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I would have done the same thing. Upthevibe Feb 27 #1
It's part of why i don't go to MurrayDelph Feb 27 #46
I don't know about anywhere else, but grumpyduck Feb 27 #81
They're more subtle MurrayDelph Feb 27 #96
Also too, fk Hobby Lobby. OMGWTF Feb 27 #87
Haven't been Rebl2 Feb 27 #160
I do art I_UndergroundPanther Feb 27 #169
Many of these so-called "Christians" are the antithesis of what He would have said (The Father or The Son). COL Mustard Feb 27 #173
Money grubbers True Blue American Feb 28 #205
The phrase of the day melm00se Feb 28 #206
I don't want to see religious proselytizing on my food Ocelot II Feb 27 #2
oh my bdamomma Feb 27 #3
I am anti-religion in general. Lunabell Feb 27 #4
What?! cilla4progress Feb 27 #20
"It would be almost unbelievable, if history did not record.... lastlib Feb 27 #70
I am spiritual not religious Blue Idaho Feb 28 #213
I'm still a Christian but organized churches and ALBliberal Feb 27 #5
I'm religious. Aussie105 Feb 27 #119
Imagine if only one guy believed in Christianity Shermann Feb 27 #131
"Okay, here's the deal... Sky Jewels Feb 28 #216
That ol' time secular honey! nt The Unmitigated Gall Feb 27 #6
For me, it's the front running prosperity touting christians. Marcus IM Feb 27 #7
And the End-Timers who love to see war in the ME because it means Jeebus is coming back. OMGWTF Feb 27 #92
I'm totally with you on that! calimary Feb 27 #8
People are sometimes taken aback... Hugin Feb 27 #9
They make it so easy. Jirel Feb 27 #10
Who is "they"? You mean Right Wing crackpots? whathehell Feb 27 #123
The majority of Christian voters cast their ballots for Trump. Mariana Feb 27 #136
"The majority of Christian voters cast their ballots for Trump" because of abortion, no doubt... DemocraticPatriot Feb 27 #163
8 years of HS/College Jesuit education. One of the great bodies of educators in this world. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 29 #230
Congratulatons for being among the minority. Mariana Mar 1 #240
Could that because a majority of Americans whathehell Feb 29 #234
You said the right wing crackpots are the minority of Christians. Mariana Mar 1 #239
Yes, and that's a true statement whathehell Mar 1 #241
True - but some of the Catolic Bishops are peddling soldierant Feb 27 #178
Seriously?..If so, I'd guess the operative word whathehell Feb 27 #184
Likely correct. But like most fascists, they are very loud. soldierant Feb 28 #227
Not loud enough for me to hear.. whathehell Feb 29 #232
I'm Catholic, this thread is giving me heartburn, but also Dorian Gray Feb 29 #233
Thank you. soldierant Feb 29 #235
I would have done the same thing too. StarryNite Feb 27 #11
Most religions are filled with good stories that can be used Jerry2144 Feb 27 #12
Wow - exactly my thinking! cilla4progress Feb 27 #26
I worry about our prehistoric ancestors... Omnipresent Feb 27 #62
For some reason, modern Christianity teaches little about the Harrowing of Hell Coventina Feb 27 #74
I'm glad he was able to rescue those cavemen then. Omnipresent Feb 27 #80
But who will save the modern Neanderthals who took over Jerry2144 Feb 27 #94
I just assumed Republican Jesus would. Omnipresent Feb 27 #105
Well, Son of a Gun! I had no idea! PTL_Mancuso Feb 28 #208
You are very welcome! Coventina Feb 28 #221
Add the works of Terry Pratchett for moral fables. GoneOffShore Feb 27 #91
HELLO ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 28 #220
Stories about hateful deities killing everything from first born sons John Shaft Feb 28 #217
I'm drifting Druid and Kahuna bucolic_frolic Feb 27 #13
Zackly cilla4progress Feb 27 #27
I am Pagan atreides1 Feb 27 #40
Lapsed Unitarian, raised Presbyterian, and doing Christmas and Solstice. GoneOffShore Feb 27 #93
Eating the chocolate bunny ears! Dem2theMax Feb 27 #124
I suspect you are anti xchristian rather than anti christian frogstar0 Feb 27 #14
The Carters are a fine example of Christians who walk the walk. Lunabell Feb 27 #25
The religion I've been most closely associated with in my adult life cilla4progress Feb 27 #30
That's another good one. Lunabell Feb 27 #32
