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13. I didn't want to see an airplane engine on fire either.
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 04:30 PM
Feb 2024

But it still landed with a slew of firetrucks and foam being sprayed everywhere on the landing strip around us.

Half of everything is psychology, and people don't want to see plane parts falling off as they are flying.
Or plane parts on fire.

Civilian passengers don't know the difference between a slat and wing core.
They cannot tell minor from major problems.
It is not a good look for the airlines.

Amtrak starting to look like a great alternative if you're not in a rush. n/t SheilaAnn Feb 2024 #1
"A rush" is a relative turn brooklynite Feb 2024 #39
Jebus H. Christ. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #2
The wing didn't fall off... sensationalistic headline. Happy Hoosier Feb 2024 #4
A passenger said he saw part of the wing fall off. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #7
The slat is technically part of the wing... Happy Hoosier Feb 2024 #9
I didn't want to see an airplane engine on fire either. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #13
Fires are ALWAYS airworthiness threatening! Happy Hoosier Feb 2024 #15
It was a military aircraft. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #19
Roger that! Happy Hoosier Feb 2024 #23
I never forgot the pilot saying "I don't need that engine." Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #28
Any airframe failure that leaves the airframe visibly damaged is airworthiness threatening. Girard442 Feb 2024 #16
Exactly. We don't know if it was related to a sequence of other problems that will get worse. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #21
But a slat isn't part of the airframe. Happy Hoosier Feb 2024 #24
From the Cornell Law School: Girard442 Feb 2024 #31
Yeah, that smells like somebody missed some sort of wear or metal fatigue Cheezoholic Feb 2024 #42
+1. terrible headline. clickbait Tetrachloride Feb 2024 #40
Looks like the slat delaminated. Happy Hoosier Feb 2024 #3
Was William Shatner on that flight? bluesbassman Feb 2024 #5
You beat me to it lordy their is video nt doc03 Feb 2024 #26
I'd pretty much made up my mind not to fly anywhere again, and this confirms my qualms. planetc Feb 2024 #6
Airbuses have had their problems too.... Happy Hoosier Feb 2024 #10
Qantas JoseBalow Feb 2024 #32
Note that this plane landed safely. maxsolomon Feb 2024 #12
Not a good time to be smug. Girard442 Feb 2024 #20
Who's smug? maxsolomon Feb 2024 #29
It had to be at cruising altitude and speed SpankMe Feb 2024 #34
Yes, because the pilot realized he needed to get that plane on the ground ASAP Warpy Feb 2024 #41
LOTS ! DFW Feb 2024 #17
You're in much more danger driving to the airport than you are in any Boeing EX500rider Feb 2024 #47
Whoa, deja vu Attilatheblond Feb 2024 #8
The passenger video of the slat is confusing. maxsolomon Feb 2024 #11
Manufacturing or Maintence issue? OAITW r.2.0 Feb 2024 #14
The plane is 20 years old, how is this Boeing's problem? Angleae Feb 2024 #18
The 757 is my favority airliner. Flew on it many many times from east to west coast. Love the thrust during takeoff! beaglelover Feb 2024 #22
Expensive jet to fly. Happy Hoosier Feb 2024 #27
Wing "falls apart"? hatrack Feb 2024 #25
Kinda glad she talked us into always taking Amtrak when we cross country. Torchlight Feb 2024 #30
727 is still the safest commercial aircraft ever. rickford66 Feb 2024 #33
One of the passengers posted pics in real time musette_sf Feb 2024 #35
The Boeing "Dreamliner" Richard D Feb 2024 #43
That looks like they very well could've hit something n/t Cheezoholic Feb 2024 #45
Yeah I suspect a bird strike EX500rider Feb 2024 #48
It looks like something punctured the slat which made the holes we see and the slat slowly desintigrated ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 2024 #46
Boeing? Richard D Feb 2024 #36
And this from a different, also distinguised, DUer. twodogsbarking Feb 2024 #38
I would have had a heart attack if I would have seen that rurallib Feb 2024 #37
This thread is funny. Nobody complementing the design of an aircraft the pilots/crew that can safely handle this anomaly Cheezoholic Feb 2024 #44
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