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39. We know that the "S" in TSF stands for sick, but I think it can also stand for STUPID!!
Mon Feb 12, 2024, 12:48 PM
Feb 2024

Taylor's first album was released in 2006. She was strictly country, and W was in office then. Then the infamous episode with Kanye at VMA happened in 2009. Her transition album (Red) and first purely mainstream pop album (1989) were released in 2012 and 2014, when Barack Obama was president. Taylor was already VERY popular and VERY rich.

Since January 2017? #MeToo happened, and Taylor was on the cover of Time with other prominent women who suffered sexual assault/abuse/harassment. After that, she began re-recording her first six albums because the (male) head of her record company would not let her have her masters. That was a genius move that is still paying off, and her new albums? Does she even need to do anything to promote them anymore?

Yes, she went into the stratosphere when he occupied the White House - because she was seriously fighting back against men in power. But her appeal has always been writing lyrics about female empowerment. They resonate!!

T**** has proven for the billionth time what an overgrown, petulant toddler he is - whining and crying when he doesn't get his way. He's just jealous that no one has literally broken Ticketmaster to see him. He is envious that he's not on the big screen like she is with her Eras concert film. He isn't majorly boosting the hospitality industry by playing at the biggest, most illustrious venues on the planet - and he HATES IT.

He is not at the Oscars, Grammys, Emmys and their parties because most people with industry clout who happen to be decent people would rather chew glass than be seen within a hundred feet of him. That's why the fundagelicals and incels will always make up his biggest fan base.

That or this?😀😀😀😝😂😀 malaise Feb 2024 #1
LOL "I am always on my mind". Thanks for the livetohike Feb 2024 #32
Too good malaise Feb 2024 #50
Rub it in their fucking faces -- and let them figure out who the losers are Blue Owl Feb 2024 #2
Why? Tickle Feb 2024 #3
Taylor Swift's fan base are the 18 to 35 age group and their mothers. ProudMNDemocrat Feb 2024 #5
So it's all about their being opposed to her politics ? JI7 Feb 2024 #8
And few here would care either MichMan Feb 2024 #9
That didn't happen in 2020. MorbidButterflyTat Feb 2024 #56
I don't recall seeing a dozen or more posts about TS in 2020 regarding the Super Bowl MichMan Feb 2024 #58
No. MorbidButterflyTat Feb 2024 #54
They are of the whole COL Mustard Feb 2024 #72
Apparently she'and boyfriend are Woke. Nuff said. rickford66 Feb 2024 #6
Rick, hold on for a second jmowreader Feb 2024 #51
It may have sounded wrong but I tried to imply what you say. rickford66 Feb 2024 #59
And none of them can define "woke" COL Mustard Feb 2024 #74
Nope. Kingofalldems Feb 2024 #7
Just like Joe planned it! Cattledog Feb 2024 #4
Yes! Hope22 Feb 2024 #20
dark brandon rules! nt et tu Feb 2024 #41
What is TSF? help me out here. I'm an out of touch old man. comradebillyboy Feb 2024 #10
The Sick Fuck...Joe Biden's reference to you-know-who... ProudMNDemocrat Feb 2024 #11
you know who would be offended, i perfer t,,, . i cant even stand the sight of pics AllaN01Bear Feb 2024 #15
Don't visit Daily Kos then. There's always a diary with his repellent visage present. ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 2024 #28
Daily Kos DownriverDem Feb 2024 #37
Aka The Smelly Fuck. live love laugh Feb 2024 #17
I still say she can do better. He's kind of an asshole from what I've seen. louis-t Feb 2024 #12
They mainly hate Taylor and the majority of Swifties... TSExile Feb 2024 #13
Shitler now claims that he is why TS is a Billionaire. OMGWTF Feb 2024 #23
wow. what a loser ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 2024 #30
always about him, no.? AllaN01Bear Feb 2024 #34
We know that the "S" in TSF stands for sick, but I think it can also stand for STUPID!! TSExile Feb 2024 #39
Then why isn't he a billionaire? MorbidButterflyTat Feb 2024 #55
And every man who loves BlueSky3 Feb 2024 #68
I like him...reminds me of my hubs...a New Yorker-first generation Irish...his entire Demsrule86 Feb 2024 #16
His coach is a piece of crap. I'll provide details if you'd like. NoRethugFriends Feb 2024 #36
Stop It ProfessorGAC Feb 2024 #61
Excuses, excuses. I did not ever imply she needs "protecting" louis-t Feb 2024 #65
You're Being Ridiculous ProfessorGAC Feb 2024 #67
Now you're reading my subconscious? louis-t Feb 2024 #75
+ OverBurn Feb 2024 #69
Gold digger? keithbvadu2 Feb 2024 #14
Yes ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 2024 #31
How many teams, if any, would these cult members support? tornado34jh Feb 2024 #18
As I understand who the NFL attracts... ProudMNDemocrat Feb 2024 #19
True, but I have heard Republican heads explode when independent women are on ads tornado34jh Feb 2024 #26
Longtime female football fan here. Dulcinea Feb 2024 #35
The number of football fans that choose their teams based on the politics of their home cities is miniscule at best. MichMan Feb 2024 #22
That may be so tornado34jh Feb 2024 #24
That's nothing, they're losing their shit over Kelce yelling at Reid edbermac Feb 2024 #21
Travis' yelling at Reid seemed to work.... RussBLib Feb 2024 #25
Shocking! I've never heard of a football player getting angry at the coach! Ocelot II Feb 2024 #29
He shoved Reid and screamed in his face. MorbidButterflyTat Feb 2024 #57
Y'know Kelce also physically blocks defenders on some plays. Does that mean he's going to do something similar to Smith? onenote Feb 2024 #60
I hear you... TSExile Feb 2024 #66
MorbidButterflyTat Seriously? I think that's ridiculous. OverBurn Feb 2024 #70
Yes, but they still have hot celebs like Roseanne Barr and Ted Nugent... Ocelot II Feb 2024 #27
I can't believe you forgot BonnieJW Feb 2024 #46
And Kid Rock! ShazzieB Feb 2024 #62
Swift has social media data that Repugs would die for. Sneederbunk Feb 2024 #33
I don't think it will piss off incels... Shipwack Feb 2024 #38
I think both. TSExile Feb 2024 #42
True - but I think there is another factor drmeow Feb 2024 #53
Agree. And... MorbidButterflyTat Feb 2024 #63
Exactly! drmeow Feb 2024 #64
That makes no sense, but... Shipwack Feb 2024 #71
It is not that far off drmeow Feb 2024 #76
I don't want to get it............................. Lovie777 Feb 2024 #40
Works for me! calimary Feb 2024 #43
And we owe it all to Vivek Ramaswami for being the first to point out that Kelcy/Swift was a deep state psy-op world wide wally Feb 2024 #44
Did I miss the announcement? SpankMe Feb 2024 #45
As Brandon has ordained Kennah Feb 2024 #47
I am an incel. 3Hotdogs Feb 2024 #48
Rather than piss them off RocRizzo55 Feb 2024 #49
Wait until someone sees her wearing his sb ring...... getagrip_already Feb 2024 #52
I liked her video Anti-Hero jfz9580m Feb 2024 #73
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