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I want him to get the help he needs.... FarPoint Feb 28 #1
At least the Democrats didn't turn them into a woman like she accuses in her bio Walleye Feb 28 #3
Well, ya gotta have standards to be in the Groupies Of Putin party....... lastlib Feb 28 #29
He needs help atreides1 Feb 28 #9
He definitely needs psychological help, but based on the reporting, he was apparently stealing Texin Feb 28 #27
tyler is legally an adult. niyad Feb 28 #41
thank you Skittles Feb 29 #68
Yes a disturbing set of crimes. Irish_Dem Feb 28 #50
Evidently, he was intending to use the stolen IDs in identity cyber crimes most likely. Texin Feb 28 #53
He had his own little criminal enterprise. Irish_Dem Feb 28 #55
There is an old adage DENVERPOPS Feb 28 #28
If that punk shows even a shred of empathy to anyone..... wolfie001 Feb 28 #49
Feral cats have more parental guidance than the Boebert boys. magicarpet Feb 28 #32
I want him to get the same help Black and Brown teen boys get in America IronLionZion Feb 28 #39
Boebert crime family, can we get it trending? Walleye Feb 28 #2
Maybe need... 2naSalit Feb 28 #5
But Hunter! Zambero Feb 28 #13
So he was... 2naSalit Feb 28 #4
the crime of "vehicle trespass" is entering a car without permission, it doesn't mean he stole the car thesquanderer Feb 28 #51
Thanks... 2naSalit Feb 28 #60
I assumed stolen debit and credit cards. n/t Demobrat Feb 28 #64
So when is he running for office?...republican credentials up to date! MiHale Feb 28 #6
The Boebert clan's display of RW christian family values should really firm up her credentials for the VP slot. sop Feb 28 #25
Yep, she surely has reached 'she who can see Russia from her porch' level Attilatheblond Feb 28 #35
When he gets his "blame the poor for my bad actions" spiel down, he's a front-runner destined for greatness........ jaxexpat Feb 28 #37
What a wonderful role model of Mother and son for the Grandchild. ProudMNDemocrat Feb 28 #7
Wow, she really is Sarah Palin 2.0. tanyev Feb 28 #8
Boobert makes Sarah Palin appear ALMOST intelligent. ProudMNDemocrat Feb 28 #10
Tyler makes Track look like a model citizen Zambero Feb 28 #14
No wonder she's been quiet of late bucolic_frolic Feb 28 #11
He should put this on his application for admission to Trump University. NNadir Feb 28 #12
Trump did say he wants to shoot petty thieves. sop Feb 28 #15
This what happens when you raise kids around the idea of grifting. Bluethroughu Feb 28 #16
Is he the one who is a new father??? TNNurse Feb 28 #17
Yes niyad Feb 28 #23
Didn't we go through this with Sarah Palin? mwb970 Feb 28 #18
Yes niyad Feb 28 #24
Family values. dalton99a Feb 28 #19
All you need to know about his mom is this KS Toronado Feb 28 #20
Carry on my wayward son Blue Owl Feb 28 #21
I expected drag racing, underage drinking, rumbling, vandalism, shoplifting ... marble falls Feb 28 #22
Takes after his Mom. She's been stealing since she been in office. Autumn Feb 28 #26
she has an 18 year old son? prodigitalson Feb 28 #30
He's the one that made her a 36 year old grandmother Tom of Temecula Feb 28 #34
classy prodigitalson Feb 29 #70
When will the GOP address the misdeeds of the Boebert Crime Family!!!??? NT Happy Hoosier Feb 28 #31
would give a pass to what misdeeds her (barely) adult son has recently committed had she not ranted on about Hunter Freethinker65 Feb 28 #33
This is election interference, plain and simple. ECL213 Feb 28 #36
Become ungovernable to own the libs IronLionZion Feb 28 #38
hem. AllaN01Bear Feb 28 #40
I think this puts the nail in her coffin Nittersing Feb 28 #42
One dares to dream! niyad Feb 28 #44
Bimbo Barbie raised a little criminal scumbag cretin. SoFlaBro Feb 28 #43
who was an unmarried father at 17. niyad Feb 28 #45
The whole shitty family is just fucking gross. Time for more "Beetlejuice" hanky panky SoFlaBro Feb 28 #46
I look forward to the day that I never have to think about any of them. niyad Feb 28 #47
How old's his kid now? 2,3? wolfie001 Feb 28 #48
I think the child was born last April. niyad Feb 28 #58
Poor kid............nt wolfie001 Feb 28 #61
They certainly are Palinistic! IrishAfricanAmerican Feb 28 #52
Kick. N/T Upthevibe Feb 28 #54
Damn, Boo Boo, karma is alive and well. republianmushroom Feb 28 #56
Something about an acorn and a tree? n/t SpankMe Feb 28 #57
hmmm, a number of reports only say spawn was arrested for trespass, niyad Feb 28 #59
Cries of "Political Witch Hunt!" in 3...2...1... Wednesdays Feb 28 #62
Boebart's family deserves the same peace, respect, and decency they gave to the Biden family. LetMyPeopleVote Feb 28 #63
Reminds me of Palin's spawn. mwb970 Feb 28 #65
I wonder what she'll do for money Demobrat Feb 28 #66
If you're a felon can you own a gun? IcyPeas Feb 29 #67
here we go again Snoopy 7 Feb 29 #69
I hope this isn't a distraction from her day job. bluedigger Feb 29 #71
and he made a sex tape azureblue Feb 29 #72
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