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Mon Feb 19, 2024, 09:24 AM Feb 19

I would like to remind us older folk and tell the younger folk [View all]

that Marcia Clark and Chris Darden, by all accounts including that of Mr Darden, developed a sexual relationship during their prosecution of O.J. Simpson for a double homicide.

This can easily occur when two people are in close proximity for lengths of time. I personally know all about that process. Many times over, I might add.

So of course, the issue here for the pretend-to-be-less-than-sanctimonious is that untruths may have been stated as to when sexual intercourse occurred. Penetration, of any type, is the line we as a society utilize to define the act of sexual Congress, as it were. It becomes a whole different story when an individual is penetrated in any of his or her orifices.

In fact, the Defense does not care one whit about the potential dissembling, it wants the public to envision these two individuals, naked, sweating, thrusting, etc. I guarantee you that if this couple were Caucasian, this would not be the issue, or if it were, it would have been presented in a more arcane fashion.

Oh…are you upset that she may have hired him because he may or may not have been a sex partner? Look at any administration in any city, state, town, or hamlet and when you are told the inside story of how so and so was hired, it’s the same old same old.

I’m really tired of faux outrage concerning sex and sexuality. The Reagan crowd began using it wholesale with Falwell and his ilk in the late 1970’s and it has exploded into a massive Pearl-clutching by the hypocrites who are banging each other out of wedlock, asking casual acquaintances to join in threesomes, purchasing sex-products delivered always in plain brown boxes. The porn addiction among these individuals is extreme and all the while they act as though this is why the country is going to Hell in a hand basket.

I shall end this tirade with a direct quote from, believe it or not, my mother, who once casually remarked in her 80’s that “…what these assholes need is a real orgasm.” Truer words never spoken.

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When pukes say look over here, look over there. pwb Feb 19 #1
Great perspective. Basic LA Feb 19 #2
OK. So now MOMFUDSKI Feb 19 #3
She didn't say stuff like that often PCIntern Feb 19 #9
My wife said something similar regarding terrorists Danascot Feb 20 #61
You're a lucky man! PCIntern Feb 20 #62
But I'm not a terrorist Danascot Feb 20 #63
I'm a little surprised claudette Feb 19 #4
I agree but PCIntern Feb 19 #6
. . . and concupiscence concupisces! PTL_Mancuso Feb 19 #27
I have read that two other candidates turned the position down. FalloutShelter Feb 19 #8
Wade was third True Blue American Feb 20 #55
Considering her affair has nothing to do with the case... Think. Again. Feb 19 #10
If that were claudette Feb 19 #40
I think that's the question that everyone is asking. Think. Again. Feb 19 #44
Because venial peopl such as Republicans and Trump* lawyers soldierant Feb 19 #49
So what? paleotn Feb 19 #22
No. Of course not claudette Feb 19 #39
All the lawyers in the Georgia bar have replied, if questioned, thatin Georgia it isn't a violation. soldierant Feb 19 #50
Wonder if Willis considered how her bowel movements would be perceived. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 19 #23
Certainly not the same thing claudette Feb 19 #41
Perhaps a reporter should investigate to confirm no one else was on the toilet. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 19 #45
Except claudette Feb 19 #47
Is there evidence of sexual harassment? Hermit-The-Prog Feb 19 #48
I had forgotten that about Clark and Darden. FalloutShelter Feb 19 #5
Your mother was right, Goddessartist Feb 19 #7
I'd like to remind EVERYONE that if the lead prosecutor in GA were a white MALE (or probably even hlthe2b Feb 19 #11
Absolutely. PCIntern Feb 19 #12
I guess I'm not quite understanding tavernier Feb 19 #13
I understand... PCIntern Feb 19 #15
Ok, just read a synopsis and am caught up. tavernier Feb 19 #19
Hope so too!!! PCIntern Feb 19 #20
You're a fast reader! I'm in your shoes. LeftInTX Feb 19 #30
I opened the most recent press link tavernier Feb 19 #38
u forgot about the pool boy. mopinko Feb 19 #14
OMG LOL BumRushDaShow Feb 19 #21
Oh jeez...Forgot about him and I forgot his name. Wasn't he the "uncooperative witness"? LeftInTX Feb 19 #24
Kato Kaelin BumRushDaShow Feb 19 #28
lol. i meant falwell's pool boy, but... mopinko Feb 19 #33
Ha ha BumRushDaShow Feb 19 #36
Fani Willis wins the day with her quote: BarbD Feb 19 #16
And that mountain grammy Feb 19 #17
Solid proof, again, that one should always listen to their mother. jaxexpat Feb 19 #18
I know the OJ case happened in 1995 or so. LeftInTX Feb 19 #25
Right, and the outcome of the trial was a verdict of not guilty for the defendant. Barry Markson Feb 19 #26
No... PCIntern Feb 19 #32
Thank you for stating it so well wendyb-NC Feb 19 #29
It's the never ending story. WinstonSmith4740 Feb 19 #31
KnR Hekate Feb 19 #34
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 19 #35
No argument there PCIntern Feb 19 #37
I think MorbidButterflyTat Feb 19 #42
Have any of those sanctimonious lawyers bothered to ask Chump FakeNoose Feb 19 #43
At worse - this is a "code of conduct" issue, and I am not really sure that it is. But I would like to point out PaulRevere08 Feb 19 #46
Apparently, in Georgia, if both spouses are lawyers they can represent opposing sides in a trial. Vinca Feb 19 #51
Well, Clark and Darden lost a "slam dunk prosecution." Just saying. Silent Type Feb 19 #52
Causal fallacy much? dpibel Feb 20 #57
Nope. And I don't read by pointing at -- and mouthing -- each word. Silent Type Feb 20 #58
So sad dpibel Feb 20 #60
Home run orangecrush Feb 19 #53
And Geraldo. Had an affair with Denise True Blue American Feb 20 #54
Recommended. H2O Man Feb 20 #56
Lol at your Mom's Wisdom. Cha Feb 20 #59
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