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Well surposedly he's got the good on the GQP's in the house at least............... Lovie777 Dec 1 #1
"like the one in the wheel chair." FDR? Greg Abbott? NCIndie Dec 1 #6
Cawthorn cbabe Dec 1 #10
Thanks. The name helped. NCIndie Dec 1 #13
Hope they have a termination checklist dalton99a Dec 1 #2
That sounds ominous. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 1 #3
So what happens to his staff? getagrip_already Dec 1 #4
They would be better off if they Mr.Bill Dec 1 #15
*snort* TwilightZone Dec 1 #21
the continue in their jobs until the special election moonshinegnomie Dec 1 #22
Hope he got all his pricey shit out before he left. flying_wahini Dec 1 #5
Who gets in to pack up his 'personal' stuff? sinkingfeeling Dec 1 #7
My first thought too no_hypocrisy Dec 1 #18
George, we hardly knew ye. Sneederbunk Dec 1 #8
.. and just about everything we knew (that you told us) was a lie. NCIndie Dec 1 #14
Let's hope he wasn't on any important committees or knew any state secrets lindysalsagal Dec 1 #9
It should be pretty easy for them Mr.Bill Dec 1 #17
You Said It ProfessorGAC Dec 1 #25
He'll have to have security to monitor his packing up. Solly Mack Dec 1 #11
Who gets the prop baby he was carrying around? Emile Dec 1 #12
Seriously, I laughed out loud Hekate Dec 1 #16
A picture of George is sitting on the desk (to the left). Hope they don't forget to pick it up..LOL. SheilaAnn Dec 1 #19
That's not fair. He didn't even have time to get his disguises out of his bottom desk drawer. Raven Dec 1 #20
He'll have a new office.... SergeStorms Dec 1 #23
Ooooooh! "His Assholiness"!!! calimary Dec 1 #27
I swiped it from someone else. SergeStorms Dec 2 #31
So true, he'll be rewarded in another Trump administration. OAITW r.2.0 Dec 1 #29
We can only hope.... SergeStorms Dec 2 #32
All bets are off Serge OAITW r.2.0 Dec 2 #33
They only changed it because he stole the key! Wonder Why Dec 1 #24
id love to see that on bobo and space laser greenes door ppppplease . AllaN01Bear Dec 1 #26
I'll bet all of his own legal work in Congress, could fit in a shoebox. OAITW r.2.0 Dec 1 #28
Need to fumigate his office too while they're at it, changing his locks, etc. SWBTATTReg Dec 1 #30
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