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43. Mine ruptured when I was six. It took two surgeries to fix me and that was over 60 years ago!
Mon Nov 27, 2023, 06:31 PM
Nov 2023

I was given Last Rites by the parish priest because no one thought I was going to make it.

BTDT Jilly_in_VA Nov 2023 #1
Get well soon Stephen malaise Nov 2023 #2
I realized that getting your appendix removed is almost always as an emergency Marthe48 Nov 2023 #3
It was SOP for us to remove the appendix if the belly was opened anyway. During the four years I was a USAF scrub tech. usaf-vet Nov 2023 #17
Fascinating! ShazzieB Nov 2023 #27
had a ruptured appendix when I was 10. Died for a minute on the table in the OR but they revived me. ZonkerHarris Nov 2023 #28
Ah, memories Marthe48 Nov 2023 #37
Acute Abdomen... GB_RN Nov 2023 #39
I heard it was horribly painful Marthe48 Nov 2023 #41
Yeah... GB_RN Nov 2023 #55
Woah! Freaking scary! At least you could recognize the danger your mom was in years later. electric_blue68 Nov 2023 #42
Mine ruptured when I was six. It took two surgeries to fix me and that was over 60 years ago! OMGWTF Nov 2023 #43
Yep. colorado_ufo Nov 2023 #46
This message was self-deleted by its author usaf-vet Nov 2023 #20
You don't know me in person but Katcat Nov 2023 #22
I had a ruptured appendix when I was 49 . . . markpkessinger Nov 2023 #30
Happened to my brother when he was quite young malaise Nov 2023 #53
That's pretty serious isn't it? beaglelover Nov 2023 #4
Can be... 2naSalit Nov 2023 #7
Yes, it's serious, but... GoCubsGo Nov 2023 #8
Yes. Mine ruptured & I was in the hospital 5 days... Hekate Nov 2023 #32
Scary bucolic_frolic Nov 2023 #5
Oh my, here's hoping for a speedy recovery Stephen! FakeNoose Nov 2023 #6
So, guest hosts?? Or previously run episodes??? Anyone know??? a kennedy Nov 2023 #9
It will not be airing - nt Ohio Joe Nov 2023 #10
Glad he's better Bayard Nov 2023 #11
It is a shame they don't have someone sub for him. LiberalFighter Nov 2023 #12
Maybe they don't want to show that someone CAN substitute for him. Earth-shine Nov 2023 #18
Get well soon!!!! Talitha Nov 2023 #13
My husband's ruptured on his 12th birthday! colorado_ufo Nov 2023 #49
CBS cancelled the show? Wow! That was a shitty thing to do! Very bad timing. Oopsie Daisy Nov 2023 #14
It's just till he recovers - nt Ohio Joe Nov 2023 #19
Clickbait headlines, I guess. "Cancelled" has a very specific meaning and connotation. Why didn't they just say Oopsie Daisy Nov 2023 #38
Sounds like a suspension. Sneederbunk Nov 2023 #31
Kimmel! Suit up, you're in for Colbert. JohnnyRingo Nov 2023 #15
K&R for, "cancelled for THIS WEEK" UTUSN Nov 2023 #16
Canceled Doesn't Feel Right ProfessorGAC Nov 2023 #34
He recently had Letterman on as a guest. flvegan Nov 2023 #21
My appendix is sending good vibes his way. Nt spooky3 Nov 2023 #23
Get well soon. Truly a national treasure. 70sEraVet Nov 2023 #24
I had a ruptured appendix at the end of March of this year, a month shy... 3catwoman3 Nov 2023 #25
My mom almost died. She had no pain. She was diagnosed with internal bleeding based on her labs. LeftInTX Nov 2023 #40
Had a perforated appendix last year... Happy Hoosier Nov 2023 #26
I'll wish him a speedy recovery. I think of Colbert, Fallon, Kimmel, and Meyers as part of our arsenal of truth and..... MMBeilis Nov 2023 #29
I read that as the entire show was canceled... JanMichael Nov 2023 #33
Get well soon, Stephen!! TSExile Nov 2023 #35
Poor guy was cold! vanlassie Nov 2023 #44
He probably was!! TSExile Nov 2023 #45
eek. i know what that is like . mine blew and then abscesed because the prior doctor left a spunge in me . AllaN01Bear Nov 2023 #36
canceled or suspended? barbtries Nov 2023 #47
Mine went south on me about 45 years ago ironflange Nov 2023 #48
Read about this story on another site. . . Collimator Nov 2023 #50
We had tickets for next week. Mz Pip Nov 2023 #51
Very poorly worded headline! Initech Nov 2023 #52
Does this mean the show is cancelled permanently... brush Nov 2023 #54
Locking, showbiz posts are restricted in the GD forum. Lasher Nov 2023 #56
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