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10. I'm worried by the time I retire there will
Sun Dec 3, 2023, 02:25 PM
Dec 3

Be no plan G or F and Medicare will be privatized.

The greed is so sick

I’m 58

I feel so bad for everyone who got scammed 😢

I stick with the Medicare supplement and have never had a problem. flying_wahini Dec 3 #1
Which company do you use for the supplemental? Evolve Dammit Dec 3 #22
Supplements must be the same within their category across the board yellowdogintexas Dec 3 #2
Thank you!!!!!!!!!! chillfactor Dec 3 #6
I too avoid all Medicare Advantage programs MiniMe Dec 3 #3
You can switch back at huge costs IbogaProject Dec 3 #18
It's not worth it to me. MiniMe Dec 3 #20
You MAY be able to switch back - but in most states there is no guaranteed issue - Ms. Toad Dec 3 #35
I was more covering the negatives IbogaProject Dec 3 #38
The Medicare Advantage Trap: keithbvadu2 Dec 3 #53
I was told I could switch once. I have an Advantage Plan and it has a max out-of-pocket of 3400. I do Evolve Dammit Dec 3 #24
Check Humana. Haggard Celine Dec 3 #29
I had Humana at one point. chillfactor Dec 3 #32
I've had them for several years and I've Haggard Celine Dec 3 #36
thanks Evolve Dammit Dec 3 #46
In most states that is only true if you are within a year (sometimes less) Ms. Toad Dec 3 #37
Dang, I've been on it for over a year Evolve Dammit Dec 3 #45
My friend works for UHC and is "covered" by their employee plan dflprincess Dec 3 #39
The brainwashing to make Americans believe single-payer (Medicare expansion) is a communist evil plot Evolve Dammit Dec 3 #44
I'm very happy with my Kaiser Advantage plan. CrispyQ Dec 3 #41
The whole "in-network" thing is what can change instantly. Aetna even has a disclaimer that (summarized) Evolve Dammit Dec 3 #43
States should allow switching from MA to supplement without underwriting. dalton99a Dec 3 #4
Good for you! I've been happy with Plan G through United of Omaha since it became available. ariadne0614 Dec 3 #5
I'm also on plan G and never had a problem with any of my GoodRaisin Dec 3 #7
Mutual of Omaha? Evolve Dammit Dec 3 #25
Yes. U of O is a subsidiary of M of O. n/t ariadne0614 Dec 3 #47
Thanks. I had not heard of that, but companies/ subsidiaries/contractors/ partners/sub-contractors..... Evolve Dammit Dec 3 #48
I have a Blue Cross plan G supplement LetMyPeopleVote Dec 3 #51
Plan G saved my Mom years ago. Through AARP, underwritten by Prudential. Now they use United Health Care?? Evolve Dammit Dec 4 #59
My wife and I haved loved our supplemental plans for NewHendoLib Dec 3 #8
WHEN will someone (anyone) do something about the Disadvantage plans? vapor2 Dec 3 #9
Yeah, the 51% who choose MA are so stupid. Glad we have people telling them what Silent Type Dec 3 #30
I'm worried by the time I retire there will mucifer Dec 3 #10
My housemate is old enough to have a plan F MiniMe Dec 3 #55
My Drs told me XanaDUer2 Dec 3 #11
I agree, but the insurance lobby won't allow it MiniMe Dec 4 #56
Be sure to sign up for a Medigap aka a Medicare Supplement program within the designated 6 month period progree Dec 3 #12
I bet most people who sign up are not aware of the significance of that restriction. dalton99a Dec 3 #14
Yes, unfortunately /nt progree Dec 3 #15
I'm anxious about retirement Dave says Dec 3 #16
My spouse stayed on my work plan until she was 69. Ms. Toad Dec 3 #40
Thank you Dave says Dec 3 #49
Yeah you're fine until her coverage stops. Voltaire2 Dec 4 #58
Original Medicare and a Supplement is the best option IMO Desert grandma Dec 3 #13
We've enjoyed TransAmerica Lulu KC Dec 3 #17
Very happy with this plan. Had it for 5 years now. nature-lover Dec 3 #19
We have TransAmerica as well. Desert grandma Dec 3 #31
Husband has AARP UnitedHealthcare supplemental (called plan F I think). MLAA Dec 3 #21
That is the plan that I have. It is no longer available except for those brer cat Dec 3 #26
Thanks for the update, I guess it was too good to be true! MLAA Dec 3 #42
Yes we have the AARP supplement Freddie Dec 3 #54
How great to have a daughter with such experience in the healthcare world to help guide you. MLAA Dec 4 #57
I retired 13 years ago, our union pushed us into a Medicare Advantage doc03 Dec 3 #23
Let me just say: IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE THIS FUCKING CONFUSING AND DIFFICULT". Rant off. Evolve Dammit Dec 3 #27
I was fortunate claudette Dec 3 #28
Pay attention to their rate basis eallen Dec 3 #33
Decide on your personal parameters chowmama Dec 3 #34
Several of my law partners and I have schedule G supplements LetMyPeopleVote Dec 3 #50
We have Blue Cross supplemental G and a part D - here is what we pay NewHendoLib Dec 3 #52
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