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Wed Jan 3, 2024, 11:32 PM Jan 2024

How We Squeezed Harvard to Push Claudine Gay Out [View all]


free link: https://archive.ph/4JYSv

By Christopher F. Rufo
Throughout the campaign, I adopted the unorthodox approach of narrating the strategy in real time, explaining how conservatives could shape the media narrative and apply pressure to Harvard. Critics condemned me as a propagandist and bad-faith actor. Some of my allies also questioned the wisdom of telegraphing the campaign’s next moves. But there was a method to my madness. Conservatives face enormous disadvantages in public discourse—most significant, the progressive left’s near-monopoly on prestige media. By raising these dynamics to the surface, we can begin to challenge and subvert them.

It worked. After ignoring the story for more than a week, the center-left publications began to corroborate allegations of Ms. Gay’s plagiarism and raise questions about her leadership. The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Atlantic all published op-eds calling for Ms. Gay to resign. The truth finally broke through: Ms. Gay was a scholar of not much distinction who climbed the ladder of diversity politics, built a DEI empire as a Harvard dean, and catered to the worst instincts of left-wing ideologues on campus.

The nation’s leading university had subordinated veritas to politics, compromising its mission. The only choice was to force Ms. Gay to step down.

While her resignation is a victory, it is only the beginning. If America is to reform its academic institutions, the symbolic fight over Harvard’s presidency must evolve into a deeper institutional fight. The Italian theorist Antonio Gramsci called this approach the “war of position,” a grueling form of trench warfare in which each concept, structure and institution must be challenged to change the culture.

Why the fuck am I posting an op-ed from the WSJ by Christopher Rufo here on DU? Because it's vital that people understand what's at stake. Those who orchestrated Claudine Gay's ouster are telling you, in very simple terms printed in the pages of the Wall Street Journal, why they did what they did and what their plans are to continue this disruption. It's not about antisemitism. It's not about plagiarism. It's about reinforcing white supremacy. Are you ready?
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Nothing to be proud of. Our education system is under attack by Christian Nationalists. walkingman Jan 2024 #1
Depends on which side you are on. Caliman73 Jan 2024 #44
Correct - Banning books, forbidding diverse discussions on campus, walkingman Jan 2024 #59
Kick dalton99a Jan 2024 #2
Good godz leftstreet Jan 2024 #3
Why wouldn't they be? They got very little pushback. WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2024 #4
Not only very little pushback, they got active support - including from many on DU. n/t Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #17
The answer Zeitghost Jan 2024 #20
I have significant experience with plagiarism in academia. Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #22
Call me crazy Zeitghost Jan 2024 #23
And have you reviewed the academic publications of the presidents of other Ivy League schools? Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #24
Thats what i would be curious to see.... TheRealNorth Jan 2024 #39
My experience editing academic articles for law review publication Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #41
She wasn't terminated, she resigned. MichMan Jan 2024 #48
As I explained earlier, Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #52
Must be nice having a guaranteed job paying a nearly $1 million per year for life. MichMan Jan 2024 #53
The pay is probably not guaranteed. Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #60
I went to a large Public University..... TheRealNorth Jan 2024 #61
Are they being paid to work full time, Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #62
I have no clue TheRealNorth Jan 2024 #66
Salary doesn't generally mean you get to come and go as you please. Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #67
. WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2024 #29
They sure did get support. Hassin Bin Sober Jan 2024 #21
Agreed. Caliman73 Jan 2024 #45
One's enemies will use whatever you give them to hurt you. SYFROYH Jan 2024 #5
But somehow it's ok for Gorsuch to have done it. Nt spooky3 Jan 2024 #6
It's not about "attributing source material" -- Rufo spells out very clearly what this is about. WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2024 #28
Then people need to go after Harvard for allowing this to happen! BComplex Jan 2024 #7
Amen. Thank you, brother. Know your enemy. ancianita Jan 2024 #8
Agreed! Initech Jan 2024 #47
I still don't understand how... JadedButHopeful Jan 2024 #9
They didn't let me down. live love laugh Jan 2024 #10
The right did what they are good at. Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #19
You're right... JadedButHopeful Jan 2024 #36
That messaging strategy can't be dishonest just for the sake of producing a sound bite. Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #40
Not saying that we have to be dishonest JadedButHopeful Jan 2024 #50
Unfortunately, not everything can be reduced to a sound byte. Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #51
That's my point, though ... JadedButHopeful Jan 2024 #65
You can't force complex issues into sound bytes. Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #68
If you believe that's true... JadedButHopeful Jan 2024 #69
They got shitty, shitty advice from their institutions' lawyers. WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2024 #25
But, from a legal/communication standpoint, I get what she was saying. Cuthbert Allgood Jan 2024 #35
It was obvious to me that there was undermining at play. live love laugh Jan 2024 #11
Reminds me of the orchestrated plan implemented to destroy the Fairness Doctrine. summer_in_TX Jan 2024 #12
All you had to do was turn on AM radio or any right wing tv "news" station. progressoid Jan 2024 #13
LOl at "The Italian theorist Antonio Gramsci..." Prairie Gates Jan 2024 #14
Antonio Gramsci created the concept of hegemony. Earth-shine Jan 2024 #18
Yes, I know Prairie Gates Jan 2024 #37
Fascists in the 20's and 30's cribbed from Communists freely, and admitted it... Caliman73 Jan 2024 #46
Something feels incredibly fishy with this tornado34jh Jan 2024 #15
Can you say it's fishy when the process is laid out right before you? WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2024 #26
Nope. Just shows how unprepared Liberalism is to defend itself. Caliman73 Jan 2024 #49
Only if it wasn't for the fact that the board didn't stand up for her tornado34jh Jan 2024 #64
Exxcellent post and moniss Jan 2024 #16
That simple malaise Jan 2024 #27
Agree WhiskeyGrinder bucolic_frolic Jan 2024 #30
Rufo, DeSantis, and Stefanik are not "blue bloods" obamanut2012 Jan 2024 #32
well the discussion is about schools of elite academia, not political front men. /nt bucolic_frolic Jan 2024 #33
In 2010, Karl Rove openly announced in the WSJ the Republicans plan to take over as many states as possible. Lonestarblue Jan 2024 #31
The NYT has published an article by Dr. Gay. It's a good read. Lonestarblue Jan 2024 #34
Mid morning kick WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2024 #38
How about the select few here that agree with Rufo? tenderfoot Jan 2024 #42
This was blatant Fox News bullying and a right wing power grab. Initech Jan 2024 #43
Claudine Gay should blame Claudine Gay Sympthsical Jan 2024 #54
According to some posts I've seen, plagiarism is so widespread and common, that everybody in academia is guilty MichMan Jan 2024 #55
The apologias are wild to me Sympthsical Jan 2024 #56
Post removed Post removed Jan 2024 #57
Do you usually take Christopher Rufo on good faith? WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2024 #58
"It's about reinforcing white supremacy." drmeow Jan 2024 #63
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