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He is the only one of nighttime I never watch ! kimbutgar Feb 29 #1
Same here Traildogbob Feb 29 #3
same...n/t sagetea Feb 29 #23
Ditto William Seger Feb 29 #45
His schtick just doesn't ring True PTL_Mancuso Feb 29 #46
Me, too. Other three all better in brains, heart, & talent. UTUSN Feb 29 #77
I hate Fallon. Trueblue1968 Feb 29 #86
Susan must need a rest. Autumn Feb 29 #2
If Biden loses it will be because too many people in the U.S. didn't vote JohnSJ Feb 29 #26
Exactly right. sop Feb 29 #40
Well for a fact we know a large group of them aren't planning on voting for Biden that did the last time. Autumn Feb 29 #49
I don't believe... Think. Again. Feb 29 #62
I think it's a stupid thing to do. I would crawl a mile through broken glass to vote for Biden. Autumn Feb 29 #72
I never watch him. moondust Feb 29 #4
I don't watch late night shows Marthe48 Feb 29 #5
I'd guess he has a better agent than most of his previous peers. calimary Feb 29 #39
Agree!!!! RKP5637 Feb 29 #6
Agree. Although kcr Feb 29 #7
I will never forget that smarmy interview! 😬 ShazzieB Feb 29 #66
But we can call or email him. It is time to start fighting these negative influences Maraya1969 Feb 29 #8
He barely has an audience - he will make no difference womanofthehills Feb 29 #37
Please post the contact info. Hope22 Feb 29 #74
"It's apparent that Fallon's audience is a young demographic" Sympthsical Feb 29 #9
I don't think too many young people watch his show. Diamond_Dog Feb 29 #10
Exactly. shrike3 Feb 29 #13
I haven't had a tv for over 10 yrs womanofthehills Feb 29 #38
I think you give him way too much credit. All Mixed Up Feb 29 #11
I like Seth Meyer Johonny Feb 29 #12
And Colbert is feeling a bit rejected right now PatSeg Feb 29 #24
agree. i'm indifferent to watching his (colbert's) show lately. sick of anti biden bullshit. nt orleans Feb 29 #44
And the jokes are lazy and unoriginal writing PatSeg Feb 29 #70
Given so many people make fun of Biden's age, I don't know that it's fair to single Fallon out. shrike3 Feb 29 #14
Colbert brings up Biden's age every night. Hope22 Feb 29 #15
SNL has done that with every president ever. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 29 #69
Um two things.... Hope22 Feb 29 #79
And they have made fun of Trump for all those things. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 29 #82
The guy they have now that does the Trump impersonation Xavier Breath Feb 29 #91
Fallon is a bad drunk. He has no moral center. Everyone in Hollywood knows this. ZonkerHarris Feb 29 #16
There's been a lot of talk about Fallon's drinking and abusive behavior. sop Feb 29 #51
Lorne has protected him his entire career. ZonkerHarris Feb 29 #64
Nothing we can do about it except change the channel. Elessar Zappa Feb 29 #17
That's a valid point PatSeg Feb 29 #22
I wish we could go back to the days of Carson, Leno, and Letterman Polybius Feb 29 #18
Fuck Leno. marble falls Feb 29 #30
Why? Polybius Feb 29 #32
For the fun of it, google bad things about Jay Leno. I just find him a jerk. Fuck him. marble falls Feb 29 #47
True. cab67 Feb 29 #52
And Cronkite! moonscape Feb 29 #55
His show was on pretty early in the evening. Captain Stern Feb 29 #76
I was just blasting to the moonscape Mar 1 #97
I can't even stay up to watch the local news. maxsolomon Feb 29 #19
Want to know why the media always picks on Biden for his age? Earth-shine Feb 29 #20
Also DENVERPOPS Feb 29 #92
Shoot, I don't watch Jimmy Fallon PatSeg Feb 29 #21
I thought I'd never give up SNL catrose Feb 29 #25
I gave up on SNL... FoggyLake Feb 29 #29
To be fair, SNL was totally unfunny long before Biden ever became President. Oneironaut Feb 29 #65
"We need to stop laughing at Fallon..." LudwigPastorius Feb 29 #27
Everyone, Everywhere is DENVERPOPS Feb 29 #28
I do not think Hillary said "right-wing conspiracy" at any time after 1998. n/t John1956PA Feb 29 #57
Thx.......... DENVERPOPS Feb 29 #90
Don't give it a penny. Don't feed the beast. The Unmitigated Gall Feb 29 #67
Wonder if he's got a fragile ego behind that smart ass comedic front he puts on Cheezoholic Feb 29 #31
Jimmy Fallon is not a shock comedian. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 29 #71
Lol, hence the quotes, my hat tip to a true talent, who will be sdaly missed, Richard Lewis and Cheezoholic Feb 29 #85
Which one is he? Oopsie Daisy Feb 29 #33
Back in the Day... What a Guy PTL_Mancuso Feb 29 #50
He was a sub-par talent on SNL SouthernDem4ever Feb 29 #34
Post removed Post removed Feb 29 #35
I know almost no one in my age cohort (18 to 34, I am 27) who watches late night talk shows on telly networks. Celerity Feb 29 #36
I don't watch Fallon or any other late night, Sogo Feb 29 #41
Attacking Biden? I haven't seen that. ificandream Feb 29 #42
Comparing youtube views for a typical opening segment/monologue JT45242 Feb 29 #43
Leno did the same thing with Clinton. Mosby Feb 29 #48
I was so gonna say that! Basic LA Feb 29 #54
he's a fucking idiot orleans Feb 29 #53
I watched him like twice since he came on doc03 Feb 29 #56
It's just humor. Big deal. Oneironaut Feb 29 #58
Trump's mocking of the disabled was also just humor. live love laugh Feb 29 #60
Mocking people for disabilities isn't funny. Also, there's a huge difference Oneironaut Feb 29 #68
It's "just humor" isn't an acceptable excuse either. live love laugh Feb 29 #83
When Most Of Biden's Poll Numbers Are Upside Down Because Of His Age.... global1 Feb 29 #80
I think they fear DENVERPOPS Feb 29 #93
I have not watched him since he giggled and fawned over candidate Trump Greybnk48 Feb 29 #59
I was always a big fan of Jay Leno, going way back. Mr.Bill Feb 29 #61
If Joe Biden loses it isn't because of Jimmy Fallon. It is because one side (that is evil) convinced more people to vote Doodley Feb 29 #63
I gained a modicum of respect for JF during Strike Force 5. SleeplessinSoCal Feb 29 #73
Hold it! Are we to believe that repeating lies and BS works on viewers/listeners? Marcus IM Feb 29 #75
I started HATING Jay Leno when he constantly brought up Clinton's penis Grins Feb 29 #78
I do not watch this person LetMyPeopleVote Feb 29 #81
Thirty three of the 100 U.S. senators are OVER 70, five over 80, Chuck Grassley90yrs. Sparkman3 Feb 29 #84
Welcome to DU! KS Toronado Feb 29 #87
What did he do? I remember he Cha Feb 29 #88
WHY Doesn't Fallon Go After the TSF Traitor? Cha Feb 29 #89
SNL + Jimmy Fallon... common denominator NBC/Lorne Michaels IcyPeas Feb 29 #94
Fucking hack vercetti2021 Feb 29 #95
Yeah, um, no he hasn't. n/t flvegan Feb 29 #96
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