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21. dickwad already has screwed the pooch. He's ruined what it means to compromise, to join w/ other members of
Wed Nov 29, 2023, 02:25 AM
Nov 29

Congress to create good new laws out of Congress, and he's confirmed the long-running rule of 'Me, me, me!'. It's all about him, him, him. He's pathetic and he's ruined his reputation. I look at him now, and I don't think basketball, I think 'tubby, tubby, tubby in a bathtub', in other words, he's a joke. Now in the future, when he wants to act on truly something serious, he's not going to be viewed that way, he's going to viewed as a big joke, which, IMHO, he is.

I wonder about his stupid comment about prior approvals by the Congress in approvals of promotions, and how they were enacted before his stupid hold/actions in holding up promotions. Considering that it wasn't a big deal before, until he made it an idiotic reason for an issue (aren't there lots of ongoing issues?), what happens when a truly serious issue happens in the future?

Good God, what happens if we really have a serious issue in the future, and someone like him is there? Congress, and America can't afford such a distraction, such a method to hold up critical bills.

I also wonder if he's going to apologize to these people who's been in limbo land waiting for their promotions, and if whether he's going to pay them the difference in pay that he alone, owns them? He should. I hope that my Congressperson sponsors a resolution that he alone, tubby, will pay all of these people their pay difference? To be honest, I hope that all of these people jointly sue him. Sure, being a member of Congress probably will absolve him but still, they need to send this POS a message.

Interesting, Schumer's temporary rules change resolution must have enough Republican votes to pass tritsofme Nov 28 #1
He concedes it's a mess gratuitous Nov 28 #2
The Freshmen Senator BOSSHOG Nov 28 #5
I really hope Alabama gives him the heave ho he deserves. Initech Nov 29 #18
Coincidently enough, we all agree little Tommy Tuberville is a mess. marble falls Nov 29 #22
Just another stalling tactic? RockRaven Nov 28 #3
There should be some kind of rule change anyway. Deuxcents Nov 28 #4
I agree, Schumer should go ahead with the temporary rules change anyway. patphil Nov 28 #14
If Tuberville actually backs down, it's unlikely Schumer would have the votes to push the change. tritsofme Nov 29 #25
Only one way to find out, isn't there. patphil Nov 29 #26
Exactly! Silent3 Nov 29 #20
Must've smelled the melting tar and caught a glimpse of other senators plucking chickens Attilatheblond Nov 28 #6
Must've been the... 2naSalit Nov 28 #7
I'll believe it when I see it. calimary Nov 28 #8
How Can We? ProfessorGAC Nov 29 #27
I'll believe it when it happens relayerbob Nov 28 #9
He thanks them for their service. B.See Nov 28 #10
To hell with that anti American tub of grits mixed with shit Warpy Nov 28 #11
He's a Republican. He's a liar. AllyCat Nov 28 #12
Hummmmm. peggysue2 Nov 28 #13
What about the other malicious obstructionists? JoseBalow Nov 28 #15
Fuck him. Change the rules NOW so this never happens again! SunSeeker Nov 28 #16
It must have been the Kochs giving money to Haley Turbineguy Nov 29 #17
Of course he did. Idiot, that ship has sailed and you're not the captain. littlemissmartypants Nov 29 #19
dickwad already has screwed the pooch. He's ruined what it means to compromise, to join w/ other members of SWBTATTReg Nov 29 #21
I heard he has also promised to stop kicking children and small puppies when their parents weren't around DFW Nov 29 #23
He's trying to act like a sane person. slightlv Nov 29 #24
It appears that Tuberville may be feeling the heat due to his stupid stunt LetMyPeopleVote Nov 29 #28
Just change the rule. herding cats Nov 29 #29
Kick and oasis Nov 29 #30
"I'm going to get you out of this mess"? What an A-hole elias7 Nov 29 #31
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