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Shout out for NanceGreggs [View all] malaise Jan 2024 OP
She indicated in November that she was lurking while caring for her own health. I hope she sees this. hlthe2b Jan 2024 #1
If Nance sees this while she's lurking Alliepoo Jan 2024 #2
One of the better writers ... Dave says Jan 2024 #3
Nance channels Tom Paine Ponietz Jan 2024 #31
Sending love to you Nance. Hope22 Jan 2024 #4
I hope she is well irisblue Jan 2024 #5
Missing you Nance! Sedona Jan 2024 #6
I love Nance. bluescribbler Jan 2024 #7
I was just thinking about her yesterday. I miss Emile Jan 2024 #8
Her last post. Emile Jan 2024 #9
I'm hoping it's the "bit of a vacation" she spoke of? Evolve Dammit Jan 2024 #19
If you are reading this, Nance, we miss you. Holding you in love and light. niyad Jan 2024 #10
Just in time for the elections world wide wally Jan 2024 #11
K&R spanone Jan 2024 #12
Nancy is definitely missed . . . Richard D Jan 2024 #13
K&R Ohio Joe Jan 2024 #14
I hope she's okay, and back on active mode soon! calimary Jan 2024 #15
re-charging batteries. Can't wait for the first salvo! Evolve Dammit Jan 2024 #16
See #9 malaise Jan 2024 #18
Hopefully a bit of a respite and will return to slice them to ribbons! Hope to see you soon Nance! Evolve Dammit Jan 2024 #20
K&R Blue Owl Jan 2024 #17
Miss you Nancegreggs! Come back when you can.... Upthevibe Jan 2024 #21
DU needs more The Wizard Jan 2024 #22
Missing you -- be well in the new year ❤️ Hekate Jan 2024 #23
Absolutely for sure! 2naSalit Jan 2024 #24
I've saved some of her posts for many many years. flying_wahini Jan 2024 #25
Hoppe she's OK. elleng Jan 2024 #26
You are missed! Mike Nelson Jan 2024 #27
Hopefully Nance is just recharging the batteries in prep for the coming crucial and critical election coming,... magicarpet Jan 2024 #28
Take Care and know you are in our thoughts. JustinBulletin Jan 2024 #29
Missing Nance Greggs too IGoToDU Jan 2024 #30
Get well soon Nance MustLoveBeagles Jan 2024 #32
DEFINITELY MISSING NANCE flying-skeleton Jan 2024 #33
She'll be back samplegirl Jan 2024 #34
I miss Nance too! nightwing1240 Jan 2024 #35
Always great posts fron Nance BSdetect Jan 2024 #36
Yes indeed! CaptainTruth Jan 2024 #37
A real leader in the new civil war The Grand Illuminist Jan 2024 #38
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