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Amen to that observation! Zambero Dec 3 #1
Probably one of these guys KS Toronado Dec 3 #5
Or, as I like to call him.... ShazzieB Dec 3 #34
If I were to guess Ohioboy Dec 3 #26
And a "very stable genius"..... lastlib Dec 3 #29
More important is that he doesn't think we should nuke hurricanes. Historic NY Dec 3 #2
Or put bleach, or light, up our butts COL Mustard Dec 3 #13
...or that you need ID to buy cereal, or... LudwigPastorius Dec 3 #15
Love they put that on a sign! liberalla Dec 3 #25
K&R For General Milley. The media continues to fail this country on a daily, hourly basis. chia Dec 3 #3
Thank you Gen. Milly. Butterflylady Dec 3 #4
does this mean a retired milley is gonna step up? mopinko Dec 3 #6
Maga people won't Rebl2 Dec 3 #11
Right. They post doctored pics as if he were trans female Bernardo de La Paz Dec 3 #16
well, we shall see. but a whole lot of magats served, and rly getting the dirt about how he behaved, mopinko Dec 3 #17
Since MSM will ignore Milley's thoughts KS Toronado Dec 3 #7
Excellent idea! nt redqueen Dec 3 #9
Saved the constitution and the country from the traitor and give kudos to our President...thank you sir!! PortTack Dec 3 #8
I hope that it will be used in the campaign. question everything Dec 3 #10
He is in calling out Trump. twodogsbarking Dec 3 #12
Link? littlemissmartypants Dec 3 #14
Here's the original source. pnwmom Dec 3 #18
Thank you. ❤️ littlemissmartypants Dec 3 #19
KnR Hekate Dec 3 #20
Bravo for the Truth! Bayard Dec 3 #21
Trump is old, too. zanana1 Dec 3 #22
Biden just turned 81 so that makes the 77-year-old trump about 3.5 years younger... brush Dec 3 #28
RNC has already pulled out of 2024 debates. lastlib Dec 3 #30
And, By Simple Math... ProfessorGAC Dec 3 #33
KICK TeamProg Dec 3 #23
Thank you, sir! calimary Dec 3 #24
See, this is just it. gulliver Dec 3 #27
kick this bagimin Dec 3 #31
Pleased to be the 200th rec. SleeplessinSoCal Dec 3 #32
One of the several reasons Drumpf wants him executed. UTUSN Dec 3 #35
General Milley is telling the Truth and Wants Democracy.. Cha Dec 3 #36
Military Leaders BOSSHOG Dec 3 #37
K&R ffr Dec 3 #38
Gen. Mark Milley making sense and telling the truth. liberalla Feb 8 #39
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