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Wed Dec 6, 2023, 10:21 AM Dec 6

I hate it when I agree with Elise Stefanik. [View all]

Yesterday, at a hearing of the Education Committee, the presidents of Harvard, University of Pennsylvanian, and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology were questioned on the rise of antisemitism on campus.

During the questioning, Committee Chair Elise Stefanie asked Dr. Claudine Gay if "calling for the genocide of Jews' constitutes bullying and harassment. Dr. Gay responded "It depends on context....."
She was interrupted by Stefanik who said "There is no context. The answer is yes across the board. You need to resign."

Dr. Gay has a Ph.D. She should be in possession of critical thinking skills to understand that there is no context to hate speech and antisemitism. What a disappointment.

From the Washington Post:
STEFANIK: … And Dr. Gay at Harvard? Does calling for the genocide of Jews violate Harvard’s rules of bullying and harassment? Yes or no?
GAY: It can be depending on the context.


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It was a disgrace, and presidents of these prestigious universities failed miserably. JohnSJ Dec 6 #1
I had the exact same reaction. CincyDem Dec 6 #2
Do you attach any significance to her interrupting? rzemanfl Dec 6 #3
No I don't. madaboutharry Dec 6 #5
Thank you for responding. rzemanfl Dec 6 #10
agree claudette Dec 6 #12
That's true.....or claudette Dec 6 #6
Your first question was about context. The witness was not allowed to discuss it. rzemanfl Dec 6 #16
You're claudette Dec 6 #17
They should be deeply ashamed. lapucelle Dec 6 #4
she should be fired. immediately moonshinegnomie Dec 6 #7
Elise is a hypocrite mgardener Dec 6 #8
That's not a surprise. She routinely votes against legislation that can help the people Rhiannon12866 Dec 6 #53
it looks like all 3 presidents had trouble calling out anti semitism moonshinegnomie Dec 6 #9
How can the claudette Dec 6 #11
The university can and should moonshinegnomie Dec 6 #14
Yes, of course but claudette Dec 6 #15
That doesn't matter moonshinegnomie Dec 6 #19
Wow claudette Dec 6 #20
when it comes to anti semitism i have zero tolerance moonshinegnomie Dec 6 #23
Sorry you had claudette Dec 6 #25
It is way past mean. This garbage spreads like wildfire TheKentuckian Dec 7 #67
I saw the film clip on MSNBC. You can avail yourself of it as well. The Board of Regents... Hekate Dec 6 #32
The specific question was on supporting genocide Kennah Dec 6 #49
The question wasn't "is antisemitism wrong." It is. Ms. Toad Dec 6 #47
This is reminiscent of red scare tactics. redqueen Dec 6 #13
"From the river to the sea" has a clearly defined meaning & Hamas has made it clear that their goal... Hekate Dec 6 #33
Neither I, nor anyone else pushing back against this WITH US OR AGAINST US bullshit is ignorant about the phrase. redqueen Dec 6 #34
"If the KKK showed up on campus and advocated the slaughter of non-whites . . ." Sympthsical Dec 6 #18
Jews don't count, a message made very clear by these "leaders" tritsofme Dec 6 #24
Who is advocating the slaughter of whom on these campuses? nt redqueen Dec 6 #35
From the River to the Sea and calling for an Intifada are very antisemitic Sympthsical Dec 6 #37
Huge effort to demonize those words and all who utter them. redqueen Dec 6 #38
How do you feel about people who say the Confederate Flag is "Just about heritage!" Sympthsical Dec 6 #39
The Confederate flag is a battle flag clown against the US in a bloody civil war redqueen Dec 6 #40
"From the River to the Sea" has long been a call to destroy Israel Sympthsical Dec 6 #41
It is not analogous to the Confederate flag. redqueen Dec 6 #42
So I have a question for you Dorian Gray Dec 8 #73
Congressional hearings are not held about confederate flags on campuses LeftInTX Dec 7 #58
Have you seen the Code of Conduct, and the specific rules prohibiting bullying and harassment? Ms. Toad Dec 6 #48
They are university presidents - not summer interns Sympthsical Dec 7 #62
Where were the GOP hearings after Charlottesville? Crickets...They held the House then. LeftInTX Dec 7 #66
Whataboutism minimizes just how bad what these university presidents said was Sympthsical Dec 7 #69
The University of Pennsylvania contacted the FBI. Magill (who was grilled yesterday) herself signed the letter on Nov 6 LeftInTX Dec 7 #70
And she still said what she said Sympthsical Dec 7 #71
Then don't . Hassin Bin Sober Dec 6 #21
I most certainly will agree with her. madaboutharry Dec 6 #22
The Biden White House strongly condemned what happened at the hearing as well tritsofme Dec 6 #26
Ugh. Me too. Jilly_in_VA Dec 6 #27
In what context Mz Pip Dec 6 #28
Think Of It As The Wretch Agreeing With You, Sir... The Magistrate Dec 6 #29
Is anyone literally calling for genocide of Jews? harumph Dec 6 #30
You've hit the crux of the issue. Certain parties want to define that phrase, which predates hamas redqueen Dec 6 #36
Shades of grey Redleg Dec 7 #61
Good God. People at DU are deeply, deeply confused about hate speech. Some people anyway. Hekate Dec 6 #31
The person that's endorsing the guy who had dinner with Nick Fuentes? tenderfoot Dec 6 #43
I think it's fair to say we all agree Stefanik is a terrible person. madaboutharry Dec 6 #44
I'm sure she's totally sincere... tenderfoot Dec 6 #45
Stefanik is awful Dorian Gray Dec 8 #74
".. depends on the Context".. WTF. Cha Dec 6 #46
How about this for a lame walk back from Liz Magill... madaboutharry Dec 6 #50
It's a hard lesson to learn to Always Cha Dec 6 #54
At least she made an attempt to clarify her remarks Redleg Dec 7 #63
Stefanik is a product of those schools. She is a hater. pwb Dec 6 #51
Al Franken also went to Harvard. madaboutharry Dec 6 #52
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 7 #59
I'm going to offer you some advice. madaboutharry Dec 7 #60
Contex is in the mind of the beholder. czarjak Dec 6 #55
Amazing at some in this thread twisting themselves to defend these presidents at JohnSJ Dec 6 #56
It makes me think that some may have said these things themselves madaboutharry Dec 7 #57
I think Stefanik's agenda is anti-higher education. LeftInTX Dec 7 #68
I can agree the House bill was unnecessary and exploitative of Jewish pain. madaboutharry Dec 8 #72
The way these college presidents answered reminded me of Trump's Charlotesville answer Ohioboy Dec 7 #64
Why doesn't she grill the Texas Republican Party? LeftInTX Dec 7 #65
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