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22. That's a strong no from this provider with my own private practice
Sun Feb 25, 2024, 03:35 PM
Feb 25

Regulation is necessary - as in all industries.

All healthcare should be publicly owned and operated. NT. Voltaire2 Feb 25 #1
Yep. Cuba does it. Marcus IM Feb 25 #3
Not necessarily. Our non-profit hospital is far better than the VA Hospital I also use. While it is Wonder Why Feb 25 #6
If it's owned by the county it is publicly owned. Voltaire2 Feb 25 #7
It was built and paid for by a private donor who gave a huge donation to get it going long ago. It is not Wonder Why Feb 25 #8
It's still publicly owned, no matter who donated the money Warpy Feb 25 #10
The contention of the poster I replied to had the additive AND OPERATED. That is the critical thing. Wonder Why Feb 25 #19
Does it have shareholders, whose interest by law marybourg Feb 25 #14
++ appalachiablue Feb 25 #12
Shitty? tom_kelly Feb 25 #17
That's a strong no from this provider with my own private practice tulipsandroses Feb 25 #22
Similar story in CT and PA - Prospect Medical Holdings RandomNumbers Feb 25 #2
Sadly, counties aren't willing to -- or can't - fund their modern hospital systems. Thus, they turn to private entities. Silent Type Feb 25 #4
Nurses on Reddit hate HCA facilities ismnotwasm Feb 25 #5
"What Happens When Private Equity Takes Over a Hospital" -- Harvard Medical School Gaugamela Feb 25 #9
+1 leftstreet Feb 25 #11
Thanks, people need to know the truth about PE. Soon. appalachiablue Feb 25 #13
It needs to be fixed DownriverDem Feb 25 #15
Medicare Advantage is a corporate enterprise paid for by taxpayers. Big Blue Marble Feb 25 #23
Medicaid is managed the same way as traditional Medicare - not for profit. yellowdogintexas Feb 25 #31
True the funding is from the federal and state governments. Big Blue Marble Feb 25 #32
Insurances won't pay for ambulance to take patients to ER's farther away either wishstar Feb 25 #16
It would appear... GiqueCee Feb 25 #18
America isn't alone. No country has been able to figure out how to have good healthcare systems. Marcus IM Feb 25 #20
You do know that many have better patient outcomes than we do? Big Blue Marble Feb 25 #24
Yes. Did you see the sarcasm smiley? Marcus IM Feb 25 #27
Whoops! Big Blue Marble Feb 25 #33
Totally cool. Marcus IM Feb 25 #34
Somehow private equity needs to be prevented from buying our healthcare facilities. Lonestarblue Feb 25 #21
Private equity firms are insidiously destroying the American way of life FakeNoose Feb 25 #26
+1 dalton99a Feb 25 #29
The local HCA owned hospital misdiagnosed my cancer xmas74 Feb 25 #25
HCA is Evil Incarnate. nt yellowdogintexas Feb 25 #28
hmmm, HCA..where have I heard that acromyn before? onethatcares Feb 25 #30
We desperately need gov. regulation of healthcare. area51 Feb 25 #35
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