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Byebye George - see yah, [View all] malaise Nov 26 OP
Gawd I hope so, how was he even allowed to stay as long as he has??? a kennedy Nov 26 #1
He'll be gone faster than most malaise Nov 26 #3
McCarthy was protecting him since the GOP majority was so slim Warpy Nov 26 #10
I'd feel better if the earth just swallowed him up and he'd be out of our sight forever. Sadly, this type doesn't stay CTyankee Nov 26 #2
This type usually dies in some scandal malaise Nov 26 #4
That would be just desserts, as the saying goes. "Reaping the whirlwind." I welcome that thought. CTyankee Nov 26 #5
He's both crooked and insane malaise Nov 26 #6
I do too. It doesn't end well. CTyankee Nov 26 #8
That fake priestly collar malaise Nov 26 #12
Wow, I see this connection. OAITW r.2.0 Nov 26 #38
Nicely played malaise Nov 27 #47
He's pathetic. Think. Again. Nov 26 #7
Just about every era in America have had their share of hucksters and fraudsters and there were many scandals about CTyankee Nov 26 #11
I appreciate the 'ashamed'............ MyOwnPeace Nov 26 #23
Chapter 58: The Dipshit Era, 2009-20xx ArkansasDemocrat1 Nov 26 #34
1980- redqueen Nov 27 #57
What the hell BlueIdaho Nov 26 #9
Checking whether Donnie gives the thumbs up or the thumbs down? struggle4progress Nov 26 #43
Nostradumbass here EYESORE 9001 Nov 26 #13
He'll begone before this week isover malaise Nov 26 #14
He'll either be... 2naSalit Nov 26 #15
Don't rule out malaise Nov 26 #18
Oh, I haven't! 2naSalit Nov 26 #21
I'm going to be so disappointed if he doesn't attempt to fake his own death Maru Kitteh Nov 26 #45
Don't those... 2naSalit Nov 26 #46
Host enid602 Nov 26 #29
Evangelist enid602 Nov 26 #31
Isn't he due to return to his Seal Team? Kennah Nov 26 #16
ROFL malaise Nov 26 #19
If I had the right software... ShazzieB Nov 26 #27
If only for a turn with the flippers...n/t thenelm1 Nov 26 #40
Can he take TFG with him? MiniMe Nov 26 #17
Well Slobby is the bigger criminal malaise Nov 26 #20
How about a pie in the face... ya know... as a going away present IcyPeas Nov 26 #22
If only we could throw it malaise Nov 26 #25
Where IS EggBoi anyway? ArkansasDemocrat1 Nov 26 #36
Tar and feathers would be nice Blue Owl Nov 27 #59
How did the NY Dems edhopper Nov 26 #24
THIS malaise Nov 26 #26
Oh FFS ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 26 #30
And no ads edhopper Nov 26 #32
If you are seeing ads for a race you can't vote in, that's money wasted. W_HAMILTON Nov 27 #49
I see plenty of TV ads for other districts edhopper Nov 27 #50
Democrats and his Democratic opponent don't own the airwaves. W_HAMILTON Nov 27 #48
But they can buy ads edhopper Nov 27 #51
So sick of this guy and his corruption Catherine Vincent Nov 26 #28
His morals and ethics were just fine with his fellow republicans when they wanted his vote. keithbvadu2 Nov 26 #33
The Republicans should keep him. hadEnuf Nov 26 #35
Santos for Speaker of the House /s ArkansasDemocrat1 Nov 26 #37
He's going to really miss that sweet, sweet Congressional paycheck. OMGWTF Nov 26 #39
I blame the voters who elected him. OAITW r.2.0 Nov 26 #41
bingo dembotoz Nov 27 #56
"After you let me see your credit card info, your card is taking me shopping!" struggle4progress Nov 26 #42
This message was self-deleted by its author struggle4progress Nov 26 #44
Not holding my breath. george anthony devolder santos is niyad Nov 27 #52
Exhale now😀😀😀 malaise Dec 1 #62
I am truly amazed that any of the "r's" actually voted to expel him. One can niyad Dec 1 #63
The leadership voted to save themselves, George and and Slobby. malaise Dec 1 #64
Laying in a supply of bubbly. Blue Nun for you? niyad Dec 1 #65
That is correct malaise Dec 1 #66
Santos and Cawthorn should get together and go on a media speaking tour exposing GOP hypocrisy. Freethinker65 Nov 27 #53
I'd watch that stream over and over malaise Nov 27 #54
He said he was going to reveal other congressional Emile Nov 27 #55
Indeed malaise Nov 27 #58
One less anthropomorphic turd in the Republican caucus. n/t D23MIURG23 Nov 27 #60
Bump for tomorrow😀 malaise Nov 30 #61
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