this is the only one i've considered attending barbtries Feb 27 #54
Atheists are indeed welcome in UU congregations. 3catwoman3 Feb 27 #114
I am not certain how an Atheist can give a sermon. JanMichael Feb 28 #229
I am a Satanist I_UndergroundPanther Feb 27 #170
I had a potential contractor send me a "have a blessed weekend" email DBoon Feb 27 #15
that is the liberal version of getting mad about 'happy holidays' prodigitalson Feb 27 #60
I beg to differ a bit... slightlv Feb 27 #155
I have wonder liberal Christian friends Mz Pip Feb 27 #16
That's nice, but your friends are the minority of Christians in the US. Mariana Feb 27 #140
I don't cilla4progress Feb 27 #17
i don't know why it's even considered a single religion unblock Feb 27 #18
Welcome to the club Arazi Feb 27 #19
I'm thinking of making a "Keep Yule in Yuletide" bumper sticker. Scrivener7 Feb 27 #23
Banksy nailed it 20 years ago Celerity Feb 27 #55
Whoa. That hits in a strength-y way, doesn't it, now? Scrivener7 Feb 27 #58
Must. Resist. Nail. Joke. Coventina Feb 27 #75
Yep, Banksy nailed that one. God I miss Will. Autumn Feb 27 #181
Its hard to like Christians when they think I'm in league with the devil 303squadron Feb 27 #21
Newsflash: Right Wing "Christians" are a MINORITY whathehell Feb 27 #88
They sure as shit aren't a minority where I live . . . hatrack Feb 27 #97
Then maybe it's your area that's the problem. whathehell Feb 27 #109
They aren't a minority in the US. Most of them voted for Trump. Mariana Feb 27 #142
Call me prejudiced then 303squadron Feb 27 #147
I just wish they would stop trying to shove it down our throats. And uteruses. Scrivener7 Feb 27 #22
Religion is like a penis Jerry2144 Feb 27 #95
Whoa. That's awesome. Scrivener7 Feb 27 #100
And I forgot to add Jerry2144 Feb 27 #102
. Scrivener7 Feb 27 #122
MLK never hesitated to ground his activism in his Christian faith. summer_in_TX Feb 28 #204
The Black Church Dear_Prudence Feb 28 #219
"viewing religion as a tool, one that can be used to humanize people or one to dehumanize." summer_in_TX Feb 28 #222
Thanks Dear_Prudence Feb 28 #224
Thank you, Dear Prudence! summer_in_TX Feb 29 #231
Same here gay texan Feb 27 #24
I am anti-everything that is based entirely on make believe, as is Xianity, Sibelius Fan Feb 27 #28
See Dobbs Sky Jewels Feb 27 #196
Post removed Post removed Feb 27 #29
Maybe you are just new here. We don't need any sanctimonious Christians telling us what to believe. flying_wahini Feb 27 #37
She's not new. herding cats Feb 27 #45
Guilty! Coventina Feb 27 #38
If they put that on their label to sell products then (eye roll here). flying_wahini Feb 27 #31
I became an atheist when i was 10 (the god thing just didn't make sense to me) Buckeyeblue Feb 27 #33
When a business includes that they are Christian... LiberalFighter Feb 27 #34
I'm right there with you!! Ferrets are Cool Feb 27 #35
It seems that that Christians think only sinners can be Christians. LiberalFighter Feb 27 #36
I agree to some extent... although... LakeArenal Feb 27 #39
You should see BonnieJW Feb 27 #99
That is not my experience at all. LakeArenal Feb 27 #134
They also run a whole lot of puppy mills. leftyladyfrommo Feb 27 #141
Again... Wisconsin is famous for the "English" owned puppy mills. LakeArenal Feb 27 #150
Dont forget the amish I_UndergroundPanther Feb 27 #172
Dont forget the amish puppy mills I_UndergroundPanther Feb 27 #174
Lumping them all together is exactly what the Right Wing does with US oldsoftie Feb 27 #41
It wasn't a "thank YOU" (the customer) it was a thank GOD Coventina Feb 27 #52
Good answer.. well said. Exactly how I feel.. mountain grammy Feb 28 #215
Of course it was preaching. Mariana Feb 27 #144
What you (and I) need to remember senseandsensibility Feb 27 #42
I've grown more anti-religious period. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 27 #43
i totally would have done the same thing. barbtries Feb 27 #44
Being an empiricist I find it wierd that people believe in delusions Model35mech Feb 27 #47
Since I am a Pastafarian I guess I'm not completely anti-religious SouthernDem4ever Feb 27 #48
