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25. I feel the same about the dog thing
Sat Mar 2, 2024, 11:16 AM
Mar 2

I'm not talking about someone who is afraid of dogs. But someone who doesn't like dogs? 🤔

Craziest thing. Biden's giving them exactly what they've wanted, but politics. marble falls Mar 1 #1
Yes you nailed it. Duncanpup Mar 1 #2
That was a very good move. redqueen Mar 1 #3
Absolutely Duncanpup Mar 1 #4
Agree. I thought it was a genius move. ms liberty Mar 1 #20
This is my very last statement on... Hugin Mar 1 #5
That should be Biden's campaign song tavernier Mar 1 #7
I agree. Hugin Mar 1 #8
ABC evening news did a contrast of the two at the order and. TFA sounded really stupid and President Biden kimbutgar Mar 1 #6
I clocked CBS Evening News as most right leaning. SleeplessinSoCal Mar 1 #13
If you haven't already done this I suggest everyone watch the videos of Biden with Seth Meyers. flashman13 Mar 1 #14
I saw it he really did a great job kimbutgar Mar 1 #18
Putrid ball of goo gets people to Cosplay with the felonious loser StClone Mar 1 #15
The best part of them arriving down there DENVERPOPS Mar 1 #9
Ooooooooooh, I LIKE that! calimary Mar 1 #16
You will enjoy this also DENVERPOPS Mar 1 #22
"Caution, wake turbulence, departing 747..." Ocelot II Mar 2 #26
As the White House spokesperson said: Pres. Biden passes cognitive tests all day long as... FailureToCommunicate Mar 1 #10
Indeed. calimary Mar 1 #17
I still would like to know johnnyfins Mar 1 #11
TNG. Under Abbot's control I guess. maxsolomon Mar 1 #12
I listen to Biden and his responses to questions. He is on top of most everything. twodogsbarking Mar 1 #19
Tell Every Trump Supporter Mr.Bee Mar 1 #21
I feel the same about the dog thing BonnieJW Mar 2 #25
What's not to love about dogs? Lunabell Mar 2 #27
Biden bases his actions on a combination of realism and over 40 years in public office. DFW Mar 2 #24
The stinking Nazi is losing his ability to talk Farmer-Rick Mar 2 #28
President Biden has NO cognitive decline. Think. Again. Mar 2 #29
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