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22. the continue in their jobs until the special election
Fri Dec 1, 2023, 05:26 PM
Dec 2023

teh house clerk will run his office until then according to house rules

from NBC news

While Santos must now pack up his belongings, his congressional staff will continue working. According to House rules, the House clerk is responsible for supervising the staff and managing the office of any member who dies or resigns or is expelled until a successor is elected.

The clerk, Kevin McCumber, will have the authority to hire and fire staff members for the office with approval from the House Administration Committee.

Well surposedly he's got the good on the GQP's in the house at least............... Lovie777 Dec 2023 #1
"like the one in the wheel chair." FDR? Greg Abbott? NCIndie Dec 2023 #6
Cawthorn cbabe Dec 2023 #10
Thanks. The name helped. NCIndie Dec 2023 #13
Hope they have a termination checklist dalton99a Dec 2023 #2
That sounds ominous. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2023 #3
So what happens to his staff? getagrip_already Dec 2023 #4
They would be better off if they Mr.Bill Dec 2023 #15
*snort* TwilightZone Dec 2023 #21
the continue in their jobs until the special election moonshinegnomie Dec 2023 #22
Hope he got all his pricey shit out before he left. flying_wahini Dec 2023 #5
Who gets in to pack up his 'personal' stuff? sinkingfeeling Dec 2023 #7
My first thought too no_hypocrisy Dec 2023 #18
George, we hardly knew ye. Sneederbunk Dec 2023 #8
.. and just about everything we knew (that you told us) was a lie. NCIndie Dec 2023 #14
Let's hope he wasn't on any important committees or knew any state secrets lindysalsagal Dec 2023 #9
It should be pretty easy for them Mr.Bill Dec 2023 #17
You Said It ProfessorGAC Dec 2023 #25
He'll have to have security to monitor his packing up. Solly Mack Dec 2023 #11
Who gets the prop baby he was carrying around? Emile Dec 2023 #12
Seriously, I laughed out loud Hekate Dec 2023 #16
A picture of George is sitting on the desk (to the left). Hope they don't forget to pick it up..LOL. SheilaAnn Dec 2023 #19
That's not fair. He didn't even have time to get his disguises out of his bottom desk drawer. Raven Dec 2023 #20
He'll have a new office.... SergeStorms Dec 2023 #23
Ooooooh! "His Assholiness"!!! calimary Dec 2023 #27
I swiped it from someone else. SergeStorms Dec 2023 #31
So true, he'll be rewarded in another Trump administration. OAITW r.2.0 Dec 2023 #29
We can only hope.... SergeStorms Dec 2023 #32
All bets are off Serge OAITW r.2.0 Dec 2023 #33
They only changed it because he stole the key! Wonder Why Dec 2023 #24
id love to see that on bobo and space laser greenes door ppppplease . AllaN01Bear Dec 2023 #26
I'll bet all of his own legal work in Congress, could fit in a shoebox. OAITW r.2.0 Dec 2023 #28
Need to fumigate his office too while they're at it, changing his locks, etc. SWBTATTReg Dec 2023 #30
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