofthehills Nov 2023 #55
He can win it by being Not the Fascist Guy ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 2023 #98
Heck no Ritabert Nov 2023 #32
nope. Voltaire2 Nov 2023 #34
I was appalled that he was in the White House the first time and KPN Nov 2023 #36
No. Not if he is convicted of even one charge. lees1975 Nov 2023 #37
OH HELL NO. 🤬 🤬 🤬 a kennedy Nov 2023 #38
There is a lot of nasty things we would have to learn to accept. Chainfire Nov 2023 #39
OK, i hate that bastard, probably MORE than anyone here. Now, IF and i say IF again he's elected LEGITIMATELY, then bluestarone Nov 2023 #40
If he were duly elected, he would be the president we richly deserve. GreenEyedLefty Nov 2023 #41
Absolutely. The nation will get what it deserves. And it deserve way better than that... brush Nov 2023 #121
I didn't accept him as the legitimate president doc03 Nov 2023 #43
If Trump wins.. DemocratInPa Nov 2023 #44
Well, I wouldn't murder Capitol police, Aristus Nov 2023 #45
Not for any of the reasons you provided. Dan Nov 2023 #46
No, but I'll have a nice little house for sale in Illinois. sinkingfeeling Nov 2023 #47
I would seriously consider leaving the country Maeve Nov 2023 #50
LOL, is this some kind of trick question?? ZERO chance!! InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2023 #52
We cannot afford the opportunity to be president. LiberalFighter Nov 2023 #53
NEVER FelineOverlord Nov 2023 #54
It doesn't matter whether you accept him or not Army Brat Nov 2023 #56
Because there is nothing remotely Enoki33 Nov 2023 #58
I didn't in 2016 and I wouldn't in 2024. RobertDevereaux Nov 2023 #59
If wishes were horses, even beggars would ride. mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2023 #60
NO Rebl2 Nov 2023 #61
No! prairierose Nov 2023 #63
Hopefully that's a bridge I never have to cross. Progressive dog Nov 2023 #64
I didn't accept him last time and I would not accept him this time. totodeinhere Nov 2023 #65
And how did not accepting him last time impact your actions? onenote Nov 2023 #73
Why do there have to be specific actions if you simply do not recognize his presidency? kentuck Nov 2023 #78
If you don't "recognize" his presidency but obey the laws he signs and the decisions of his appointees onenote Nov 2023 #102
I would not recognize any of his actions as president as legitimate. kentuck Nov 2023 #108
So, if he signs a law, you will refuse to obey it? If a court hands down a decision, whether you agree or not, onenote Nov 2023 #111
I would not support anarchy... kentuck Nov 2023 #115
If he's duly elected, and there are not valid constitutional or statutory grounds for challenging his election onenote Nov 2023 #116
We should hope there would be constitutional and statutory tools available... kentuck Nov 2023 #120
I had zero respect for him claudette Nov 2023 #80
You should have less respect now. kentuck Nov 2023 #82
It did not affect my actions as much totodeinhere Nov 2023 #92
Yes and No nt GuppyGal Nov 2023 #66
I parrot North Shore Chicago Nov 2023 #68
NO! dmr Nov 2023 #69
Will not allow myself to even seriously ponder. Prairie_Seagull Nov 2023 #70
If your answer is no, I'm curious what that means to you. Would you support a coup? Our own J6? tritsofme Nov 2023 #71
How can a traitorous, indicted criminal defendant be "legitimate means"? kentuck Nov 2023 #74
Ok, so if the courts disagree with you on disqualification, and he manages to win tritsofme Nov 2023 #90
Then, I think the "coup" that started in 2021 would be complete. kentuck Nov 2023 #100
So you would not support a coup in 2025? Just making sure. tritsofme Nov 2023 #105
First of all, I do not think Democrats could organize a coup. kentuck Nov 2023 #110
What I am reading here, Bayard Nov 2023 #72
If "democracy is lost", then would that not make it illegitimate? kentuck Nov 2023 #75
I should have phrased it better Bayard Nov 2023 #126
No claudette Nov 2023 #77
Crazy situation: What if he's elected, and then the SC rules the 14th Amendment says he can't take office Polybius Nov 2023 #81
Trump's vice presidential running mate would become president. LudwigPastorius Nov 2023 #93
It's guesswork if it happens before the EC meets in December Polybius Nov 2023 #96
I guess your question was rhetorical then? LudwigPastorius Nov 2023 #112
I was asking opinions of what people think SHOULD happen in that event Polybius Nov 2023 #122
I would not accept the criminal insurrectionist as my president. brush Nov 2023 #84
The politics of "acceptance" is unhelpful. David__77 Nov 2023 #85
Absolutely not. BigDemVoter Nov 2023 #87
"legitimate", afraid not, but, as president, yes. republianmushroom Nov 2023 #88
If he wins, he's the lawful president according to the Constitution. LudwigPastorius Nov 2023 #89
Did I accept bush over Gore? Marthe48 Nov 2023 #95
Unfortunately, yes - if it was a free and fair election Poiuyt Nov 2023 #101
No, I would not accept him Kennah Nov 2023 #103
Hell no!! LW1977 Nov 2023 #106
NO. And the fact that he participated in an insurrection too, to overthrow or interrupt the doings of SWBTATTReg Nov 2023 #113
Being of a half glass full mindset Bludogdem Nov 2023 #127
I'm much more concerned about what happens if pigs begin to fly, that's much more likely than TFG redux. marble falls Nov 2023 #128
Well, he does Bludogdem Nov 2023 #129
No no no no ......a milliontimes no !!!!!!!!!!! Trueblue1968 Nov 2023 #130
No way. liberalla Nov 2023 #131
HELL no. B.See Nov 2023 #132
We need to crawl over glass and do whatever it takes ecstatic Nov 2023 #133
Yep. I'd be the loyal opposition, but would support the flag and the system gulliver Nov 2023 #134
Yes I'd accept it Arazi Nov 2023 #137
I need the questionably credible SCOTUS to interpret 14th Amendment Model35mech Nov 2023 #139
No i would not. ArnoldLayne Nov 2023 #140
No. roamer65 Nov 2023 #142
Yes because we don't have any choice. Kaleva Nov 2023 #143
NO AND HELL NO vapor2 Nov 2023 #145
No dai13sy Nov 2023 #146
no pfitz59 Nov 2023 #148
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