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12. Yes but,... our media needs an exciting horse race where,...
Mon Feb 26, 2024, 10:35 AM
Feb 26

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... the entire campaign is neck and neck during the duration of the political season. If the MSM can make the election close they can rake in astronomical sums of money in political adverts.

Due to the inherent weakness of the ReThug Party the MSM has to ignore and down play trDUMP's weaknesses and manufacture concocted faults and weaknesses attributed to President Biden. That way the buffoon trDUMP is not the isolated flawed human on the political stage. Biden has manufactured flaws and issues just like trDUMP. Nobody is perfect. This helps normalize trDUMP's outrageousness, inappropriate behavior, and over the edge wacked out thought processes.

They cloud and trash the political landscape so they can ultimately maximize their profits derived from political ads in the media. The MSM promotes Fascism when they promote trDUMP. The media hates American Democracy - they welcome a Fascistic Kleptocracy, a Fascistic Theocracy, and a Fascistic brand of Hyper Capitalism run by obscenely rich Oligarchic Authoritarians who rule with an iron fist.

Besides trDUMP is a consumate showman and shyster conartist. He is rude, crude, hyper emotional, laughably stupid, incoherent, inconsiderate, immature, and a narcissistic ego maniac alpha toxic male who yearns to be dictator/despot for life.

trDUMP Is an exciting bombastic colorful person gift wrapped with a bow of Fascism - what is not to love and respect about him ?

He is the perfect specimen of a manly man tough guy - except for the occasional and timely patriotic blister, bunion, and bone spur - and don't forget his most glowing attribute - Donald being God's gift to womanhood in every way imaginable.

What's not to like and love about djt and reason to worship the ground this Messiah walks on ?

Thank you JustAnotherGen Feb 26 #1
Thank you for taking the time and the trouble to write this. Raven Feb 26 #2
Age is relative. Trump may be physically younger than Biden, but he is mentally far older and far less knowledgeable. Lonestarblue Feb 26 #3
Those fonts of free press gave us G. Bush in 2000. jaxexpat Feb 26 #40
Never underestimate your adversary. Wednesdays Feb 26 #64
Just below that average age, but get it. However, I'm not sure majority of 30, 40, 50 year-olds do. Silent Type Feb 26 #4
That's fine if I'm attending a dinner party Barry Markson Feb 26 #5
How young? KS Toronado Feb 26 #14
Why? snowybirdie Feb 26 #19
They want a Butterflylady Feb 26 #45
The best is what we all want. They needed DeBakey's intellect and guidance. May the Force Be With You. Joinfortmill Feb 26 #28
From your post Barry Markson Feb 26 #39
any post including 'just saying' stopdiggin Feb 26 #41
Good point! ShazzieB Feb 26 #63
*Chortle* NBachers Feb 26 #44
Joe runs the hospital. He makes it a great place to work. Mopar151 Feb 27 #70
The qualities of wisdom and experience BonnieJW Feb 26 #6
Thank you for this thoughtful post Wild blueberry Feb 26 #7
It was remarkable. Thanks! PCIntern Feb 26 #23
Beautifully said karynnj Feb 26 #8
TSF can't hire or retain good staff, because he's a crappy boss. ShazzieB Feb 26 #62
Thank you! niyad Feb 26 #9
Hear, hear! Hekate Feb 26 #10
As I wrote in another post, Bumbles Feb 26 #11
Yes but,... our media needs an exciting horse race where,... magicarpet Feb 26 #12
Thank you! Jean Genie Feb 26 #13
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda Feb 26 #15
I hope your dinner companions are now DU readers. :-) TheRickles Feb 26 #16
K&R onecaliberal Feb 26 #17
Thank you for this important post. Paper Roses Feb 26 #18
Age has little to do with mental fitness. littlemissmartypants Feb 26 #20
Thank you for your post on older experts. True Blue American Feb 27 #71
Happy to be the 100th rec AKwannabe Feb 26 #21
As an added bonus!!! Kamala Harris!!! wolfie001 Feb 26 #22
The media has invested in the fantasy that there are two rational choices. hay rick Feb 26 #24
Amen, Doc. And keep on truckin'. Joinfortmill Feb 26 #25
Thank you for sharing wisdom matters for our President. dlk Feb 26 #26
Like everything America is in the process of becoming Marthe48 Feb 26 #27
Many years ago when email was relatively new housecat Feb 26 #29
How old are the Justices of the Supreme Court? applegrove Feb 26 #30
Only 2 of them (Thomas and Alito) are over 70. ShazzieB Feb 26 #59
Thanks. applegrove Feb 26 #66
Yes! And there are many much younger that have problems with both health and their memories. LiberalFighter Feb 26 #31
That is not what Carter says. former9thward Feb 26 #65
Thank you for writing this -- beautifully put! fierywoman Feb 26 #32
I read your first sentence... Trueblue Texan Feb 26 #33
Thanks for this post PC! Quakerfriend Feb 26 #34
A lovely tribute to age's wise brilliance and can-do. But ancianita Feb 26 #35
Perfect!..... KnR...nt MiHale Feb 26 #36
Warren Buffett is 97 SCantiGOP Feb 26 #37
Formidable! Mme. Defarge Feb 26 #38
Thank you. limbicnuminousity Feb 26 #42
Somene should write a book or better yet Prairie_Seagull Feb 26 #43
82 is the new 62, cilla4progress Feb 26 #46
Wonderful (not really correct, not WONDER, but FULL of fine and good things!) elleng Feb 26 #47
I very much appreciate this post Mira Feb 26 #48
Exactly. My husband is 81 and just had ... Chalco Feb 26 #49
Love it! PCIntern Feb 26 #50
Or at least, at the very least. SarahD Feb 26 #51
I could not agree more! Yes, YES, and YES AGAIN!!! calimary Feb 26 #52
Great post. Totally agree. I grew up with Depression ERA, WWII parents. Never forget. Evolve Dammit Feb 26 #53
I as well... PCIntern Feb 26 #54
And the stark difference between now and then; they came together for the common good. nt Evolve Dammit Feb 26 #61
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story, and man, I want to go to your parties!! Ha ha heh. SWBTATTReg Feb 26 #55
Democracy or Dictatorship. That's what's on the menu for 2024. TigressDem Feb 26 #56
Need a Constitutional Amend to Give Biden a third term. Edwcraig Feb 26 #57
I truly wish DENVERPOPS Feb 26 #58
I used to have on file a meme soldierant Feb 26 #60
Joe is too old. I am 71 and I am too old. I worked in a high stress high intensity cardiology lab for many years. I know Handler Feb 26 #67
Thank you, PCIntern wendyb-NC Feb 27 #68
As promised... soldierant Feb 27 #69
Yep, I'm currently visiting a couple and the husband is 89! He taught sinkingfeeling Feb 27 #72
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