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25. Oh yeah!!!!!
Fri Dec 1, 2023, 02:55 PM
Dec 2023

I was amazed that he could even show his face in public, let alone be out there 'defending his actions' and casting judgment on those opposing him. He was amazing at being able to cast lies on top of lies - and keep a straight (sic!) face!

George Santos has been expelled [View all] DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2023 OP
Is this The Onion? gab13by13 Dec 2023 #1
Nope, watching it live on C-Span right now, Sal_NV Dec 2023 #3
This is me doing my happy dance. Sal_NV Dec 2023 #2
I'm not sure which way I should go. LiberalFighter Dec 2023 #4
one less degenerate asshole vlyons Dec 2023 #5
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2023 #33
Maybe we can pick up that seat. Kingofalldems Dec 2023 #6
It is a district that Biden won by 6 points gab13by13 Dec 2023 #12
Good, although ismnotwasm Dec 2023 #7
GOOD!! TSExile Dec 2023 #8
Indeed! MyOwnPeace Dec 2023 #23
Excellent. One down, about 215 to go. sinkingfeeling Dec 2023 #9
+10 for having the same thought as I. Wonder Why Dec 2023 #18
Couldn't happen bluescribbler Dec 2023 #10
Only the very best people congregate under the banner of the ReThug Party. magicarpet Dec 2023 #11
Good bdamomma Dec 2023 #13
I wonder how soon they will post the results online so we can see who voted Nay? LiberalFighter Dec 2023 #14
It seems obvious he's a criminal MorbidButterflyTat Dec 2023 #15
Oh yeah!!!!! MyOwnPeace Dec 2023 #25
Given the scale of cruelty, corruption and venality in that party maxsolomon Dec 2023 #16
Yeah, but he used to dress in drag and they needed a different show, for now. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2023 #27
Santos told reporters "Why would I want to stay here?" Then he added "To hell with this place." sop Dec 2023 #17
That Quote Makes It Sound ... ProfessorGAC Dec 2023 #32
Good! Buh-Byeeee! electric_blue68 Dec 2023 #19
IOW BumRushDaShow Dec 2023 #20
😄👍 electric_blue68 Dec 2023 #21
RIP George Santos Demnh2fl Dec 2023 #22
Well, I'm a bit shocked. Oneironaut Dec 2023 #24
Nope.... Think. Again. Dec 2023 #29
All 4 top House GOP leaders voted to keep Santos in Congress dalton99a Dec 2023 #26
More surprised that a couple of Democrats also voted against expulsion onenote Dec 2023 #30
FINALY! Blue Owl Dec 2023 #28
He's been expelled from the Congressional Colon like the Piece of Shit he is GuppyGal Dec 2023 #31
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