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15. Blowback operation is generally for lower powered handguns.
Tue Dec 5, 2023, 08:28 PM
Dec 5

Higher power cartridges are are typically short-recoil operation.

Love my Senator! Elessar Zappa Dec 5 #1
He is a keeper! sheshe2 Dec 5 #3
I can hear Marj and Beetlejuice screaming from here Walleye Dec 5 #2
Thank you Senator. sheshe2 Dec 5 #4
Very promising. brer cat Dec 5 #5
K&R UTUSN Dec 5 #6
Only gas-operated semiautomatic rifles? Well..... NickB79 Dec 5 #7
High capacity ForgedCrank Dec 5 #8
No, handguns are responsible for 95% of all gun murders NickB79 Dec 5 #9
I always thought handguns were gas operated and recaptured energy from the round to cycle and feed the next round. SoFlaBro Dec 5 #11
No, handguns are direct blowback NickB79 Dec 5 #12
So it bleeds off the gas further down the barrel because of the energy involved and to help cycle the next round?!? SoFlaBro Dec 5 #13
Blowback operation is generally for lower powered handguns. sl8 Dec 5 #15
That link ForgedCrank Dec 5 #16
Almost all handguns sold today ship with 10+ rd magazines NickB79 Dec 5 #19
Agree. sop Dec 6 #23
Does anyone really think this has any chance of passing? sop Dec 5 #10
I have no use for gun ownership period. NNadir Dec 5 #14
Sen Heinrich knows what he's doing IronLionZion Dec 5 #17
This looks to be aimed at manufacturers who, indeed, need regulating. Let's see who pays for the lobbying effort against ancianita Dec 5 #18
And why would Republicans grant cloture? brooklynite Dec 5 #20
It's a smarter approach than the "ban the gunz" approach SYFROYH Dec 5 #21
My wild-ass gun control idea involves regulating capacity by kinetic energy NickB79 Dec 5 #22
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