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We should put that picture out everywhere. leftyladyfrommo Mar 2024 #1
That picture isn't from the caucus. It's almost 4 years old and in Ohio. Magats protesting covid response. Liberal In Texas Mar 2024 #15
This picture is from 1942 does it make him look like a nice guy? Or the deranged individal he was? usaf-vet Mar 2024 #21
I'm not understanding what this has to do with what I posted. Liberal In Texas Mar 2024 #23
The pictures speak for themselves. The fact that one is 4 years old and the other 81 years old. MAGA anger in one..... usaf-vet Mar 2024 #26
In the case of the OP, putting the picture at the bottom of the text implies that it was a scene from the Mo caucus. Liberal In Texas Mar 2024 #33
Err, Disaffected Mar 2024 #28
With AI entering the on-line world I can't and we all won't be able to bet my life on probably anything.... usaf-vet Mar 2024 #29
No AI involved here, just a scene from a movie. Disaffected Mar 2024 #31
FYI This is a movie actor. flashman13 Mar 2024 #34
And if Haley becomes President, she said she'll pardon him. Martin Eden Mar 2024 #36
And yet, haley will endorse him if he wins. Lunabell Mar 2024 #2
There should be an asterisk after that Repukelican candidate pledge - liberalla Mar 2024 #35
The infamous 'zombie Republicans at the door' pic. Aristus Mar 2024 #12
Thugs BlueKota Mar 2024 #4
They look like Zombies. nt leftyladyfrommo Mar 2024 #5
My first thought as well; straight out of central casting. Chainfire Mar 2024 #19
Trump's Republican party is nothing more than a violent hate-filled mob. sop Mar 2024 #6
And you are all going to coalesce around the Orange One after crap like this?!?!?!? dutch777 Mar 2024 #7
When they have nothing persuasive, they quickly resort to violence and intimidation. . . .nt Bernardo de La Paz Mar 2024 #8
The summer Nazipublican convention in Milwaukee Buns_of_Fire Mar 2024 #9
Which "Walking Dead" series is this? hlthe2b Mar 2024 #10
It starts with Trumpers against Republicans. no_hypocrisy Mar 2024 #11
Fear and loathing in Missouri Zambero Mar 2024 #13
The ugly Americans. 2naSalit Mar 2024 #14
"Feel like democracy to you?" progressoid Mar 2024 #16
They must accept that to be a Republican means that you are a Trumper. They choose their beds. Chainfire Mar 2024 #17
That lady is going to vote for Smelvis in November anyway. The Polack MSgt Mar 2024 #18
If she even makes it to November Wednesdays Mar 2024 #37
They don't do democracy. paleotn Mar 2024 #20
A sign of things to come durablend Mar 2024 #22
Remember when the MAGA cult tried to run the Biden bus off the road in Texas? ... aggiesal Mar 2024 #24
well at our 2016 wash state Dem caucus there was bullying by those who supported one side .... samnsara Mar 2024 #25
They are not worthy Puppyjive Mar 2024 #27
If you lie down with dogs and rise up with fleas... ananda Mar 2024 #30
It was so scary.. you are at a republican caucus..and it was so scary asiliveandbreathe Mar 2024 #32
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