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Turley is predisposed to being a turd and lying. LiberalFighter Feb 26 #1
I see what you did there (and I love it!). Think. Again. Feb 26 #15
Fucking Turley? Really. What a crock of useless shit. bullimiami Feb 26 #2
Ok, let's do Trump now... bhikkhu Feb 26 #3
Turley Has Gone Completely Nuts ProfessorGAC Feb 26 #4
Really. Who the heck are these people? Biophilic Feb 26 #13
Then trump Rebl2 Feb 26 #20
Let's Go With That! ProfessorGAC Feb 27 #33
You left out rapist Conjuay Feb 27 #35
Lying Lawyer says what? WA-03 Democrat Feb 26 #5
Irish Need Not Apply? eShirl Feb 26 #6
Well, sure. His grandfather got deported for avoiding military service tanyev Feb 26 #7
Turley has more missing bolts than a Boeing 737 Max. Emile Feb 26 #8
Genealogy shows us every family has ancestors who were saints and sinners. Irish_Dem Feb 26 #9
Turley! Who else?! no_hypocrisy Feb 26 #10
What a crock! Turdley makes Bozo on a bender seem like a serous person. TheKentuckian Feb 26 #11
Not only is he an incompetent lawyer, he apparently is an incompetent spooky3 Feb 26 #12
How did I know it was going to be Turley? A_Woman_from_MI Feb 26 #14
Can't wait to see... Think. Again. Feb 26 #16
What a crock of crap. Joe Biden is... 3catwoman3 Feb 26 #17
Turley's comments suggest he is genetically disposed to public collapse of reputation. Sad. Hekate Feb 26 #18
Oh Lordy Rebl2 Feb 26 #19
Pres Lincoln Pardoned Pres Biden's Great Great Cha Feb 26 #21
That University edhopper Feb 26 #22
There was a time when I actually listened to Turley... spanone Feb 26 #23
Aside from it being unlikely to be genetic, compare Biden to Trump karynnj Feb 26 #24
Biden had a great-great grandfather who committed a crime (and was pardoned), Ocelot II Feb 26 #25
So is higher education good or bad now? Conservatives kwolf68 Feb 26 #26
On my dad's side they were circus people. My grandfather and 2 of his brothers were an aerial act. appleannie1 Feb 26 #27
At one time long, long ago I used to enjoy his contributions.....now?? a kennedy Feb 26 #28
WTF. Are we now pushing republican talking points? The Independent is a tabloid rag JohnSJ Feb 26 #29
I'm genetically predisposed to urinating on him RainCaster Feb 26 #30
I agree. Time to piss on that fucking turd. SoFlaBro Feb 27 #34
Hmmm. Dr. Strange Feb 27 #38
TSF is gonna run with this crap. Deuxcents Feb 26 #31
Huh?! - TURLEY's been a sleeze forever but this is breaking new ground for him. UTUSN Feb 26 #32
Somebody must have the goods on Turley... PCIntern Feb 27 #36
According to Turley, so am I DFW Feb 27 #37
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