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39. You don't see differences between a terrorist group and a Israeli political party?
Sun Jan 14, 2024, 09:14 PM
Jan 2024

Last edited Sun Jan 14, 2024, 11:01 PM - Edit history (1)

Hamas originated from the Muslim Brotherhood, is trained and funded by Iran, started sending suicide bombers into Israel in the 1990s and are directly responsible for thousands of murders of Israeli citizens especially during the second intifada. They have started 5 wars with Israel (2008, 2009, 2014, 2021, 2023) via the Palestinian territory of Gaza, which they came to control after killing off their political rivals and chasing out the rest.

Can you help me understand how you could possibly see similarities with this group and a political party in Israel?

So, not "grassroots" at all mcar Jan 2024 #1
That's been obvious since Oct 8 AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #3
Yes. The response was so fast mcar Jan 2024 #9
K&R brer cat Jan 2024 #2
Can't help but wonder how many have been visiting us here? Some might say it is pellucidly clear. tritsofme Jan 2024 #4
Yes! Cha Jan 2024 #15
This was obvious from the get go. FlyingPiggy Jan 2024 #5
Probably the same shady dark money that backs T45mp and the GOP IbogaProject Jan 2024 #6
Same rubles, tovarisch. n/t TygrBright Jan 2024 #8
I think that it is no coincidence markodochartaigh Jan 2024 #10
Thank-you for exposing JohnSJ Jan 2024 #7
And who is pro hamas and has met with them many times? Bev54 Jan 2024 #11
Count the Russian allies on the UN kangaroo court. yardwork Jan 2024 #12
South Africa to host BRICS summit on Israel-Hamas war lapucelle Jan 2024 #16
Surprising that the South African government doesn't roll out the red carpet for Putin like they did for Omar al-Bashir tritsofme Jan 2024 #20
South Africa announced their refusal to arrest Putin JoseBalow Jan 2024 #17
Oh really.. that's interesting. Cha Jan 2024 #18
Hamas delegation ends official visit to South Africa lapucelle Jan 2024 #21
South Africa was accused by the US of selling weaponry to Russia for their invasion NickB79 Jan 2024 #25
Do you think AIPAC or other pro-Israel groups are not doing the same thing?? Grins Jan 2024 #13
+1 -- Israel has more influence on American politics than Putin does. There's plenty of Gaugamela Jan 2024 #14
Yes, but there is one Jewish nation in the entire world with 0.1% of the middle east land; arab muslims have 99.9% elias7 Jan 2024 #22
Post removed Post removed Jan 2024 #27
This is not about "donor money going to Gaza". lapucelle Jan 2024 #35
What nonsense mcar Jan 2024 #38
TY for that, mcar.. Cha Jan 2024 #42
This has gotten ridiculous, Cha mcar Jan 2024 #43
You don't see differences between a terrorist group and a Israeli political party? Mosby Jan 2024 #39
What does that have to do with the funding of pro-terrorist, anti-Biden events? lapucelle Jan 2024 #26
AIPAC uses its money to support a terrorist regime, which is Netanyahu's Likud party Gaugamela Jan 2024 #28
AIPAC does not support terrorism. It supports American-Israeli relations. lapucelle Jan 2024 #32
AIPAC's money goes to US politicians to get them to support Israel regardless Gaugamela Jan 2024 #33
AIPAC's money does not "go to US politicians to get them to support Israel". lapucelle Jan 2024 #34
That Is Flat Bullshit, Sir The Magistrate Jan 2024 #47
Israel is NOT backing the Butchering Terrorists HAMAS Cha Jan 2024 #19
No they're not. They're not promoting and funding pro-terrorist anti-Biden protests. lapucelle Jan 2024 #23
Rec.. TY! Cha Jan 2024 #29
You mean getting a bunch of morons to don keffiyehs mcar Jan 2024 #37
AIPAC is not doing the same thing. AIPAC does not have ties to terrorist groups. lapucelle Jan 2024 #41
The fact that so many were out by 10/8 makes we wonder if any of these groups were aware before the attack elias7 Jan 2024 #24
+1 dalton99a Jan 2024 #30
Ratfuckers and their useful idiots dalton99a Jan 2024 #31
K&R betsuni Jan 2024 #36
Thank you for posting this information LetMyPeopleVote Jan 2024 #40
He is advocating for genocide. The People's Forum is 🗑️ LetMyPeopleVote Jan 2024 #44
Ugh. betsuni Jan 2024 #45
"Welcome to CRC's work-in-progress, InfluenceWatch. Capital Research Center conceived of this project ..." muriel_volestrangler Jan 2024 #46
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