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I picked up some tourniquets on Amazon to keep in my glove box. milestogo Nov 28 #1
What a great idea to have those handy. Nevilledog Nov 28 #2
I saw a movie where the parents lost a son milestogo Nov 28 #8
Just as an FYI, for a femoral artery you want to apply direct, HARD pressure Maru Kitteh Nov 28 #19
Thanks. milestogo Nov 28 #22
Basically you're screwed if you're not near a competent ER dalton99a Nov 28 #3
JFC. That firearm death rate... Sky Jewels Nov 28 #14
Suicides are a large art of that number, probably. nt yagotme Nov 28 #21
Nearly two-thirds. Act_of_Reparation Nov 28 #29
I encourage everyone I know to take a Stop The Bleed course. WhiskeyGrinder Nov 28 #4
I have my recent certificate printed out. Nt xmas74 Nov 28 #6
Good to know in case of a fascist take over and they roll out the Insurrection Act and open fire Hotler Nov 28 #32
Most people don't have training on trauma injuries sakabatou Nov 28 #5
The most dangerous is an arterial bleed. When arteries are cut they bleed out quickly. flying_wahini Nov 28 #7
A surgeon I worked with told me milestogo Nov 28 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author Oneironaut Nov 28 #23
I'm alive today only because I was able to use my belt as a tourniquet on my arm while awaiting paramedics arrival. pecosbob Nov 28 #10
Damn! Straw Man Nov 28 #11
I was just some dumb-ass too old to be climbing around on rooftops pecosbob Nov 28 #12
I am on thinners and had to get myself the following to prevent a bleedout and bought it for relatives too. TheBlackAdder Nov 28 #13
Thanks, gonna order some right now. Elessar Zappa Nov 28 #15
On Eliquis...thanks for this... bahboo Nov 28 #16
I got a 5-inch laceration on my shin 1/2 inch deep, opening to 1/2 inch wide. Blood poured out, not dripped. TheBlackAdder Nov 28 #20
Pretty Sad State Of Affairs ProfessorGAC Nov 28 #17
Blood is a very tricky thing. tavernier Nov 28 #24
Sure, That Makes Sense ProfessorGAC Nov 28 #25
Plasma has the same rules. tavernier Nov 28 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author ProfessorGAC Nov 28 #18
An average human body has 4-1/2 to 6 quarts of blood. no_hypocrisy Nov 28 #26
i cut myself with a kitchen knife . i am elloquis . first the cut was not very deep. second i went into full emergency AllaN01Bear Nov 28 #27
This does not surprise me AllaBear. I had Polly Hennessey Nov 28 #28
some times . wome time not. AllaN01Bear Nov 28 #30
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