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I'm in community health care, not private health care. Aristus Dec 2023 #1
I wonder how many bags of apples you'd need to exchange for a brain MRI. thucythucy Dec 2023 #3
Okay, you have someone flat on their back in ICU for a month. haele Dec 2023 #2
That's too rosey a picture -- they would take the kids for grunt work. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2023 #6
"I will gladly give you four hamburgers Tuesday for a triple bypass today!" Buns_of_Fire Dec 2023 #4
Make those cheeseberders and I'll sharpen my pocket knife before the surgery. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2023 #8
That is just bizarre. What century are we in? CTyankee Dec 2023 #5
How much can I get for dweller Dec 2023 #7
Sex Workers? NowISeetheLight Dec 2023 #9
how many goats for open heart surgery? WhiteTara Dec 2023 #10
gaud damn, when did Americans become so fu..ing stupid? onethatcares Dec 2023 #11
We need this to get to the late night show(s.). vanlassie Dec 2023 #12
POS lives off government contracts to his company dalton99a Dec 2023 #13
My dads heart surgery was over 100k... ExciteBike66 Dec 2023 #14
I. would. be. dead. mercuryblues Dec 2023 #15
This could work, if Midnight Writer Dec 2023 #16
how many chickens does it cost Conjuay Dec 2023 #17
I'm Sure Doctors Will Love This Idea ProfessorGAC Dec 2023 #18
Ah...libertarian! Tesha Dec 2023 #19
Thank you doctor for the transplant, here's three chickens and a jug of milk. Elessar Zappa Dec 2023 #20
It still works today. Clarence Thomas got a motor home. keithbvadu2 Dec 2023 #21
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