I'm with you. pandr32 Feb 27 #49
I've been that way for quite a while. Susan Calvin Feb 27 #50
I've become anti any religion dflprincess Feb 27 #51
Right there with you. byronius Feb 27 #53
Ain't that the truth? mainer Feb 27 #56
Strangely qwlauren35 Feb 27 #57
Christ teachings are pretty simple. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 27 #59
I suppose that's true, if you can sift through all the apochryphal texts Model35mech Feb 27 #65
"I don't need interpreters to twist and warp the message" Act_of_Reparation Feb 27 #113
Do you not? Sympthsical Feb 28 #211
You mean you have to watch The Passion of the Christ with the subtitles on??? Act_of_Reparation Feb 28 #212
Yes, but Sympthsical Feb 28 #214
There was no Christ. Goodheart Feb 27 #182
I never knew honey wasn't considered vegan until now. Mosby Feb 27 #61
"Science flew men to the moon..... lastlib Feb 27 #63
Technology in the hands of engineers flew men to the moon. Model35mech Feb 27 #133
Those who find the need to trumpet and advertise their beliefs often have hidden agendas dlk Feb 27 #64
I do the same Bettie Feb 27 #66
Try living in small town Oklahoma! Behind the Aegis Feb 27 #67
They assume you are the same type of Christian as them DBoon Feb 27 #125
I have a funny story LeftInTX Feb 27 #126
I think we need a freedom FROM religion amendment. DJ Synikus Makisimus Feb 27 #68
I used to be a "believe whatcha wanna" type. Happy Hoosier Feb 27 #69
Their need to be conquering Christian Soldiers, characterizes their insecurity Model35mech Feb 27 #72
I agree. but their dedication to privilege and power... Happy Hoosier Feb 27 #82
Their "willingness" means shit to me. Model35mech Feb 27 #98
Jesus called them Pharisees cutroot Feb 27 #71
What are they, then? Are they atheists? Are they followers of some other religion? Mariana Feb 27 #149
They are mostly fuck-heads ass-holes sycophants and thieves cutroot Feb 27 #188
I get it. madamesilverspurs Feb 27 #73
I have a very large house project & I'm shopping for a contractor CrispyQ Feb 27 #76
right there with ya. jcgoldie Feb 27 #77
She probably does do it on purpose. Mariana Feb 27 #153
I am an atheist, but I do adhere to certain of the "Christian" values in which I was raised. NNadir Feb 27 #78
a lot of angst comes from et tu Feb 27 #79
It's the self-righteous posturing. Basic LA Feb 27 #83
Years ago, Alaska Airlines had scripture on their cocktail napkins, which creeped me out OMGWTF Feb 27 #84
I didn't leave the Christian church. It left me rainin Feb 27 #85
I feel you. I would have thought and done the same thing,, and I'm a Christian-former-atheist. ancianita Feb 27 #86
Want to lose my business? Put a Jesus fish on your business card/website/billboard. hatrack Feb 27 #89
back when I had a pick-up truck Conjuay Feb 27 #167
They use the "Christian" label to hide the fact that they are the least qualified dalton99a Feb 27 #177
I have to remind myself constantly Demobrat Feb 27 #90
It is NOT prejudiced to be aware of where twisted truth comes from Model35mech Feb 27 #103
Sometimes I_UndergroundPanther Feb 27 #176
I once had a white male Christian co-worker Demobrat Feb 27 #191
You've got a lot of company out there Warpy Feb 27 #101
I'm with you. Kath2 Feb 27 #104
I'm with you. SarahD Feb 27 #106
I'm not anti-Christian but I really dislike products and services where their owner advertises their religion LymphocyteLover Feb 27 #107
Speaking for myself... Mike Nelson Feb 27 #108
Good Intensions bernieb Feb 27 #110
Secular honey. I like it! dchill Feb 27 #111
I went to first 6 grades in Catholic school SCantiGOP Feb 27 #112
I was already very anti-religion. Initech Feb 27 #115
Former Catholic and Presbyterian, now I'm an agnostic at best Best_man23 Feb 27 #116
Interesting. I am a Presbyterian Elder in the PC-USA church, not Presbyterian Church in America. phylny Feb 27 #138
I've noticed that the more a business proclaims their faith in god Stuckinthebush Feb 27 #117
Everyone's heard the expression, "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel", but really, it's religion. nt eppur_se_muova Feb 27 #127
Amen! Stuckinthebush Feb 27 #128
