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16. This is so wise, both for you and for her. Life is long and a friend through thick and thin
Sun Nov 26, 2023, 07:44 PM
Nov 2023

is a rare blessing.

Thanksgiving Magat encounter [View all] cannabis_flower Nov 2023 OP
Sorry to hear this. multigraincracker Nov 2023 #1
It's not going away. We think in time, but people gravitate cachukis Nov 2023 #2
I would be concerned for Brenda's well-being, more than anything Hekate Nov 2023 #3
Guy's got anger management problems, probably best to avoid him altogether. Ocelot II Nov 2023 #4
Total over reaction MacKasey Nov 2023 #5
I'd avoid Brenda and Jake....like, forever. OAITW r.2.0 Nov 2023 #6
he lost his shit over the number of Palestinian's who are under 18? Takket Nov 2023 #7
If it were me. That would be the last time I saw any of them. onecaliberal Nov 2023 #8
Brenda's been my friend since 1984 cannabis_flower Nov 2023 #9
Have her to your place. And tell her you are MOMFUDSKI Nov 2023 #10
I thought so. A friend like that isn't replaceable. You might check in with her and ask if she's okay Hekate Nov 2023 #11
Best wishes that his verbal assault doesn't become physical. onecaliberal Nov 2023 #15
This is so wise, both for you and for her. Life is long and a friend through thick and thin enough Nov 2023 #16
I spent Thanksgiving by myself. I wasn't invited anywhere...... DemocraticPatriot Nov 2023 #12
What was the other son doing during all of this ? JI7 Nov 2023 #13
Well cannabis_flower Nov 2023 #17
John Oliver get it as usual Warpy Nov 2023 #14
Sounds about right Cherokee100 Nov 2023 #18
Jake is a 57 year old adult who lives with Gaugamela Nov 2023 #19
Two weeks ago?? Rhiannon12866 Nov 2023 #20
That John Oliver episode was the best explanation of the Israel Hamas war kimbutgar Nov 2023 #21
Is there some reason you are referring to Jake as a Magat? Ms. Toad Nov 2023 #22
This isn't the only thing cannabis_flower Nov 2023 #23
moving to another US state is much easier than treestar Nov 2023 #24
The only thing that surprised me about a loser living with his mother is that he was living upstairs dem4decades Nov 2023 #25
Sounds like you handled a raving lunatic as well as you could. underpants Nov 2023 #26
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