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48. So when the Proud Boys rally for the removal of Hispanics from their Country
Wed Dec 6, 2023, 03:53 PM
Dec 6

That’s no longer harassment or bullying!
Im sure they will be happy to hear that!

It should be plain old "Yes" LeftInTX Dec 6 #1
Hate speach and calling for murder are not the same getagrip_already Dec 6 #2
How can you call for the genocide of Jews and not be bullying or harassing them? Maraya1969 Dec 6 #3
Exactly.... getagrip_already Dec 6 #4
Because bullying and harassment are generally done on an individual basis. Hassin Bin Sober Dec 6 #6
I agree with you on this. yardwork Dec 6 #35
So when the Proud Boys rally for the removal of Hispanics from their Country forthemiddle Dec 6 #48
for example, when it isn't actually a 'call for genocide'? Voltaire2 Dec 6 #18
It's Interpreted As That, Sir, Because That Is The Meaning Intended By Its Coiners And Promoters The Magistrate Dec 6 #26
So it can mean different things based on who is saying it? ExciteBike66 Dec 6 #28
Context Is All The Magistrate Dec 6 #29
So the Netanyahu government, which has a goal of 'from the river to the sea', is because of that slogan genocidal? Voltaire2 Dec 6 #45
I Think The Goal Of Netanyahu And Likud Is Israeli Sovereignty From The Mediterranean To The Jordan The Magistrate Dec 6 #46
So the Proud Boys calling for the elimination of LGBT isn't harassment forthemiddle Dec 6 #47
Exactly correct. Not harassment or bullying. Voltaire2 Dec 6 #53
You said it doesn't always mean genocide... ExciteBike66 Dec 6 #50
Dance All You Like, Sir The Magistrate Dec 6 #52
I guess we are taking right wing nut jobs Bill Ackman and Stefanik's framing. Hassin Bin Sober Dec 6 #5
I knew at least Stefanic is a jerk but even jerks can be right occasionally Maraya1969 Dec 6 #7
Bullying and harassment have very specific meanings. Hassin Bin Sober Dec 6 #8
Standing outside someone's business and accusing the owners of genocide is abusive and harassing peggysue2 Dec 6 #55
I agree singling out a business owner or a student is most likely bullying or harassment. Hassin Bin Sober Dec 6 #57
Would there be any group sarisataka Dec 6 #11
Bullying and harassment have specific meanings. Hassin Bin Sober Dec 6 #17
We had Brother Jed and his band sarisataka Dec 6 #20
I don't disagree with your last paragraph. Hassin Bin Sober Dec 6 #23
I took the question as applying to students and staff sarisataka Dec 6 #25
Even if they are going by strict definitions ecstatic Dec 6 #13
They said several time "when it turns into conduct" Hassin Bin Sober Dec 6 #16
Yeah, I gotta say I'm with you on this one Prairie Gates Dec 6 #30
they should have answered like you did! I'll admit I didn't see the entire exchange ecstatic Dec 6 #34
They did say that and they're being criticized for it. yardwork Dec 6 #37
The sound bite that's making the rounds on Morning Joe and other networks ecstatic Dec 6 #39
Well, there's a.reason for that. Republican Joe Scarborough scores a point against higher ed. yardwork Dec 6 #41
I heard Dr. Gay of Harvard make the clear "conduct" remark in a recording from spooky3 Dec 6 #54
Yardwork SYGDeb Dec 6 #42
Agreed. yardwork Dec 6 #36
JFC is right. redqueen Dec 6 #51
I suppose we should be thankful sarisataka Dec 6 #9
Yes SocialDemocrat61 Dec 6 #10
That was insane! ecstatic Dec 6 #12
I had exactly the opposite reaction. yardwork Dec 6 #38
Yardwork SYGDeb Dec 6 #43
Forgive me if this is a dumb question - WHO is calling for the genocide of jews? walkingman Dec 6 #14
Walkingman SYGDeb Dec 6 #44
i totally agree. walkingman Dec 6 #49
I will have to watch the clip later, really curious what exactly was said. redqueen Dec 6 #15
Hamas or a similar group say that it means seizing Israel LeftInTX Dec 6 #33
If we insist on putting this in context . . . peggysue2 Dec 6 #19
Rec Yes.. Mahalo Peffysue! Cha Dec 6 #31
That happens every day on college campuses. yardwork Dec 6 #40
In Today's Blame Game Society RobinA Dec 6 #21
I used to work in the Personnel/Human Resources/AA area at the County & at a public University Hekate Dec 6 #22
The far left and far right bend and meet at antisemitism. nt LexVegas Dec 6 #24
As 10% of the student body at these universities are Jewish, you'd think they'd be defended. elias7 Dec 6 #27
Rec TY elias. Cha Dec 6 #32
Trump's scummy republicans encouraging the killing of more Jews. keithbvadu2 Dec 6 #56
These people have lost their frigging minds. BlueTsunami2018 Dec 6 #58
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