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18. Beam Hall houses the Business School, I believe (not that this means the professor in question is a business prof)
Thu Dec 7, 2023, 12:17 AM
Dec 7
I didn't know this and I did listen to coverage while working for a few hours tonight ! nt GuppyGal Dec 6 #1
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 6 #2
What do mean by that? GP6971 Dec 6 #15
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 7 #27
Who disliked or forgot this? People on DU just didn't see the information. William769 Dec 7 #28
That happened to me on another thread. Basic LA Dec 7 #34
Hadn't heard that; not the "usual suspect," I guess. Ocelot II Dec 6 #3
Not at all iemanja Dec 6 #6
He was recently turned down for a job at that college BigmanPigman Dec 7 #22
Adjuncts do catch hell. No security from quarter to quarter or semester to semester. brush Dec 7 #32
That must be a little too close to home for you iemanja Dec 7 #41
Yes, and many of the families of victims of the 2017 mass shooting here are still suffering. brush Dec 7 #42
He resigned a tenured position at ECU in 2017 unc70 Dec 7 #46
I wonder why he did that? iemanja Dec 7 #47
I didn't know. Thanks for the information. Polly Hennessey Dec 6 #4
I didn't know this, either. Deuxcents Dec 6 #5
Withholding the killer's identity is a slap in the face to the people he killed. live love laugh Dec 6 #7
It will be released in time iemanja Dec 6 #8
They will release the name when his next of kin have been notified. Ocelot II Dec 6 #9
I just read an article which said he was turned down BigmanPigman Dec 6 #10
Thanks for the update. nt iemanja Dec 6 #14
At 67? Prairie Gates Dec 7 #20
What? Wait .... Mossfern Dec 7 #23
Speculating here, but if he's job hunting, he's probably not tenured. jmbar2 Dec 7 #25
Ah, yes Mossfern Dec 7 #39
Did you ask her latkes or donuts. CincyDem Dec 7 #51
Shredded or processed? Mossfern Dec 7 #55
Light your menorah and you're never alone. CincyDem Dec 7 #57
Depends ... Mossfern Dec 7 #58
No simple questions around a Jewish holiday table. Ain't it grand! CincyDem Dec 7 #59
#3 child Mossfern Dec 7 #60
The article said he held positions at eastern Carolina iirc. So for spooky3 Dec 7 #30
In theory yeah... róisín_dubh Dec 7 #31
Republicans will be saying "see, this proves that colleges are evil" in 3, 2, 1... Clash City Rocker Dec 6 #11
A friend just told me about an update on this. OldBaldy1701E Dec 6 #12
I thought it might be something like that. iemanja Dec 6 #13
Whoa, ECU? ShazzieB Dec 7 #21
There are definitely some rube red colleges in Georgia and NC. But don't know what Silent Type Dec 7 #16
here's an idea: disarm the "right" - its no secret they are responsible for this shit bringthePaine Dec 7 #17
Was he "right"? TexasDem69 Dec 7 #56
Beam Hall houses the Business School, I believe (not that this means the professor in question is a business prof) fishwax Dec 7 #18
I read that he had a philosophy PhD and an MBA malaise Dec 7 #48
his PhD was actually in management fishwax Dec 7 #49
The report I read said he lectured in philosophy at one of the institutions malaise Dec 7 #50
I wonder Dirty Socialist Dec 7 #19
He had a 9mm handgun. Calista241 Dec 7 #61
ProfessorGAC, Disaffected Dec 7 #24
I'm Here ProfessorGAC Dec 7 #40
Glad to hear it but. Disaffected Dec 7 #44
I'll Take My Chances ProfessorGAC Dec 7 #45
Me too. He is soc. sec age Demovictory9 Dec 7 #52
Apparently, he applied for a job and was denied. C Moon Dec 7 #26
Holy crap. Now the students have to worry about the profs too? This is going to traumatize... brush Dec 7 #29
Didn't expect that. Basic LA Dec 7 #33
I didn't even know the shooting Cha Dec 7 #35
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 7 #36
Did Okra eat the last pizza in the library with a pogo stick? Hermit-The-Prog Dec 7 #37
LOL Prairie Gates Dec 7 #38
Shooter is Anthony "Tony" Polito who had a website claiming to have decoded Zodiac Killer identity. Liberal In Texas Dec 7 #43
He apparently taught for a time at my alma mater, UNI. rsdsharp Dec 7 #53
That college denied employment to him. LiberalFighter Dec 7 #54
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