I've become the same about nationalism and patriotism. Torchlight Feb 27 #118
I've met so few of them. chowmama Feb 27 #120
no true Scotsman fallacy Celerity Feb 27 #148
Good for you! denvine Feb 27 #121
Don't trust the middleman Tom of Temecula Feb 27 #129
I have faith but don't need to go to a church organized by humans. appleannie1 Feb 27 #130
I'm the same way! woodsprite Feb 27 #132
I don't have a problem with any religion as long as they don't try to drag me down with them. Chainfire Feb 27 #135
Well they've dragged all US women down. Sky Jewels Feb 27 #195
The whole "God" thing gets me down. Just live life and be the best you. Best to all. twodogsbarking Feb 27 #137
Your post has obviously struck a nerve among many DUers. generalbetrayus Feb 27 #139
If someone has to announce that they're a Christian Klondike Kat Feb 27 #143
I avoid businesses and shops that display their little "Jesus Fish" emblem. Oopsie Daisy Feb 27 #145
I've had problems working on my laptop at local coffee shops AdamGG Feb 27 #146
Evangelical/Trump Christians are political Christians and are the public face of Christianity in America today. keithbvadu2 Feb 27 #151
I feel exactly the same way... Trueblue Texan Feb 27 #152
That's everyone's right Groundhawg Feb 27 #154
You need to separate the Christians from the Pseudo-Christians and Christofascists. Wonder Why Feb 27 #156
Doesn't God decide who's a Christian and who isn't? Mariana Feb 27 #157
That doesn't seem specifically anti Christian TheKentuckian Feb 27 #158
That's the same reason I wouldn't fly the flag from my truck. JohnnyRingo Feb 27 #159
Welcome to the silent majority. lindysalsagal Feb 27 #161
I have had people try to shove their dogma down my throat my whole life. Bird Lady Feb 27 #162
Public displays GAJMac Feb 27 #164
ME TOO Sessuch Feb 27 #165
I don't judge a company or individual on their religious beliefs TexasDem69 Feb 27 #166
Putting Bible verses on a product isn't a belef, it is an action. Mariana Feb 27 #179
Let the Buyer Beware screamcheese Feb 27 #168
I have come to associate Christianity with fear, hatred, cruelty and heartlessness. mwb970 Feb 27 #171
For me, religion is man-made. But there's a big difference between it being personal vs. when it rules the government tornado34jh Feb 27 #175
just anti holy rollers. pansypoo53219 Feb 27 #180
Faux Xtian yankee87 Feb 27 #183
It's like Trump hugging the flag Martin Eden Feb 27 #185
It's weird, ain't it. Iggo Feb 27 #186
To add one more thing GAJMac Feb 27 #187
That's the only kind of religious experience I need. Iggo Feb 27 #189
I routinely choose drmeow Feb 27 #190
Me, too. stage left Feb 27 #192
Murican Jesus hates you, but Woke Jesus loves you Kennah Feb 27 #193
You know those Jesus fish some Christians put on business marketing materials? Sky Jewels Feb 27 #194
About your feelings, they have a less than Christlike solution. czarjak Feb 27 #197
I ordered some gravy mix that luckily just happens to be vegan. MLAA Feb 27 #198
I personally buy what I like, regardless of the CEO Polybius Feb 27 #199
A little holy thank you note on a honey jar from the GenThePerservering Feb 28 #200
I do ForgedCrank Feb 28 #201
Found on Bob Smith Glue's website: barbaraann Feb 28 #202
The decline of religiosity is not by accident - their action speak louder than their words. walkingman Feb 28 #203
I would have done the same thing. llmart Feb 28 #207
A lot of the natural food company owners.... wolfie001 Feb 28 #209
I also don't want "religion" shoved at me. . . . h2ebits Feb 28 #210
today's ostentatious evangelical Christianity isn't about Christ, it's just a shibboleth paulkienitz Feb 28 #218
I have been anti-Christian since the Pentecosts scared me to death when I was five. apnu Feb 28 #223
I feel your pain, truly and deeply. Coventina Feb 28 #228
Recommended. H2O Man Feb 28 #225
I don't really think of myself as anti-Christian. Kath2 Feb 28 #226
Our last two Democratic presidents are Christians. former9thward Feb 29 #236
Well I know what you mean mvd Mar 1 #237
How do you feel about Jews and Muslims? Kaleva Mar 1 #238
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