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DISGUSTING mahina Nov 30 #1
Agreed Rebl2 Nov 30 #11
I hope bdamomma Dec 1 #55
Hasan, who will remain with the network as an on-camera analyst and fill-in host, elleng Nov 30 #2
"while host Alex Witt moondust Nov 30 #3
Alex Witt montanacowboy Nov 30 #5
Don't really care Rebl2 Nov 30 #12
And Andrea Mitchell Ghost of Tom Joad Dec 1 #62
Too Bad montanacowboy Nov 30 #4
Right there with you. MorbidButterflyTat Dec 1 #63
And Apparently, One Of Hasan's Producers Too MatterN Nov 30 #6
Exhibit #1 MatterN Nov 30 #13
Exhibit #2 MatterN Nov 30 #15
Progressive Change Campaign Committee Petition Here: MatterN Nov 30 #17
Done! burrowowl Nov 30 #35
Done bdamomma Dec 1 #56
Exhibit #4 MatterN Nov 30 #31
Both will still guest host RussBLib Nov 30 #7
They should keep unpopular low rated shows on the air because....reasons. tritsofme Nov 30 #8
because they are a non-profit organization who like musk doesn't need advertisers for his X platform JohnSJ Nov 30 #10
Mehdi Hasan in my view is a jerk, from his earlier homophobic views, which he subsequently apologized JohnSJ Nov 30 #9
Meh was Sure As Shit WRONG About This freaking INSULT.. Cha Nov 30 #14
Touch. Thanks Cha JohnSJ Nov 30 #18
Agreed! ShazzieB Nov 30 #23
Thank you for this little dose of reality Hekate Nov 30 #27
I can't stand him, and I'm not a bit surprised that he's a ratings failure. nt Tarheel_Dem Dec 1 #41
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 1 #45
Am I defending Joy Reid? I am not, and I am not a fan of her either. JohnSJ Dec 1 #46
Hasan had 13,000 viewers in the 18-49 demo last week Sympthsical Nov 30 #16
How were their ratings? bullimiami Nov 30 #36
I wish I could say he is someone I will miss SouthernDem4ever Nov 30 #19
Isn't he being replaced by another Muslim POC ? JI7 Nov 30 #20
That's how I read it. Ayman, another Muslim, will be taking over Hasan's spot, and therefore pnwmom Nov 30 #30
Yawn. It's business... and ratings. Oopsie Daisy Nov 30 #21
You left out this part: Ayman "Mohyeldin will take over Hasan's evening slot to expand to a two-hour show." nt pnwmom Nov 30 #22
Trump has really scared NBC quite. Getting ready for fascism. flashman13 Nov 30 #24
That's not what's going on Hekate Nov 30 #29
I thought Yasmin was Armenian. Even so -- the stations are always doing "program shakeups" Hekate Nov 30 #25
So did I but just based on the last name JI7 Nov 30 #26
Not a good look. Yasmin Vossoughian could be a Muslim too. brush Nov 30 #28
I think bdamomma Dec 1 #47
Another poster indicated she's Iranian-American. brush Dec 1 #50
IRANIAN - AMERICAN Fla Dem Dec 1 #57
Horrible! Goddessartist Nov 30 #32
Sucks bdamomma Dec 1 #48
Yep. Goddessartist Dec 1 #49
I wonder what happens to Yasmin 🤔 she's the one I like. 🙁 nt Raine Nov 30 #33
Meh hates Pres Biden.. I'm glad his shows got Cancelled & b/c RATINGS. Cha Nov 30 #34
I hope they also get rid of that awful Chris Hayes. (Hayes *and* Hasan pushed/promoted the Tara Reade story.) Oopsie Daisy Dec 1 #42
We're on the same Page.. TY!! Yes Rec Cha Dec 1 #52
We're on he same page.. Rec Yes! Cha Dec 1 #54
That was such a blatantly obvious MorbidButterflyTat Dec 1 #64
hasan's rating have been plunging moonshinegnomie Nov 30 #37
This is their MO. If it weren't for Rachel, LO, Joy, and Nicolle ecstatic Nov 30 #38
Good riddance to Hasan. Anti-Black and Anti-Jewish. Bye. nt LexVegas Nov 30 #39
What, why wendyb-NC Nov 30 #40
Was this appearance on the Daily Show the nail in the coffin? MichaelSoE Dec 1 #43
Have to admit I never saw either of them Jersey Devil Dec 1 #44
KO slams MSNBC colleagues today.. Sneederbunk Dec 1 #51
Really? Which ones? Oopsie Daisy Dec 1 #53
Chris, Rachel, Lawrence Sneederbunk Dec 1 #58
Interesting. I thought he had moved-on from the bitterness and butt-hurt. Oopsie Daisy Dec 1 #59
Listen to podcast. Sneederbunk Dec 1 #60
If there's a transcript, I'll read it. But he's difficult to listen to for very long. Oopsie Daisy Dec 1 #61
I liked Mehdi's show. TSExile Dec 1 #65
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