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28. The stinking Nazi is losing his ability to talk
Sat Mar 2, 2024, 12:06 PM
Mar 2

Biden maybe slow and thoughtful when he speaks but he is still able to talk coherently. He knows people and remembers where and when he is.

Trump is using slurring sounds for words he can't pronounce anymore. He forgets words.....but then his substitutes aren't coherent. He does this every time he talks.

His excuse for getting everyone's names and his locations wrong is it's a joke. Trump doesn't have a sense of humor. Unless someone is getting hurt or insulted, Trump doesn't really laugh.

When he makes a mistake, he doesn't know he made a mistake and doesn't correct it immediately. Maybe later he does a weird video with his eyes going in different directions about what happened. But he doesn't recognize his own verbal flubs.

Trump can't find the end of his sentences anymore. He just rambles around an idea, then the media fixes up the sound bite to make it seem like he actually had a complete thought. Sometimes he goes off on tangents that nobody understands. Like when he went off about the USS Gerald Ford, hydraulics and dissolving magnets. What???????

He forgets where he is. He can't remember people or the year. It's not that he's forgetting names, he's forgetting people, places and time spans.

He's forgetting where he is. He's forgetting what year it is. That's why he uses Obama's name over and over. He thinks he's in the past, maybe 2008 or 2012. That's why he can't remember his wife's name. He's forgotten who she is because he's back in 2004.

Notice his change in demeanor when he can't find a word. Right before it happens, his eyes go blank, his jaw gets slack, he looks confused and then stumbles over common words, and repeats the wrong word over and over. Like when he tried to say 3 years later. He said 3 years lady, lady, lady. He was trying to say later and became mentally disoriented and went blank.

Craziest thing. Biden's giving them exactly what they've wanted, but politics. marble falls Mar 1 #1
Yes you nailed it. Duncanpup Mar 1 #2
That was a very good move. redqueen Mar 1 #3
Absolutely Duncanpup Mar 1 #4
Agree. I thought it was a genius move. ms liberty Mar 1 #20
This is my very last statement on... Hugin Mar 1 #5
That should be Biden's campaign song tavernier Mar 1 #7
I agree. Hugin Mar 1 #8
ABC evening news did a contrast of the two at the order and. TFA sounded really stupid and President Biden kimbutgar Mar 1 #6
I clocked CBS Evening News as most right leaning. SleeplessinSoCal Mar 1 #13
If you haven't already done this I suggest everyone watch the videos of Biden with Seth Meyers. flashman13 Mar 1 #14
I saw it he really did a great job kimbutgar Mar 1 #18
Putrid ball of goo gets people to Cosplay with the felonious loser StClone Mar 1 #15
The best part of them arriving down there DENVERPOPS Mar 1 #9
Ooooooooooh, I LIKE that! calimary Mar 1 #16
You will enjoy this also DENVERPOPS Mar 1 #22
"Caution, wake turbulence, departing 747..." Ocelot II Mar 2 #26
As the White House spokesperson said: Pres. Biden passes cognitive tests all day long as... FailureToCommunicate Mar 1 #10
Indeed. calimary Mar 1 #17
I still would like to know johnnyfins Mar 1 #11
TNG. Under Abbot's control I guess. maxsolomon Mar 1 #12
I listen to Biden and his responses to questions. He is on top of most everything. twodogsbarking Mar 1 #19
Tell Every Trump Supporter Mr.Bee Mar 1 #21
I feel the same about the dog thing BonnieJW Mar 2 #25
What's not to love about dogs? Lunabell Mar 2 #27
Biden bases his actions on a combination of realism and over 40 years in public office. DFW Mar 2 #24
The stinking Nazi is losing his ability to talk Farmer-Rick Mar 2 #28
President Biden has NO cognitive decline. Think. Again. Mar 2 #29
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