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20. Keep talking, Nazi.
Sun Feb 18, 2024, 12:50 AM
Feb 2024

I used to dream of owning a Tesla — now, anything with that name should just die.

Ugh. I'm so glad I finally sold my Tesla roadster. truthisfreedom Feb 2024 #1
I am in perfect luck. airplaneman Feb 2024 #25
He's now aiding Russia with his StarLink system, conflicting with State Dept., and should have citizenship revoked. TheBlackAdder Feb 2024 #45
Someone check on how he got into our country. PurgedVoter Feb 2024 #2
Probably on an "Einstein" visa..... SergeStorms Feb 2024 #13
There's evidence that he violated his visa orthoclad Feb 2024 #14
It's always projection with these criminals. yardwork Feb 2024 #55
Is it "projection"? orthoclad Feb 2024 #62
Elon, just STFU RussBLib Feb 2024 #3
This bigot ran away from South Africa as apartheid collapsed struggle4progress Feb 2024 #4
He ran away from South Africa to avoid military service. DavidDvorkin Feb 2024 #35
Maybe. But he regularly spouts racist and anti-semitic crap; and when he left in '89 struggle4progress Feb 2024 #41
The fact that he ran away to avoid military service and now spouts those things demonstrates his hypocrisy DavidDvorkin Feb 2024 #43
More proof that a rich man, need not be a smart one. mzmolly Feb 2024 #5
Smarts don't count. Wealth and power count. orthoclad Feb 2024 #47
Well, Elon can't fake at being pretty like Habba does. Earth-shine Feb 2024 #60
He can buy people to say he's pretty. orthoclad Feb 2024 #63
He is so stupid! Just like the other igits he thinks someone can come across the border and straight Maraya1969 Feb 2024 #6
Please ask Elon if he found it easy to vote as an immigrant. blm Feb 2024 #10
Oh wow! Great point! Maraya1969 Feb 2024 #17
Shut UP you MUSH POS. Cha Feb 2024 #7
I second that Cha. bdamomma Feb 2024 #53
Of course, it's illegal for non-citizens to vote in federal, state, and most local elections William Seger Feb 2024 #8
Some states, presumably those which include a number of good-sized areas soldierant Feb 2024 #21
Damn, what an idiot PatSeg Feb 2024 #9
he is a bigot and a fool BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 2024 #11
I wonder Ollie Garkie Feb 2024 #12
Performative. speak easy Feb 2024 #15
How did this brainless idiot get to be so rich? patphil Feb 2024 #16
born into it, and lots of government contracts. niyad Feb 2024 #23
Speaking of so-called illegals IndyPepper Feb 2024 #18
I'll listen when they ban foreign campaign cash IbogaProject Feb 2024 #19
Keep talking, Nazi. byronius Feb 2024 #20
egoloon muskrat should stop wasting resources. niyad Feb 2024 #22
Muck Fusk. That is all....... Mopar151 Feb 2024 #26
HE IS MAKING SURE HE WON Jimvanhise Feb 2024 #24
Musk is a national security risk because of what he owns PufPuf23 Feb 2024 #27
He should be required to prove his accusations or stfu. Deuxcents Feb 2024 #28
I will never, ever buy a Tesla ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 2024 #29
Nope, me either. Initech Feb 2024 #57
If people are here illegally, they are not voting. AllyCat Feb 2024 #30
Thank you for framing your sentence correctly. TxGuitar Feb 2024 #37
There are no "illegals". I find that term AllyCat Feb 2024 #38
I don't know how any astronaut would risk his/her life in one of his giant private rockets. Jack-o-Lantern Feb 2024 #31
Musk surely knows better. hay rick Feb 2024 #32
Thanks for letting us know you're a racist and xenophobe, Elmo. sakabatou Feb 2024 #33
Scaring voters with immigrant lies is right out of Putin's dbsinformaotn narrative. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #34
A person is not illegal TxGuitar Feb 2024 #36
"Almost every asshole is a Republican voter"...There. I fixed it. Midnight Writer Feb 2024 #39
Eat shit fascist. nt Hotler Feb 2024 #40
Because everyone knows illegals can vote bif Feb 2024 #42
Said the legal immigrant. Kid Berwyn Feb 2024 #44
No human is illegal. yardwork Feb 2024 #46
"But I NEED x-Shitter, because...reasons" maxrandb Feb 2024 #48
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Feb 2024 #49
The whole Republican anti-immigration movement is due to this notion live love laugh Feb 2024 #50
Almost every Republican commits crimes Stardust Mirror Feb 2024 #51
Proves The Bopper Feb 2024 #52
From genius to moron, the sad decline of Johonny Feb 2024 #54
people who come into the country without proper documentation avoid the government at all costs DBoon Feb 2024 #56
Musk is an idiot LetMyPeopleVote Feb 2024 #58
this man is a piece of crap RANDYWILDMAN Feb 2024 #59
I quit twitter maptap22 Feb 2024 #61
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