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21. Some states, presumably those which include a number of good-sized areas
Sun Feb 18, 2024, 12:50 AM
Feb 2024

where a good number of people live but are not incorporated into s city or town, allow them to form "special districts" such as fire districts an water districts with the authority to assess taxes to keep them running. I happen to live in one of each of those. Non-citizens may vote in special district elections if they own land in the district, alone or jointly. No taxation without representation, after all. But it would surprise me if someone not here legally would be allowed to vote even in these. If I were here illegally, I certainly would not try. I've read too much about ICE detention centers, razor wire, stuff like that.

Ugh. I'm so glad I finally sold my Tesla roadster. truthisfreedom Feb 2024 #1
I am in perfect luck. airplaneman Feb 2024 #25
He's now aiding Russia with his StarLink system, conflicting with State Dept., and should have citizenship revoked. TheBlackAdder Feb 2024 #45
Someone check on how he got into our country. PurgedVoter Feb 2024 #2
Probably on an "Einstein" visa..... SergeStorms Feb 2024 #13
There's evidence that he violated his visa orthoclad Feb 2024 #14
It's always projection with these criminals. yardwork Feb 2024 #55
Is it "projection"? orthoclad Feb 2024 #62
Elon, just STFU RussBLib Feb 2024 #3
This bigot ran away from South Africa as apartheid collapsed struggle4progress Feb 2024 #4
He ran away from South Africa to avoid military service. DavidDvorkin Feb 2024 #35
Maybe. But he regularly spouts racist and anti-semitic crap; and when he left in '89 struggle4progress Feb 2024 #41
The fact that he ran away to avoid military service and now spouts those things demonstrates his hypocrisy DavidDvorkin Feb 2024 #43
More proof that a rich man, need not be a smart one. mzmolly Feb 2024 #5
Smarts don't count. Wealth and power count. orthoclad Feb 2024 #47
Well, Elon can't fake at being pretty like Habba does. Earth-shine Feb 2024 #60
He can buy people to say he's pretty. orthoclad Feb 2024 #63
He is so stupid! Just like the other igits he thinks someone can come across the border and straight Maraya1969 Feb 2024 #6
Please ask Elon if he found it easy to vote as an immigrant. blm Feb 2024 #10
Oh wow! Great point! Maraya1969 Feb 2024 #17
Shut UP you MUSH POS. Cha Feb 2024 #7
I second that Cha. bdamomma Feb 2024 #53
Of course, it's illegal for non-citizens to vote in federal, state, and most local elections William Seger Feb 2024 #8
Some states, presumably those which include a number of good-sized areas soldierant Feb 2024 #21
Damn, what an idiot PatSeg Feb 2024 #9
he is a bigot and a fool BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 2024 #11
I wonder Ollie Garkie Feb 2024 #12
Performative. speak easy Feb 2024 #15
How did this brainless idiot get to be so rich? patphil Feb 2024 #16
born into it, and lots of government contracts. niyad Feb 2024 #23
Speaking of so-called illegals IndyPepper Feb 2024 #18
I'll listen when they ban foreign campaign cash IbogaProject Feb 2024 #19
Keep talking, Nazi. byronius Feb 2024 #20
egoloon muskrat should stop wasting resources. niyad Feb 2024 #22
Muck Fusk. That is all....... Mopar151 Feb 2024 #26
HE IS MAKING SURE HE WON Jimvanhise Feb 2024 #24
Musk is a national security risk because of what he owns PufPuf23 Feb 2024 #27
He should be required to prove his accusations or stfu. Deuxcents Feb 2024 #28
I will never, ever buy a Tesla ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 2024 #29
Nope, me either. Initech Feb 2024 #57
If people are here illegally, they are not voting. AllyCat Feb 2024 #30
Thank you for framing your sentence correctly. TxGuitar Feb 2024 #37
There are no "illegals". I find that term AllyCat Feb 2024 #38
I don't know how any astronaut would risk his/her life in one of his giant private rockets. Jack-o-Lantern Feb 2024 #31
Musk surely knows better. hay rick Feb 2024 #32
Thanks for letting us know you're a racist and xenophobe, Elmo. sakabatou Feb 2024 #33
Scaring voters with immigrant lies is right out of Putin's dbsinformaotn narrative. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #34
A person is not illegal TxGuitar Feb 2024 #36
"Almost every asshole is a Republican voter"...There. I fixed it. Midnight Writer Feb 2024 #39
Eat shit fascist. nt Hotler Feb 2024 #40
Because everyone knows illegals can vote bif Feb 2024 #42
Said the legal immigrant. Kid Berwyn Feb 2024 #44
No human is illegal. yardwork Feb 2024 #46
"But I NEED x-Shitter, because...reasons" maxrandb Feb 2024 #48
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Feb 2024 #49
The whole Republican anti-immigration movement is due to this notion live love laugh Feb 2024 #50
Almost every Republican commits crimes Stardust Mirror Feb 2024 #51
Proves The Bopper Feb 2024 #52
From genius to moron, the sad decline of Johonny Feb 2024 #54
people who come into the country without proper documentation avoid the government at all costs DBoon Feb 2024 #56
Musk is an idiot LetMyPeopleVote Feb 2024 #58
this man is a piece of crap RANDYWILDMAN Feb 2024 #59
I quit twitter maptap22 Feb 2024 #61
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