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Warning! [View all] H2O Man Nov 28 OP
If he is losing weight (and I can't say I've seen any evidence), I'd bet money it is due to one of the following: hlthe2b Nov 28 #1
He looks the same H2O Man Nov 28 #3
He looks pretty much the same to me too PatSeg Nov 28 #21
Looks to me he lost a few pounds. Not a lot, but enough to notice Bernardo de La Paz Nov 28 #61
Yes, that does make sense PatSeg Nov 28 #64
Hah. But I thought he was 210 and all muscle Easterncedar Nov 28 #57
Well he is! H2O Man Nov 28 #59
Schrodinger's fat Easterncedar Nov 28 #69
Well done! H2O Man Nov 28 #72
You win the comment section today Ray Bruns Nov 29 #82
Thanks Easterncedar Nov 30 #89
So, he's down to 190 now? And he's still 6'3"? sop Nov 28 #62
That begs the question: H2O Man Nov 28 #73
That's why he has to be careful going down ramps Conjuay Nov 29 #83
Jr provids the coke. Traildogbob Nov 28 #19
Many physicians will give any rich person anything they want, they simply Maru Kitteh Nov 28 #41
You have no idea how well aware I am of this behavior... hlthe2b Nov 28 #44
Same. It's infuriating, no? Maru Kitteh Nov 28 #53
Yup... hlthe2b Nov 28 #55
Meh. No one turns to Trump or his campaign for nuggets of truth. NCIndie Nov 28 #2
The person H2O Man Nov 28 #4
Ha ha. Solomon Nov 28 #8
Exercise?? Bundbuster Nov 28 #5
Yes. H2O Man Nov 28 #10
And all that "beautiful" chocolate cake! PatSeg Nov 28 #23
Best cake ever made, H2O Man Nov 28 #24
Ha, ha, ha! PatSeg Nov 28 #26
I hope Minny (Octavia Spencer) bakes those cakes for him.🤣 sheshe2 Nov 28 #30
Perfect! H2O Man Nov 28 #32
"I hope Minny (Octavia Spencer) bakes those cakes for him." Talitha Nov 28 #70
... sheshe2 Nov 29 #88
I would have detected even a half a teaspoon in any baked good. Frasier Balzov Nov 29 #77
THIS malaise Nov 28 #20
Oooozempic mahina Nov 28 #6
Lots of people H2O Man Nov 28 #13
ROFL malaise Nov 28 #22
Trump's embalming fluid dependency is a widely known fact, jaxexpat Nov 28 #27
Little correction...I missed it at first... MiHale Nov 28 #33
Well done! H2O Man Nov 28 #35
They said, "Sir" mahina Nov 28 #68
Millions sang H2O Man Nov 28 #74
Check out this pic of him shuffling while Jr. keeps him from toppling. CrispyQ Nov 28 #7
that bulge in his diaper.... mopinko Nov 28 #12
I knew that H2O Man Nov 28 #15
lol. mopinko Nov 28 #16
Yikes! H2O Man Nov 28 #14
Right? It's an image the MSM won't show the nation. CrispyQ Nov 28 #25
Outstanding! H2O Man Nov 28 #38
hes in better shape than most ppl. any one who can ride bike any distand is a beast. i dare t,,, to ride a bike AllaN01Bear Nov 28 #43
Says it all. Pass it on, people. Joinfortmill Nov 29 #79
Bulge in rear hooked up directly to mouth... MiHale Nov 28 #34
That's stunning. Also: do I see Jr's hair thinning in the same areas as his old man's? Maru Kitteh Nov 28 #46
Maybe it's liposuction. greatauntoftriplets Nov 28 #9
It could be. H2O Man Nov 28 #17
He lost 20 lbs Give Peace A Chance Nov 28 #11
Perhaps he went H2O Man Nov 28 #18
You are on a roll!😂 sheshe2 Nov 28 #37
It struck me H2O Man Nov 28 #39
If he lost 20 lbs, it's only because he finally put on a clean diaper. KS Toronado Nov 28 #28
The defendent claims H2O Man Nov 28 #42
Thought that title belonged to Randy Marsh of South Park Colo.? KS Toronado Nov 28 #75
Reality doesn't matter. H2O Man Nov 28 #76
He's probably living on uppers and adderall. ananda Nov 28 #29
Now, you've raised H2O Man Nov 28 #45
he snorts his adderal before debates and speeches...that's all that sniffing he does prodigitalson Nov 28 #60
He's also dimly understanding that the criminal justice system has different rules Warpy Nov 28 #31
Rural, upstate NY here. H2O Man Nov 28 #47
That's a pay per view that would have made someone obscenely rich Warpy Nov 28 #54
It's not too late! H2O Man Nov 28 #58
A man who claims to be 6'3" and 215 pounds? Lost 20 pounds? Simeon Salus Nov 28 #36
Yes, it is possible. H2O Man Nov 28 #48
here i go again, snork. AllaN01Bear Nov 28 #40
When I heard H2O Man Nov 28 #51
im glad i aint the only one , ive been saying that a lot on this board a lot. lol. if the shoe fits wear it. AllaN01Bear Nov 28 #63
He's now using two grown men to tighten his girdle..... KY_EnviroGuy Nov 28 #49
Huge men, they are. H2O Man Nov 28 #52
I personally think he is a stress EATER Bristlecone Nov 28 #50
Okay. H2O Man Nov 28 #56
I would rather see him on my 600 lb lies. SouthernDem4ever Nov 28 #65
The defendent H2O Man Nov 28 #66
Is it a sin to wish weight loss was due to something serious? Saoirse9 Nov 28 #67
No. H2O Man Nov 28 #71
I wouldn't want that. Wednesdays Nov 29 #86
Well Kevin McCarthy said Trump wasn't eating livetohike Nov 29 #78
Nothing is genuine about the man. If he looks like he's lost any weight it's either Vinca Nov 29 #80
As was mentioned above, Wednesdays Nov 29 #87
Made me laugh. plimsoll Nov 29 #81
We should all buy him sellitman Nov 29 #84
Wow, down to a lean 195 lbs?? ECL213 Nov 29 #85
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